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SMOOCHES! "Kiss Me I'll Kiss You Back"! Live internet radio show with your host Smooches. Listen in for a fun-filled hugs and kisses experience!

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Last episode we shared some of the ways that #entrepreNewRS can start to build a brand by getting noticed in social circles, establishing an online presence, and becoming familiar with socal sites that help new or growing businesses and products better visibility. Tonight we want you to turn up your technique with tried and true...old and new techniques that will put your #EntrepreNewR skills on #fleek...smooches! 626-213-5635 join the conversation @smoochesradio Twitter, IG Facebook: Smooches RADIO
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Artists from the Purple Elephant Music team have been running the broadcast all month long. We love the energy that the ONETeamONEDream gives our listening audience. CIN-Q is #soul #mood #venom #attitude and he takes his lead from... more

It's not about who you know it's about who KNOWs you! Find out how #financiallyFree minds make it through the day just by being PRESENT! Your Presence is two-fold it's about knowing where you are as a growing brand and... more

#TGIFFF Thank God I'm Financially FREE Fridays: What you wear REFLECTS how you feel and how you feel AFFECTS the community. How many of your designers are #smooching the community? GYASI (pronounced jah-see) clothing... more

Purple Elephant Music is giving Smooches RADIO a CIRCUS act of musicians #ONEteamOneDREAM... that have been waiting to expose a #bigTOP of UNIQUE and quality music to listeners around the world! Tonite you will find the gifted... more

There are several media outlets that are giving back through the airwaves...Smooches Radio is one of them! Join us for a NEW Message about social media sites,startup opportunities,motivational reminders and a blast of info... more

If you are feeling our ENERGY than you must be feeling the #sideFX of our first ever takeover by our friends over at PURPLE Elephant MUSIC. Known for keeping a roster of the INDIE's most talented STARTISTS and for keeping their... more

Made for this #startist Bianca Ingram joins the growing number of performers that have a great following #smooching love to the Smooches RADIO listening audience. BIANCA INGRAM is a New Jersey Native that has grown... more

We found the amazing poetry of Jaided Jones @jaided4eva amongst the overabundance of talent on the web. What we found has helped us give our listeners more of the rawest and realest words that this genre of new talent has... more

Do you know how much time you can save by bringing your money to Sponsors!? Waiting for the right moment will take your right to the top of the Food Chain in your Industry...Speaking of Food #TopFoodee and CEO of Alberta... more

The best thing about open mic poetry and prose is that you get an opportunity to speak LIFE to your listeners..whether it be about the daily wind and grind of the times or simply a sad love poem...smooching this part of the world will leave... more