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This is the BlogTalkRadio show representing Spark Of Life Media. Through movies, investigative exposays, blogs and other forms of inovative media. Spark Of Life is using mass media as a tool to reach a higer level of global conciousness. As the internet and other interactive media expands to the brink of a total collective webing of information. Sites like these have lowered the values of networking,and as mindless entertainment in the form of applications and the fallowing of smallminded genres of entertainment, social networking online is no longer about people keeping in touch, but about an ever expanding trend. This media group relies soley on the expansion of ideas and making the unkown, common knowledge. There is no reason to not accept the facts being presented. There is no reason to resist the truth. We are here to allow, and we will only evolve as a species if we allow our selves to accept new concepts and new approaches to age old issues. "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." - J. Edgar Hoover

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Talking to Nico Haupt a pioneer of the No Plane Theory concerning 9/11

Talking about the NPT - Alex Jones FOX/CIA - Loose Change CNN - Directed Energy Weapons - Project Mocking Bird - Haarp

Looking at CIA Alex Jones CNN Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas No Planes on 9/11

Spark Of Life Radio - The Fallacy Of Time - Exposing Alex Jones

New particle beams sighting will surface new evidence of weather manipulation

Getting into the no plane theory and giving a lead up to the upcomming 'lost technologies' movie.
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