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    Get your red-hot neuroscience (and consciousness) advice right here!

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    It's back! BEabove Leadership's semi-annual neuroscience, consciousness and coaching advice show. Bring us your biggest challenges and we'll see if we have any helpful advice, based on what we understand about the brain. Open to coaches, leaders and curious people in general. Call in with questions or send them in advance to ann@beaboveleadership.com. 

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    In His Own Words - Marius

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    Marius discusses the need to clarify the terms that the higher selves use in order to avoid misunderstandings and limited assumptions. He also speaks of the solidified truths held in the Astral of the planet, what they are, how they impact us and how we can help.  

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    Author Geneen Roth & Gangaji Talk Food, Body Image & Self-acceptance

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    Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you looked too fat or too thin? Does the way you feel in your body ever feel frustrating or even intolerable? This month Gangaji is joined by author Geneen Roth. She is known to millions by her New York Times #1 Bestseller Women, Food and God. Together they get at the root of this sometimes painful relationship we have between our self-worth, what we look like and our relationship with food.
    brought to you by VividLife.me

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    Understanding The Assault on The Black Man, Black Manhood & Black Masculinity

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    To Understand a Thing You Must Understand Its Origins, You Must Understand How and Why a Thing Came To Be
    In This Episode We Will Discuss:
    The Origin of Weed Culture in The Black Community & How Drugs Were Used To Destroy The Hood Cointelpro How Guns Got Into The Hood Why Black Manhood/Masculinity is a Threat in America Our Guest Dr. Wesley Muhammad is an Author, Historian, & Aide to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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    Interview With Lori Esteves

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    Lori Esteve Is the founder of SOBBS (Stories of Babies Born Still) and the organizer of the USCCCI (United States Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative). She lives in Florida with her husband and three children. Her passion for the baby loss community began after her first child was stillborn in 1986 at full term due to a “true knot” in the umbilical cord. Originally from a small town in northern Michigan with limited grief support services she mourned in silence for many years. After re-locating to Florida she began to write her story in an attempt to reconcile her unexplored feeling of loss, grief, depression, anger and guilt over the loss of her son. After sharing some of her writings on-line and receiving overwhelming and heartbreaking responses from many women who had also suffered a similar loss she decided to begin a support group. In 2010 SOBBS (Stories of babies Born Still) began as a small Facebook group offering a place for families to share, grieve, honor, remember, heal and above all connect with others families who suffered a similar tragedy. The group quickly grew and in 2012 she published “Wandering Purgatory”. The story recounts her heartbreaking loss and the guilt, depression and anger that affected her for several years after and how she finally found the courage to explore those feelings deeper and create a positive legacy in honor of her son. Desperately wanting to do more to help other families SOBBS became a non-profit in 2013 in hopes to raise awareness regarding pregnancy and infant loss. Realizing she would need funds continue her vision SOBBS became an official 501c3 in 2014. That same year the United States Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative was born and countless families now have the chance spend precious time with their babies gone too soon. Today Lori continues to advocate and educate regarding infant loss while surrounding grieving families in love and support.

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    Higher Consciousness: "Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs"

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    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions. All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Link:www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises
    Join us as we discuss the very effective strategies that guarantee success for women entrepreneurs.
    TOPIC:   "Succesful Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs"
    DATE:     Monday, March 20, 2017
    TIME:      7:00 pm-9:00 pm
    GUEST:  Coach Greta Counts, Licensed Practitioner in Metaphysics from the Centers for Spiritual   Living
                       Licensed & Accredited Hay House Spiritual Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator
    In observance of March being Women's History Month, my topic is Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs.  I have been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years and look forward to sharing some of my best practices having been an entrepreneur while being married, raising twin daughters, divorcing and empty nesting.  At every stage of my adult life, I have successfully maintained a thriving business while loving myself and my family at the same time.  Being a woman is exactly what made it all possible.  Tapping into my divine feminine energy has been key to my success.  www.CoachGreta.com (404) 219-9873
    Host's Bio
    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.
      (770)  882-7347

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    What is Socialism with Patrick R. Colabella CPA, Ed, D; Author

