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Sermon 50 "A Sneak Preview of Heaven"

  • Broadcast in Religion



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What will we do in Heaven? Who will be there? How do you get an eternal home in Heaven? What is Jesus Christ doing in Heaven right now?


Will our beloved pets be in Heaven? Will we eat food in Heaven? Will we have sex in heaven? Will there be alcohol or drug highs in Heaven?


Can tribes and individuals who never had a chance to hear about Christ still go to Heaven somehow? What prevents a person from going to Heaven?


Will everyone be equal in Heaven, or will people have different rewards, status, responsibilities, and experiences in Heaven?


How does what we do in this life impact what we experience in Heaven? Are we designing our eterhal life by what we do on Earth right now? 


Is there any possibility of sin or sickness appearing in Heaven? Will we have work to do in Heaven? What age will we be in Heaven?


Will we recognize loved ones in Heaven? Will there be music, art, theatre, construction projects, or creativity and innovatin in Heaven?


Will there be any possibility of falling from Heaven into Hell, like Lucifer fell from Heaven and became the Devil? Why can't demons or fallen angels or even Satan himself be saved and admitted into Heaven?


Get a special, Bible-based glimpse of Heaven, along with some personal speculations and theories about Heaven, that will attempt to answer all these questions, and provide some tentative ideas to provoke your own contemplative thinking and Biblical research into this topic.