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Shunning stereotypes and shattering the stigma of being in recovery from alcohol or drugs. The podcast of KLĒN + SŌBR / Your hosts Chris, 17 years in recovery, and Jeff, with 14 years, will discuss any and all issues supporting sustained recovery.

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We'll be back next Sunday (08.17.14) with a full episode. We hope you'll find this candid, behind the scenes outtake from episode 5 with Simone compelling and enlightening. There's talk about Step 4, Sponsors (and when to fire them,) and... more

Chris' long-time friend—and ex-comrade-in-addiction—Simone joins Jeff and him in-studio on her 173rd day of recovery to share her thoughts on her recovery so far, her experiences with spectrum of XA meetings she's now... more

Jeff and Chris address issues of mental, physical and spiritual health, the realities of not being the only addict in the family, and Jeff confidently claims his faith while Chris kinda dances around claiming his atheism. David Foster Wallace and his... more

We'll be back next Sunday (07.27.14) with a full episode. We hope you'll find this candid, behind the scenes recording of Jeff and Chris after last week's show compelling and enlightening. Jeff talks about his reverence for AA and the Big... more

In this epidsode Chris and Jeff discuss their responsibilities to their children as parents in recovery, their wives and what it means to be married to a normie, and their careers in advertising and promotions…for alcohol. Stick around til... more

Longtime-friends, Chris and Jeff, have over 30 years in relapse-free recovery between them. In this episode they continute to each learn a bit more about the other's recovery. The emotional and sensory numbness of early-sobriety and the... more

Meet your co-hosts, long-time friends, Chris and Jeff, as they discuss how they got to right now. Jeff, the one who just celebrated 14 years of sobriety, has been goint to AA since before he was in recovery. Chris, who'll soon celebrate 17... more

An introduction to your host, Chris A. and a bit about why, after 18 years of sobriety, he's finally started KLEN + SOBR and Misc. Episode Notes: I know there are far too many "umms" and "uhhs"— I... more