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This show discusses the dearth of conservative voices in theatre (and the arts in general).

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For more than a year now I've been trying to put forth the argument that there is a distinct lack of conservative voices in theatre. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has even a passing interest in theatre (or the arts in general,... more

Today's show continues our look at the introductory theatre textbook "The Art of Theatre: Then and Now." This book presents, in my opinion, a decidedly left-wing, propagandistic view of theatre and makes some rather specious and negative... more

It's not just lousy left-wing playwriting that has us conservatives feeling nauseated. It's also the left-wing indoctrination that passes for college theatre textbooks these days. Join us today as we explore a textbook entitled "The Art of... more

I'm back from New York and have heard and thought about more examples of terrible playwriting. I've decided to share my thoughts on how to identify bad playwriting and why I think it's all tied to left-wing thinking. What can we... more

Well, I've just come back from New York City and I have stories to tell and observations to make about the New York New Works Theatre Festival. I also want to share with you my thoughts on lousy playwriting (which I witnessed... more

A good deal of the commentary about the recent Republican candidate debate was couched in theatrical terms (many not so kind). It behooves us to look at how we define "theatre" and to apply that definition to what was going on... more

Due to technical difficulties of late, I have had to pre-record this show (hopefully my new and improved equipment will do the trick!). Today's episode will discuss my play's inclusion in the New Yor New Works Theatre Festival 2015. I will... more

DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, THIS SHOW IS PREVIOUSLY RECORDED! On today's episode I will cease my use of a pseudonym (Rocky Benasher) to reveal my true name and my goals for this show going forward. I... more

On today's episode I will cease my use of a pseudonym (Rocky Benasher) to reveal my true name and my goals for this show going forward. I think it is time for me to be comfortable with the fact that I am a conservative in the world... more

Today's show is my last before my two-week vacation, so I'm planning to tie up some loose ends before I depart. We will pick up some discussions we left off weeks ago, including how a conservative balances defending theatre yet being... more