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Crossing The Line In The Name of Smack Talk Last week we discussed the best ways to motivate a racer through the not so subtle art of Smack Talk. This week we will discuss the other side to that coin, “how far is too far.” In our efforts to make our rival an offer he can’t refuse, we will use whatever means are at our disposal. Like Malcolm said, by any means necessary. And that includes bringing up everything we can think of including some smack talk about his ragged behind slow car, or a vivid verbal portrayal of the worstest butt whopping he ever took in his life, probably the one you gave him. Overall, some of the smack talk that a lot of guys dish out can really sting in many instances. But, hear me now, isn’t that the real point of it all. I mean if I am going at you, my true goal is to get to you, so just keeping it real, I really do want it to sting. I want you to get off your game. I want you to be off balance and not thinking clear. I need for you to get to a place where your honor and pride are so hurt that you can’t do anything else but defend yourself on the racetrack. So my job is simple, I will say anything I can think of to get yo punk butt in the ring. Fight me, if you want me to shut up. Let’s be real, the truth is without the smack talk this stuff would not be as exciting as it is to all of us. But the question must be asked, how far is too far. When does a guy cross the line? What language is out of bounds? What is the unspeakable stuff that should not be spoken in the name of smack talk and grudge racing? Some say there are no limits. And to prove my point, I have heard guys speak the suck my genitals stuff, they play the; “yo momma stuff,” and they even go to the, “yo woman ugly or yo woman is a garden tool stuff,” and I was with her last night, on and on like that. And I know that you’ve heard it too, don’t act like I’m the only one. Now tell me how far is too far?