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Suddenly Human

Suddenly Human


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A frank and open talk show about dealing with the common issues every human encounters throughout life in a practical, down-to-earth way.

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Unlike our usual topic-driven epicodes, our hosts will discuss the current issues of life and the state of the world (such as it is). Join Jon and Stephen at 5:00pm GMT (12:00pm Eastern in USA/Canada) to call in and share your take on things.

It's easy to lay blame in order to avoid doing something we know we need––and and in some cases want––to do in everyday life. Yet, when is what we're blaming a legitimate reason and when is it... more

A corporation helps to rebuild a nation after a war or natural disaster. The locals clearly benefit from and participate in the rebuilding––so the action is good––but the corporation makes multiple millions in... more

You know how easy it is to get stuck in a situation and feel as if you can't get away from it––like a bad relationships, family obligations, debt, deadend job, a career that no longer inspires us, socal responsibilities, etc.... more

Ever heard the ?Gratitude is the Attitude!? New Age mantra? Or how about, ?Be grateful for what you have?? With gems like that gratitude sounds either like a luxury of the rich or like meaningless gibberish to most people, since we can all... more

It's ironic that anyone should ever be scared of succeeding––since that's typically what we most wish and pray for. Yet far too often, just when an opportunity presents itself, we allow fear to stop us from taking the risk. Why?... more

More and more these days people claim to be "Spiritual" rather than religious. For some, this has freed them to expore new beliefs and to experience the divine in a very real and personal way. Yet for others this has merely become a way to... more

The recent resurgence in religious-inspired terrorst attacks, racism, and sectarian violence has reached new levels of controversy and implications on personal security, which has generated a need for SuddenlyHuman to revisit the topic of... more

You love them, but have you ever been so frustrated and stressed out by your loved ones at Chrsitmas time that you seriously considered killing them? Okay, maybe not seriously, but you know what we mean. It doesn't have to end in... more

We discuss the spiritual and philosophical implication of money. Does spirituality and money mix? Is money the root of all evil? Is it wrong to be rich--or to want to be rich? Should I give back, and how much? Is money an aspect of who... more
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