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Sermon 58 "Casting Pearls Before Swine: Atheist Debates"

  • Broadcast in Atheism



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Faith is a gift, not a human achievement. 

There is no record of Jesus ever debating an atheist. So don't you ever do it. Here's why...

When Adam and Eve sinned, they immediately died spiritually, and later died physically. Since humans lost their connection to God in what is called The Fall, it's a miracle for any person to trust and try to obey God. 

Thus, faith (in God) is a gift. This gift of faith is given to anyone who sincerely turns away from their sins and evil nature, or "repents", and seeks to know and be connected with God.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It is mysterious in origin but produces evidence, as we pray and receive answers, and as we obey God and reap the blessings.

So how should a Christian respond to atheists who demand an explanantion of why they believe the Bible?

Answer: Do NOT respond. You can't explain, argue, debate, or persuade an unbeliever to have faith.

You can give your testimony, or recite anecdotal evidence of prayer results, or share the Word of God, but you must not think you can "educate" or  use some kind of spiritual sales techniques to bring a fallen sinner into faith toward God.

Learn how to deal with atheists who challenge you to defend your faith, when they are not sincerely seeking God and not attempting to turn away from their sinful lifestyle and selfish mentality.