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Suddenly Human


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A frank and open talk show about dealing with the common issues every human encounters throughout life in a practical, down-to-earth way.

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Why does it seems like just when things are starting to go your way, it falls apart again? You get two steps forward and life knocks you two steps back. Will it ever end? There is a reason for it, and the answer may surprise you. Join... more

If you've lived more than a few years on this planet you've encountered people who just annoy you ... rub you the wrong way ... get under your skin. These are most often people who we'd call ... dare I say it ... an "A-hole." Try to avoid... more

Few of us are taught how to deal with aging, so we're often caught unprepared when we or our loved ones transition through the stages of life. These can be times of intense struggle, heartache, frustration, anger, depression or... more

So, what is the purpose of life? This perennial question has been pondered and debated for eons, and yet we humans keep asking. Perhaps it's because we haven't heard a satisfactory answer, or perhaps it's because we can't believe--or... more

Deep down we'd all like to consider ourselves good-natured at heart. Most of us are willing to help someone in genuine need. Yet, when does Helping cross the line to Enabling? How do we avoid the trap? How do we recognize this has... more

Jon and Stephen discuss whether being a part of a community is necessary for proper personal and spiritual development. What are a healthy group relationships and its dynamics? Does belonging to a group really make us... more

Who decides what is true or not? The legal system? Political leaders? Society? Most say it's God. Stephen and Jon say it's not God but humans. Join Stephen and Jon as they lay bare this controversial topic in an honest... more

How do we handle a situation where we know someone close who needs help, yet won't allow themselves to be helped? We all see celebrities who publically go off the proverbial deep end, but it can be troubling when it's a person we... more

Join Stephen and Jon as they discuss ways to handle times of unexpected crisis. Disaster - Illness or injury - Death of a loved one - End of a relationship - Loss of a job or career - Betrayal - and similar events which test us to our core.

Join Stephen and Jon as they discuss the growing trend towards self-directed spirituality (nones and SBNR) and the decline or traditional, orgainizational religion.
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