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Inter-Dimensional Portals: The Philadelphia Experiment

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1)       The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project:

     This Military endeavor opened up a time portal which transported a shipload of Navy men into the future 20-40 years, and then back. The objective was to create an electromagnetic field which would render the ship invisible to radar, but the entire ship disappeared, and then reappeared with crew members embedded within the steel of the ship. The ship along with it's embedded soldiers was sunken deliberately, and the Philadelphia experiment was officially cancelled The Montauk project was an attempt to use this technology for time travel, and for mind control, and this is the beginning of the US Military interaction with extraterrestrials, or as some believe, inter-dimensional beings. What really happened in this bizarre situation, and what kind of portal was opened. Is this kind of thing still going on, and if so what is the objective behind this sort of program.

2)       The Hollow Moon Theory:

     David Icke suggests that the moon is Hollow and created by alien beings from another galaxy or star system, and that Reptilian beings are controlling our planet from this hollow moon-base/space-ship. He suggests that the "Reptilians" have infiltrated our governments, and are attempting to enslave us. What kind of evidence is there that this could be true?  If it is not true, is there anything strange going on with our moon, or with our government, which would lead someone to this conclusion?