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  • Be Positive with Shannon Marie

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    Please join Shannon Marie this Saturday night for a dose of positive attitude, which is often a challenge for many of us.
    You can find Shannon on the 1st, 3rd, & alternating 5th Saturdays of each month.
    You can access show by clicking this link or dialing 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 in USA &  202-559-7907 FREE outside US, or you can Skype! The link below can also be used after the live show, for On Demand listening

  • Speaking The Voice of The "I AM That I AM"

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    Above each of us is our own Mighty I AM Presence and Higher Mental Body.  It is our Lifestream which animates the body, that Vital Life Force streaming into the crown of our heads, residing in the heart.
    Listen and picture with me a Ray of Light coming from The Source of All like a sun beam and YOU are the point of focus in manifestation connected to Source at all times, separation is impossible.  Guidance is sure and only awaits acknowledgement and LOVE.
    I invite you to get to know your own "I AM That I Am" Presence.
    This is the Great Secret of living in Oneness.  It starts with Knowing Who What and Where your "I AM" IS.

  • Q&A: Blaming Crime Victims, Concealed Carry Permits, Hijacking Ideas, More

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    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh will answer questions on blaming crime victims, the validity of concealed carry permits, hijacking Ayn Rand's ideas, and more on Sunday morning, 21 September 2014, at 8 am PT / 9 MT / 10 CT / 11 ET on Philosophy in Action Radio.  Question 1: Is it wrong to suggest that a crime victim should have taken greater precautions?  Question 2: Should concealed carry permits be required to carry firearms concealed?  Question 3: What can be done to prevent the hijacking of Ayn Rand's ideas?  For the full questions and other details about this episode, visit its archive page.  For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

  • Beating Bulimia For Good And Finding True Happiness With Caroline Adams Miller

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    Host Erika Nicole Finn is joined by best-selling author Caroline Adams Miller to discuss her recovery from bulimia and the tools she has used to stay in recovery for over 20 years. 
    About Carole Adams Miller: Caroline is an author, media personality and certified coach. Find out more about her by visiting her website at www.positivelycaroline.com.
    About Erika Nicole Finn: Erika is a lawyer, coach, HuffPost blogger and host of Live.Love.Grow. Send any questions, comments or guest suggestions to erika@erikanicolefinn.com

  • Uncertain Future? Answers Here!

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    (Be sure to Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AboveTheFrayPodcast and vist our blog at www.AboveTheFrayPodcast.com)
    This is the podcast you've longed for!
    Listen in for perspective and analysis of unfolding world events and the overall changes taking place in society that will help you clarify uncertainty as well as help you grow personally.
    Co-hosts Carole Gold and Steve Clark bring a wealth of personal aand professional experience which makes for thought-provoking conversation. Their diverse backgrounds provide a rich persepctive on life's challenges and the many ways we can aproach rising above them.
    Carole Gold is a former Attorney, Certified Mediator, Life Coach, Author and lifelong  intuitive. She is a mother with a daughter serving in the IDF.
    Steve Clark is a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and Bond Trader who currently works in the technology field in lead generation. Steve is a father with 6 daughters.
    Our only agenda is to empower you to be the autonomus, creative, joyful and successful individual you were meant to be.
    Its all about energy and is rightful use. We call it "rightuseness." When we each approach challenges with the intention to resolve them in the highest good for all concerned, we use energy the way in which... and for the purpose... it was designed.
    No one has all the answers but each of us has a piece of the answer. When we come together, sharing ideas and co-creating solutions we change the world.
    Join us and call in to bring your part to this exciting conversation!
    Carole and Steve

  • How To Walk In Abundance

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    How do you start Walking in Abundance. Listen to this Episode to learn the simple steps you can start right away to begin attracting your personal Abundance.


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    Our most unusual healing show on NFTS - light language healing & clearing with Joy!
    News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE and so on. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We are syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB ... and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ...
    SPONSOR OF THE DAY: www.SpoonbendingKit.com

  • the great gathering of the children of Yisrael

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    the fulfillment of 2 cthronicles 7:14

  • Hanging With DeeDee

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    Tune in Sunday afternoon to the premiere of The Hanging with Dee Dee Radio Show 12PM PST/3PM EST with Host Damitra Dee Dee Stuart and she chats with celebrities PRESENT and PAST on CURRENT projects on Survival Radio Network this week's guest Model & TV Personality Tila Tequila! Also Celebrity Juice with Award Winning journalist and former news anchor Margo Span Call in 347-989-8385 to ask Tila a question or Hang with Damitra "Dee Dee" Stuart at www.hangingwithdeedee.info

  • The Breaking Bad of Breaking Habits With Sherry Gaba

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    Sherry Gaba, LSW, known for her appearances on "Celebrity Rehab", and co-host of CBS Radio,"A Moment Of Change", joins"us Monday, Sept. 29 at 5:30pm Eastern. She has appeared on countless numbers of radio and television interviews, and we are privileged to have her on E Factor Radio.  Sherry's website is www.wakeuprecovery.com 
    Sherry is the author of "The Law of Sobriety", which is an international best-seller, and has helped countless with getting through the trials and tribulations of recovery of their addictions and habits. She has found that combining the metaphysical along with the standards of recovery helps clients to really make strong breakthroughs in their own recovery.  She brings her own brand of understanding to the process for long lasting and life changing success.
    Everyday, people around the world, both famous and those in the everyday world, succumb or fall off of their recovery, some with major devastation and death.  Today's show can assist those with minor habits like nail biting, to major addictions to reach relief from the pain of their situation.  
    Sherry has created a program to help those who would like to further assist others, to work with her to integrate her program into their work.  Listen to the interview to find out more

  • Career Made Simple! Your Advice Connection!

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    This is a Career Advice show that is designed to meet your individual needs!  We will use the "Career Compass" as the guide and help you find your path in your career and life!  The career topics are open to include writing the resume, interviewing, communicating, relationships at work, finding your true career, and much more!  We are all unique and can learn from each other!  Please join us and we can discover that career you have been searching for!  Don't overcomplicate or stress your life, find simple solutions to your career success and happiness!  

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