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Ok so I am here once again, but this time with a lttle taste of how things work... Ive sat in on quite a few live and archived shows, mostly chosen at random. I observed, from my point of view, some shows that were top notch, but like anyy production...theres always room or improvement... I feel im at what may very well be a turning point for the vision i entered this site with and the one thats present in my mind... In my short life, I have had some exceptional things happen... A lot beyond my control.... HOWEVER, a lot was also self inflicted... If i can prevent even one person from taking a path i did then Ive done more than I could have ever imagined....To be able to follow my random chatter is usually not the easiest thing to do, BUT, if you can do this and follow me, theres always truth and experience through my life at the root. Whether I am laughing or even in a more sombre type of tone, I assure you there is always truth I whatever topic I am speaking on. S o l i d

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Relationships...I am well aware of the fact that the typical relationship or marriage doesnt last forever in todays society..However just give me a minute of your time..

Welcome! Last nights show was a little chaotic and misjudged. So I apologize the racket/distorted audio that was a result from the background noise. I have high hopes that tonights show will be how I envisioned last nights show to be.... more

Welcome Everyone!!! Lets see whats on the brain tonight, shall we? -This is the 3rd time I will have multiple guests throughout the show. It makes it most entertaining for us I know this... Hope you enjoy as well. The responding to the... more

Welcome! Tonight is the second show in which I've attempted to have a group/variety of guests on with me throughout the show. Some topics that will surely be on the brain: -S E X -Men vs. Women Battle of the sexes. From both... more

Welcome! Tonights show as always was thrown together ten min prior to air time. But we've a few live guests and am attempting to have them live all at once. So an audio check is also under observation tonight, but if we can get the jitters... more

Welcome back, to the second half of our couples council from a womans perspective... With a returning special guest and very good friend of mine, G.G. Now when the last episode ended so abruptly we were just getting to the good... more

Welcome this is another test for audio and a kindof rough draft of the ultimate show coming in the near future... Whats on the brain right now...? -Gettin Silly -Sex Myths that are actually proven true. Some facts not commonly... more

Welcome back everyone, I hope all had a fun and safe Halloween. Whats on the brain tonight? -Who decides whats appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to a doctors professionalism or lack of... -You know what really works... more

Welcome! Whats on the brain? It has been a hot minute since i have broadcasted. -Shout outs -Moments of clarity -Struggles to attain those moments -concluding everything must have some reason for playing out the way it does,... more

Welcome Back Everyone!! This is your host, One Beat One Pulse, Solid Ground, and today is Tuesday October 22,2013.. ***Please ollow me @ twitter: truckstoptommy facebook: OneBeatOnePulse SolidGround and of course here... more