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Simba Simbi, in the KiKongo Bantu Language, means to "hold up, that which holds you up." This blog is dedicated to African civilization, culture, and philosophy. We will discuss various subject matter that will help us to better understand our selves in relation to source energy and how we can better lift up (hold) that which lifts us up.

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Join us as we welcome the renowned Dr. Rkhty Amen - Egyptologist and linguist - to Simba Simbi radio. We will discuss the highlights of the Egyptian language, its importance to the study of African history and culture, and we will discuss her... more

We will discuss a need for a Black agenda and the highly controversial debate between Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton in regards to should Barack Obama address a Black agenda in the White House. Our special guest is brother... more

In this show we will discuss the content and merits of the book The Bakala of North America: The Living Suns of Vitality by the author Asar Imhotep (the host of the show). We will answer your questions concerning the book and the... more

Join us as we discuss the origins of Yoga in the Nile Valley. We will also discuss the benefits of Yoga and why we should incorporate Yoga in our daily lives as a method for enhancing our health and well being.

How can you distinguish between email rumor and facts? Does melanin make you smarter and more human? Did the ancient Egyptians use electricity? Is the Willie Lynch letter real? Is the Illuminati on a mission for world domination? Is every... more

Proposed revisions for Texas public school biology curriculum call for students to "analyze and evaluate strengths and limitations of scientific explanations." This concerns some college and university professors that religion could be brought... more

Barack Obama's historic run for the presidency of the United States has prompted some political pundits to suggest that the United States is now "post-racial." What does that mean and does this statement accurately reflect... more

Please join Simba Simbi and our guest brother Herpw Bikbaye Inejnema of the M'Tam Earth Center located in the heart of Chicago. We will discuss the origins of the Earth Center, Master Naba Mordenebig, Dogon Cosmology, Kemetic... more

There has been many misconceptions about the Biblical figure named Satan. Many are not familiar of Satan's origins and his scientific role in nature and in the myth. We will discuss the deeper aspects of Satan and how we can use that... more
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