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Thank you for joining yours truly on the Heavenly Host Broadcast. I hope your 5778! is going GREAT! Psalm 2 Psalm Ask of me,and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance,and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession on today's broadcast i will Minister on THE PRECIPICE:a cliff,the edge,Tip.

Nisan is the 1st of the year  the first month of the religious calendar. the month called the great Jewish Redemption  Tishrei the 7th month of the civil calendar the Day of Atonement which brought with it, Redemption from year to year Being the Temple we STAND!. Ephraim means:double fruit;fruitfulness and multiplying.The first command to Adam. Tishrei begins the season called "reflected light"- this allusion is very special to us by the first three letter of the name "Tishrei" - Tav Shin Resh. From right to left Tav Shin Resh spells the word "tip."As a noun we see "tip" as the pinnacle; the apex or point of this month.As for service a "tip" is seen as "compensation or reward."As advice a "tip" is seen as a "hidden clue" tucked or hidden away in this month.as a verb a "tip" also means: to tilt or overturn something.

Moznayim: Libra - scales or weighing The scales of Libra symbolizes Divine Judgment one of the major themes of this month. The other major theme of this month is the Coronation,&Crowning of the Messiah. One of the majors stars to the right of Libra scales is called: Corona.The Hebrew name for Corona is Atarah meaning:"Royal Crown" and in Arabic it means: Ornament or Jewel. The bright star in this crown is "Al-pacca" meaning:"The Shining." To the left of Libra scales are two more majors stars, the first one adjacent is Lupus, "The Wolf"and in Latin it means:"The Victim" The second is called Crux meaning:Cross.