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Surviving Freedom

Surviving Freedom


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Freedom isn't free. Throughout the history of our country, many men have given their lives to protect it. Surviving Freedom is your guide to staying alive and free in a world where both are dangerous.

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Natural disasters can happen anytime, are unpredictable, and each one has its own set of rules for preperation. Knowing what's coming is half the battle, and keeping a vigil eye out for problems is key, but not all disasters can be... more

Issac is presumably over for the most part, but the disaster left in its wake will not be fixed quickly. Many are still without power, clean water, or dry clothing, while still others are still in shelters, or outright homeless. With the lessons learned... more

Almost seven years to the day, Hurricane Issac follows the path of Katrina into New Orleans, and threatens to once again destroy this beautiful city. National Guard troops have been dispached, and FEMA has vowed not to repat the... more

Buck McCoy joins the SURVIVING FREEDOM team as Co-Host of our new SURVIVAL SATURDAY segmet. Chance and Buck talk about reasons that people should keep an emergency food supply on hand. They discuss the basics of... more

Every day police nationwide are expanding their use of Tasers as a non-lethal deterrant, and as a method of forced compliance, but what happens when something goes wrong and someone dies? Police departments always seem to... more

Mayor Bloomburg of New York City has suggested that police officers nationwide go on strike until more gun restrictions are put in place. What would happen if Police Departments nationwide suddenly decided to close up shop?... more

Brodcast Premier of Surviving Freedome with Chance And Alex. We will be discussing issues surrounding the TSA, the introduction of drone aircraft in US skies, survival preparedness and other topics.