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Blogocombat, Reverse Trolls & Self Expression

  • Broadcast in Social Networking



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Why I use "blogocombat" to describe a wide range of online discussion, debate, argument, and any form of communication of non-homogenous ideas and variegated opinions.


Why I welcome both destructive and constructive criticism and why I shun anonymous bloggers and anonymous comments, with very few exceptions.


New techniques being used by trolls, including the strange but common phenomenon of the Reverse Troll is examined in great detail. As a veteran hardcore blogger and social media strategist, I reveal some of my deepest secrets related to online debates, professional roundtables, and panel discussions.


I explain how flattery and praise can be used against you, luring you into the malicious web of a bitter and jealous control freak. This "reverse trolling" is described and remedies for  the problem are recommended.


The basic fundamental principle boils down to the Text vs. Text premise: you should not feel elated or angry when reading online text or hearing online speech or viewing online video. You must, in the case of internet discussions, be emotionally dead, neutral, oblivious, with no thin-skinned sensitivity or easy-to-push buttons.


Learn how to express yourself with bold but polite confidence in every situtation online. Discover how to overcome the ploys of trolls and their ilk. Explore proven techniques for communicating your dissent, disagreement, or diverse viewpoint, without making enemies or attacking those who have a different perspective.


Cyber-bullies would fail completely if their intended victims knew some of these practical procedures and methods for dealing with accusations, threats, and complaints. Enter a whole new world of social community conversations, with Vaspers' reasoned and experienced guidance.