• The ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY Show It Happens this Week

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    We have successfully navigated one of the biggest change configurations that Heavens has to throw at us and we enter the week ahead with opportunity waiting to reward our courage and tenacity. Tune in to hear about your sign and the potential in the days ahead!

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    Start A New Health Care Career At $50,000/Yr and Your Training Paid For

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    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ tells us how to start a new health care career at $50,000/Yr and your training paid for.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 819

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    OPEN TOPIC or "open mike" night. Call in! Pick any issues, topics or subjects you'd like to discuss. Wearing a Blue Ribbon is the symbol of Child Abuse Awareness! Millions of abuse victims (men and women) hide the story of their experience well into adulthood. A huge number continue to suffer from pain, anger, fear, shame and embarrassment for decades. Most will agree their traumas have resulted in an inability to trust, make good decisions and have healthy relationships. But giving up the secret is often how recovery begins, one survivor talking to another. Join Bill Murray and his co-hosts, panelists and guests, many of them abuse survivors, others supporters and friends, for an informed discussion of the many important issues that surround child abuse. Anonymous calls and chat room participation are encouraged. ~~ Please see our web site at: www.NAASCA.org

  • Life Potentials

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    (Pre-recorded.  Sorry, no chatroom.)
    In recognition of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Molly Boeder Harris and Lisa Erickson return to Life Potentials to discuss identity and empowerment after sexual trauma.
    Molly Boeder Harris is the Founder & Executive Director of The Breathe Network, an organization that connects survivors of sexual violence to holistic healing arts practitioners. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor offering public classes and private instruction, as well as workshops specifically focused on healing sexual trauma through yoga.  Lisa Erickson is a meditation teacher, energy worker, writer, and mom to three. She teaches and practices both chakra and mindfulness meditation, as well as practicing various forms of energy healing. Lisa also works with sexual trauma and abuse survivors, and has published a free Ebook on the subject. She is a practitioner with The Breathe Network. 
    About the host:  Diantha Harris is known in many circles as “The Color Lady”, as well as a reader of the Akashic Records.  In her pursuit of knowledge and information, she has studied in many fields including yoga, chi gong, Reiki, Healing Touch, Aura Soma, Feng Shui, many color classes with other experts such as Leatrice Eiseman, Kate Smith, and Carlton Wagner, Akashic Records, Intuition and Energy Healing, and many, many more.  She has studied with consciousness groups such as Landmark Education, Inner Journey, and Pathways Institute and is in general a seeker of Truth.  
    Visit Diantha's website at www.lifepotentials.net.

  • Transforming your Life

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    Cynthia Fontaine~Master Intuitive, Healer, Medium and Animal Communicator takes you on a journey, to living your best life. A transformational Alchemist, who has help thousands of people around the globe, Step into their Light. 
    Join Cynthia for an educational, supportive and inspiring show, as she uses her gifts as an Intuitive to shine the light on your life and your questions.

  • Sacred Womb (As Above So Below) Rejuvenation Week

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    Join us a we interview POWER-Ful Women- SAGES in different communities across this world, celebrating the NEW YEAR with SPRING...  Clearing, Activating, Expanding the WOMB of your Mind and Purifying, Restoring, and Healing the Birth/Reproductive Organs from dis-ease on all levels.
    Each Day will feature a speaker and on the last day you will hear years of wisdom and practical application that only time and experience can give you to empower you! You can choose to benefit from the path of others to propel you forward at lightspeed or...... 
    Whichever you choose, WE HONOR YOU!
    Tell your friends & join us.

  • the Real Roz

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     The Real Roz Show focuses on educating, motivating and inspiring authentic relationships between the sexes all with a little bit of entertainment!
    The Real Roz Show is a platform to enable people to openly communicate with one another, set realistic boundaries, and learn to love themselves first before attempting to love anyone else all while HAVING FUN!
    It's not WHAT happens to you; it's how you choose to deal with it that will have the biggest impact on you, your life & your growth". The Real Roz

  • Village Creative Radio w. William Herriott

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    Each week tune into Village Creative Radio for the best insight into the World of creative arts... We're covering music, artistic impressions, poetry and more...

  • One Heart Song Global Prayer Network

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    One Heart Song was founded by Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha 55 years ago, when in her travels around the world she found that the many spiritually conscious people she met, had through natural intuition been dedicating time and the power of thought to global peace within a few hours of each other. Grandmother focused that intent and energy into a synergistic wave web that moves through the time zones knitting together the new mind of the earth.
    At 7:30 PM Thursdays groups and individuals in the Global Prayer Network focus and send energy for the healing of the world. In this time of collective focus we hold the ideal of humanity in our minds. We collectively change consciousness that through the emanation on every cell in matter, even the Earth herself, we become a galactic effect. In this moment, we become and accept total awareness of our origin in Divinity – this empowers all energy, all life, all humanity. We become “God is.” We experience the “I am that I am.”
    Today, One Heart Song Global Prayer Network has a range of influence of over Five Hundred Million People. 
    We invite you to join this Spiritual Consciousness Family in these moments and let us include our appreciation for the millions of communities and keepers who have led and maintained the purity of such an act and acknowledgement of humanity’s divinity.
    Email your Prayer Requests or comments to us at:
    Please visit our FaceBook page:
    Find us onTwitter:  @1heartsong

  • Worship, Praise, & Prayer Show

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    Join the Heal Our Nations Movement! Every Friday, we will worship, praise, and pray to God/Yahweh as we end the week and celebrate Sabbath. Today, we are celebrating Forgiveness Day. Let's forgive everyone who is persecuting us or is an adversary to our souls. Let's forgive those who have persecuted us in our past. Forgiveness brings Freedom.  Let's close the door to the demons and cast them out of your life.  You can learn about deliverance prayers by visiting www.DemonBuster.com.
    We are reading our bibles for 21 days; 10 books. The first five in the Old Testament and the first five in the New Testament starting on March 29 to April 18, 2014. Let's pray on one accord by praying on the hour. You can pray the Lord's Prayer, your prayer or the Heal Our Nations Prayer.

  • Finding the Fire Within and Reaching to Your Highest Potential

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    April 24, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE: with Heather Shreve, Certified Wellcoach (ACSM), Behavior Specialist and Author of “Caught On the Equator, Finding the Fire Within.”
    THIS WEEK'S MESSAGE: “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Those are the words spoken by Confucius back in 500 BC. Today, in times of strife or uncertainty, it is easy to beat yourself up, think you’re not good enough and blame others or circumstances for falling short in some aspect of your life. It is even easier to forget that despite all of our differences we are born with one very important and unique thing in common…human potential for greatness. What seems difficult, at times, is remembering this potential lies within us all. The question in many cases is “How can I find the fire that I know is within me?”
    Heather Shreve, certified Wellcoach (ACSM), behavior specialist and author, is authentically passionate about facilitating peoples’ journey to their highest potential, and advocates the idea that “hitting bottom can be a ticket to the top.” Heather demonstrates and takes her message to corporations and individuals alike; through her wellness program and her personal transformation story; Caught On the Equator, Finding the Fire Within. Beginning with her own adversity story of being jailed in Africa in 1983, Heather takes her audiences from “inspiration to transformation.”

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