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    Author of the book "How to get Rid of Socialism Patrick R. Colabella, is an associate professor of accounting and taxation at St. John's University and served as faculty advisor for Beta Alpha Psi for the last 19 years, BAP is a national honor society of information professionals. From time to time he has served as a committee chair of the NYSSCPAs. In addition, he has served his profession as a peer reviewer for the Peer Review Quality Control Program of the AICPA. He has served on several corporate boards. These boards include banks and charter schools and several not for profit organizations. He is a senior partner (semi-retired) of the Colabella & Company LLP, He has published several articles in 'The CPA Journal ' as a tax professional and academic. He began his career with the firm of Deloitte & Touche and later served as Director of Taxes for three yea rs for the Equitable Life Holding Company. (Now Axa Financial). He currently is the Chairman and founder of the Global Institute for Taxation; a scholarly research institute based at St. John's University that advises government and business on issues pertaining to fundamental tax reform. He has appeared on various television news programs as a taxation expert.

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    Psychic Twins - Channeling Jon Benet Ramsey and YouTube Stardom

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    Janet (JanetBoyer.com) is excited to welcome her friends Terry and Linda Jamison--aka The Psychic Twins (PsychicTwins.com)--to the Athena Zone! We'll be discussing the startling revelation of Jon Benet Ramsey's killer (including Illuminati ties), their phenomenal YouTube stardom and what it's like to live "normally"...but with EXTRAordinary gifts. You're in for a treat!
    These gals are THE most documented psychics in history, with an unrivaled track record of over 1,500 accurate world predictions. They are most famous for their stunning predictions of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the Pentagon attacks of 2001 (on the international radio show Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, November 2, 1999). They are also the only people who predicted the Paris terror attacks of 2015, Belgium attacks of 2016, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Orlando Florida terror attacks, as well as the rise of ISIS.
    The Psychic Twins are the authors of three bestselling books: DIED TOO YOUNG, world #1 bestseller PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE (Hachette), and their autobiography SEPARATED AT EARTH: THE STORY OF THE PSYCHIC TWINS, which describes the sisters’ amazing life journey, and how they developed their highly unusual work.
    THE PSYCHIC TWINS’ IS THE FASTEST-GROWING YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN HISTORY (launched January 2, 2016). TEEN VOGUE calls The Psychic Twins “The Top YouTube Channel to Watch in 2016.” 

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    The Manna Principle Your Keys to a More Abundant Life

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    This week we will be listening to Coach DeCarlo A. Eskridge who will be discussing “The Manna Principle Your Keys to a More Abundant Life.”  Coach DeCarlo is a business owner, life-coach/trainer, host of an Internet Radio Talk show “Live Your Greatness,” motivational speaker, certified  hypnotherapist, certified N.L.P. practitioner, author, and ordained minister. DeCarlo is very proud to have authored and published several books through his company NU DAE Enterprises where he serves as President and CEO.
    A prolific teacher and encourager, Coach DeCarlo reads over 50 books a year, and listens to countless hours of audio programs.  He is a certified success coach through Franklin Covey, a certified Bill Gove speaker who has earned advanced honors at Toastmasters International, and an ordained minister with over 30 years of biblical study and training.
    Coach DeCarlo has been imbued with an inexhaustible, unyielding, and unrelenting thirst and hunger for knowledge.  His mission is to travel the globe teaching, empowering, inspiring, and transforming the lives of others with the truths he has   discovered in order that every person recognizes who he or she is, what he or she can accomplish, and that they live it!
    Coach DeCarlo is married with two stepsons. His lovely wife Amanda, Executive Vice President and Public Relations Manager of NU DAE Enterprises, works collaboratively with him as a licensed counselor, spiritual life-coach/ trainer, motivational speaker and co-author. www.decarloeskridge.com

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    Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step #6 Present Moment: Introduction

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    We are really excited to bring you a new tool for staying present. In Kelly's continued search for new avenues of support, she was fortunate to be introduced to EFT and Dale Teplitz. Dale has graciously offered to join us on the call this Monday and share with us a 3-step process. As we let go of our past and future more fully, we can truly be present. Come learn from one of the best in releasing and diminishing the hold unwanted energy has in your life.
    The EFT basic recipe and tapping points: http://efttappingexpert.com/eft-tapping-points
    The Three Step EFT formula for creating success in your life: http://efttappingexpert.com/success
    For information about EFT Training Workshops:(please post on the guest speaker page) http://efttappingexpert.com/workshops
    Flyer for upcoming EFT live training: http://efttappingexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/FO6CCD040755_Update_02-12.pdf

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