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Changing Worldviews

GODTalk with Sharon Hughes


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Friday 'Lunchtime Break' with Guests on Faith-related Issues & a look at what the Bible says about how to Stand Strong in the Day in which we Live. Join us as we talk about the tremendous challenges our nation, families and personal lives are facing in a rapidly changing world. Background: In addition to being a 12-year veteran Radio Talk Show Host, and the Founder/President of The Center for Changing Worldviews, Sharon Hughes is a public speaker, Bible teacher, attended Bible College working on a Marriage & Family Counseling degree, and is one of the founding co-leaders of Women In Christ, an outreach to women, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Center for Changing Worldviews seeks to inform citizens on the critical issues facing our nation, via radio, the web and events, and to encourage engagement in civic responsibility. Other divisions are Operation Heartlift to support our Troops, and Operation ARC to help Rescue at-risk-children from sex-trafficking. After 11 years on the air 5 days a week in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sharon's 2-hour weekly radio program now originates out of the beautiful Sierra-Nevada Foothills of No. California on KMYC AM1410 every Sunday from 3:00-5:00pm PDT. You can find more information on the show's other venues and stations @ www.changingworldviews.com & www.womantalk.us.

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Religious persecution is increasing in America in great part because of the work of the ACLU. How did they get their power? and WHY? What has caused us to lose our sense of, knowledge of and love of our Christian heritage in this... more

De-Constructionism is a word to describe the breaking down of one worldviews, for the purpose of constructing a new one, specifically in this case to turn away from God's ways. This is happening in and out of the church. First to turn minds... more

There have always been Truth Lovers and Truth Haters, as we are seeing in our day. As things get darker, we are to shine the light of Truth brighter...but the temptation to 'hide our light' for fear of what is coming on the earth, is playing... more

Now that the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, what's ahead for the Church? Will it lose it's tax-exempt status? Will anti-Christianity bigotry rise? These are the kinds of questions being debating in... more

Today for our 4th Friday 'lunch break study' - Truth Has Fallen in the Streets. Who will stand (contend) for the Lord? (Ps. 94:16). Our world, nation, families and personal lives are under attack as never before, and we need the wisdom,... more

Collectivism, Universalism, Pluralism - how are these and other worldviews being promoted in order to de-construct American society...and the Church? What arenas are targeted and how can you tell the authentic from the counterfeit?... more

Tal Brooke, President of Spiritual Counterfeits Project and Author of "When the World Will be One," talks about the increase of a one-world government and religion (New World Order) that is gaining ground today. Separating fact from... more

As states are coming under pressure regarding protecting religious freedom, the State isn't the only thing churches are having to battle today. Their own denominations may be the first institution they have to stand up to when going... more

The first two of four 'blood moons' charted by NASA occurred in 2014, a full moon eclipse is expected tonight, and two more 'blood moons' are charted for 2015. This series of four – called a tetrad – will occur in six-month... more
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