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Alexander Charles Adams



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Smash/Cut is a new radio drama podcast that releases a new radio play every two-weeks (when in season). The name Smash/Cut references a playwriting term for cutting between characters and timelines while maintaining some overarching idea. Also in film, a smash cut is an unexpected cut from one narrative or aesthetic to another. Pulling from these narrative devices, we will produce radio drama and explore new ways to create it with each episode.

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Hello! We are collecting text messages for a new radio project! We want your weirdest, craziest, and every other -ist text or IM messages you have and want to share. You can be completely anonymous or give us your contact information so... more

HELP US MAKE NEW WORK! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adamsintheatre/smash-cut-a-sound-art-podcast

Call Me When You Get This, Love You. Audio Production/Conception: Alexander Charles Adams Special Thanks: Those who left voicemails for us to work with. Over the course of four years, our creator Alexander saved all their voicemails... more

Audio Production & Sound Design: Alexander Charles Adams Words: Mallory Osigian Voices: Aline Stokes as Jordan Trey Tycer as Taylor Visit us on the web at smashcutthepodcast.com and follow us on twitter, facebook, tumblr, and... more

Production & Sound Design: Alexander Charles Adams Voice Actors: Trey Tycer, LeeAnn Hernandez, and Tessa LeFleur Originally released in February of last year, The SoundBlot Test was our first unconventional piece, which set a... more

"They Couldn't Hear Each Other Either" Production and Sound Design: Alexander Charles Adams Words: Mallory Osigian Voices: Alex Abney (Girl) / Joe Carleton (Boy) facebook.com/SmashCutCast twitter.com/SmashCutCast... more

A Piece with the After Orlando International Theatre Action Audio Production: Alexander Charles Adams with assistant producer Trey Tycer Pieces: AFTER by Caridad Svich of NoPassport theatre alliance & press featuring the voices of... more

A Fictional Talk Radio Hour From the radio waves of Greater Lake Downes in Louisiana is 98.1 WMXN, a public radio station currently suffering budget cuts. With callers, coverage of the march, and interviews of protestors, 98.1... more

Last year, we heard about Lainey's first, good kiss. But what about the other side? Who is "Ryan Burkman"? Was the kiss really that good? Finally, did Lainey really tear her ACL or is she a big phoney? Well, in Smash/Cut's Season 2... more

I Belong Here... Or I Could. Production: Alexander Charles Adams Words: Mallory Osigian Translation and Vocals: Moya Ní Dhúagáin Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram @SmashCutCast And consider... more