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Conscious talk making it plain. U R god of the universe UR body is your universe

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On tonight show we having opoen phone open topic. So if you have questions or just what to make a statement call in at 8:00 pm pacific time the number is (715)955-0522

How can one of the biggest open criminals country in the world still being looked at as a fair and justice society. The mass majority of this society or complicit in the criminal activity of their government. Yes the silence of the mass majority... more

What is are national and international interest as a Pan African people (so called blacks)? Do we even know are interest as a people lets build on the next episode of "The Universe Conscious of Itself " show. Every Thursday at 8:00 pm (pacific)

expecting justice in a unjust system is foolishness At this point I don't think victims of the system are looking foolish expecting good results for a corrupt system. Lets talk about serious solutions.

On this episode I will go in on some of my latest beats!!!!!!!


met·a·phys·ics the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space. Abstract theory or talk with no basis... more

multi dimensional radio

Open phone and music

The "Universe Conscious of itself" show has always recognized active brotha and sista in the community that work and fight for the people. Brotha Billion Godsun is one of these brothas on this episode we will build with the brotha.