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Shunning stereotypes and shattering the stigma of being in recovery from alcohol or drugs. The podcast of KLĒN + SŌBR / Your hosts Chris, 17 years in recovery, and Jeff, with 14 years, will discuss any and all issues supporting sustained recovery.

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Chris goes to his second, Jeff takes someone else to their first and the 12th Step seems to have been the step that in one way or another got us each to our destinations. Referenced The 12th Step Having had a spiritual awakening as the... more

SOMETIMES YOU DO GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION. In which the S.O.S meeting Jeff and Chris set out to attend is not the S.O.S. meeting they find. Which then leads Jeff to facilitate Chris' second... more

One of Those Three Is Not A River In Egypt. We talk about all three. Also, the question is raised as to whether Chris may be a narcissist. Oh, yeah! We're still talking Steps. We're up to 10. Referrenced Denial In Addicted Family Systems /... more

Sober Dates, Slips, Relapse & 2nd Stage Recovery Chris & Jeff do their best to explore a 2-part Twitter Topic suggestion by @BeckyGetsSober. Twitter Topic @BeckyGetsSober Referrenced Stage II Recovery: Life Beyond Addiction /... more

Anonymity. Shame. Stigma. Ain't nobody got time for that. Chris and Jeff talk about it. Referenced: How Addiction Really Affects The Family / Allen Carr's Easyway To Stop Smoking / Allen Carr Chantix / "A non-nicotine... more

After a brief "celebration" of Chris' Sober Birthday (9.1.97) Chris and Jeff talk about the challenge of a family get together when there's an alcoholic elephant in the room wearing the addict Emperor's new clothes. Then Jeff explains Step... more

Chris and Jeff briefly consider how we, as addicts, feel about the terms used to describe us. By others? By ourselves? Then we consider—at length!—what's up with addicts so often being plagued by depression and... more

Jeff and Chris chat—and laugh—about getting to the truth in recovery (both in general and in the context of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous,) the shame we accumulate during our active addiction, and how it... more

What a week. Referenced in this episode: Robin Williams Norm Macdonald's Twitter tribute Rob Delaney: On Depression & Getting Help The Fix: Can an AA Critic and a 12-Step Advocate Get Along? And Everything Afterwards: Robin... more