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StanaTalkRadio [STR] was created to promote and support Stana Katic. STR's anything/everything [professionally speaking] about actress/producer Stana Katic ~ the 2014 People’s Choice Awards winner “Dramatic TV Actress” by portraying Detective Kate Beckett in ABC's 'Castle'. In early 2013, Stana appeared in the Michael Polish film 'Big Sur' playing Lenora and in July, Mark Polish released a documentary about the behind~the~scenes making of the 2011 Polish Brothers film “For Lovers Only” [FLO] entitled "How We Made Love" available now only via Vimeo ~ Stana played the lead "Sofia" in this Independent love story which if available via iTunes for your downloadable device. Stana finished 2013 by starring in 'CBGB' playing Genya Ravan. Stana continued to surprise her fans in 2013 by performing as the voice of the clever Reporter “Lois Lane” in the animated film,'Superman:Unbound'[in stores now] and finished the year using her voice to tell two stories in the “Dangerous Women” audiobook series [available].If you are a #Stana fan,you won't want to miss adding all these additional performances to your Stana collection.....Be sure to visit Stana's Official web site located at along with following/liking her on twitter/FacebookFanPage and then [if you can], please try ATP for just ONE day (For more ATP information and dive in, please go to: Mission: Provide a positive and encouraging place to promote/support Stana Katic with a focus on her professional career. We’re committed to providing additional fun places for people around the world to share their encouraging thoughts, views and talents in support of Stana......STR Vision:Foster an optimistic, cheering, resonating "voice" in striving to wish the very best for our favorite/favourite actress, Stana[pronounced "Stahh-nahh",*smile,you’re naturally saying “ahh"

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WARNING! After the latest Stana News this will be a complete SPOILER SHOW. So, from that moment on it will be complete spoilers. You know, the spoilers the media has put out there to "tease" for the remainder of the season and to... more

Hope you were able to watch live the repeat #Castle episode "Like Father Like Daughter" on ABC last night. Tonight we'll have another installment of "Just The News Please" and a somewhat STRC section where both @cecimartin and... more

As most of you know, about and hour 20 minutes into our Tuesday April 25th show our "bridge" via our host platform failed ~ this is actually your phone/skype path in to STR. Sadly, everything said prior to that point in the show was... more

NINJA's?! .. those were such incredibly fast and stealthy NINJA's!! There is sooooo much packed into these 42 minutes of "the boys" and Caskett goodness that tonight's STR Round table about "The Way of the Ninja" will guarantee a... more

We had a wonderful time with those who rewatched ?Flowers For Your Grave? last night to commemorate #5YearsOfCastle. We reminisced while quoting FFYG verbatim while looking back to where/when it all began for "everything Castle".... more

?In the Belly of the Beast? performance of Detective Kate Beckett is another awesome example of why #Stana Katic is such an amazing and talented actress. If you have not watched this Season 6 episode 17 of Castle, stop what you... more

Three separate people completely unknown to each other confess to the same murder. Each, seemingly intelligent and appearing non-violent, has a detailed account of said murder including details that only the murderer could know. Add... more

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" episode of #Castle was definitely worth the 2 week wait. Hope you were able to watch it LIVE on ABC last night. If not, please watch your DVR copy today and/or via WatchABC at if your cable... more

Are you busy tonight? Join us, you never know what'll happen! "The receipe for a good speech includes some shortening." .. Anonymous Photo credit/copyright: ALL photos are property of ABC Studios/Network for Castle... more
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