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Conscious talk making it plain. U R god of the universe UR body is your universe

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Stop struggling start studying!!!!!!!

The worst national decisions we've made and still making.

the Universe Conscious of Itself show

Debate is health and constructive criticism helps but when we start arguing just cause we can and because over inflated egos. I see a lot of immature so called leader in the conscious community

On this episode of the Universe Conscious of Itself show. We will be discusing the civil rights movement Martin Luther King and so called black history

Become the administer of your estate/title/corpse interest taking the responsiblity for ones own affairs.

Historically the moors originator of all the religious spiritual pratices and Christian is no different the old Gnostic and Coptic Moors of Mediterranean region are of the founders of the modern day Christian church. Lets do a little history on... more

Special holiday show

On tonight show we having opoen phone open topic. So if you have questions or just what to make a statement call in at 8:00 pm pacific time the number is (715)955-0522

How can one of the biggest open criminals country in the world still being looked at as a fair and justice society. The mass majority of this society or complicit in the criminal activity of their government. Yes the silence of the mass majority... more