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    InTouch with Zumba Fitness

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     Today we are InTouch with Zumba Fitness and for those who have always been curious about what Zumba is, how you do it, who can do it and where you can do it, then this is the program for YOU!  Stacy comes onto the program to not only invite us all to attend this Master Class of the “Miami-Style” (Miami is the birth place of Zumba Fitness) being held here in the Detroit metropolitan area. Why would you want to look in to Zumba Fitness?  Want to burn 600-1,000 calories having fun?  Call in your questions and comments @ 646-378-0378

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    Fitness ZumbaBaby Style

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    Zumba established a foothold in the U.S. fitness industry after the considerable success of infomercials launched in 2002. By 2007, Zumba had spread to six continents and established credibility with such fitness icons as the American Council on Exercise, the Aerobics Fitness Association of America and the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

    Debbie "ZumbaBaby" Fisher is a a child of GOD and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. She often says, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13 sets the foundation on how she lives her daily life. Starting and Ending her day with the very one who gives her LIFE. She's a wife, mother, IT manager, entrepreneur, sister, friend, fitness lover and the list goes on and on.

    Reality hit her in 2009 after a doctors visit and realized she needed to do something different because she was approaching 180 pounds and a size 14. She was looking to a life of health issues associated with being overweight.  Debbie decided to try the traditional methods of losing weight - joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer and creating a long "DO NOT EAT" list, but found herself becoming bored and unhappy!

    In 2011, she took my first Zumba class with Liliana Shea who is from Columbia but resides in the Raleigh area. Debbie instantly fell in love with Zumba! She states, "Zumba has become the biggest life saver for me! Because I found something that I enjoy and look forward to doing each and every day even if it is a party of 1."

    Join me MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guest Debbie "ZumbaBaby" Fisher. Learn why she feels you should focus on being healthy and not a certain size or weight. It's more than a look! It's a TESTIMONY!



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    Zumba Helped Guest Lose 100 Pounds: BPR Episode 7

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    Is it really possible to lose more than 100 pounds and keep it off?
    How do we protect our computers from hackers? Do you have a memory of something crazy you did in your past?
    Are senior singles having more sex today than ever?
    Join award-winning authors, Mark H. Newhouse and Lois Podoshen as they chat with active Boomers who inspire us with their knowledge and desire to try new things. Adult spoken here.

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    Let's Talk About It-Are You Ready to Zumba?

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    The orgin of Zumba Does the word Zumba mean anything? Are different styles of Zumba? How did you get started in Zumba? The beneifts of Zumba Can Zumba be used for romantic purposes?  

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    Purpose for Women Radio Show-'GET YOUR BUTT OF THE COUCH COLUMBUS"

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    This show is designed to provide insight inspiration and access to information for the community. It is sponsored by Purpose for Women International, a non-profit which supports the ecomnmic development of the community, women and encourages enterprise. 

    YOUR SHOW HOST: Heather L. Tapia

    Topic: Fitness, Zumba, Traing - Guests: Denise Ross & Juana Williams- Body by Juana


    Purpose for Women International provides access to resources, funding, education, entrepreneurial opportunities, and empowerment events supporting an increased awareness on local, national and international issues for women, children, families and the community. We partner with other business, non-profits and like- hearted individuals to affect change on a local, national and international level. www.PurposeforWomenInternational.org

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    Annette Lost 47 Pounds with Zumba

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    Annette, a long time friend of mine, has had her struggles with losing and gaining weight. But a few months ago, she made a decision to join an office challenge and started losing. She didn't stop there, she got hooked on Zumba and before you know it, she had lost 47 pounds. She joins me today to tell why this time is different and how she's making it stick.

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    Exploring Awesome... Patty Vasconez CHt... a Jim Kellner experience [Archive E3]

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    *Please note that this show was recorded.  Please don't call in this time.*

    Today Jim is joined by Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Yoga, and Zumba instructor, Patty Vasconez.  Patty practices at http://northmountaincardio.com in Phoenix, AZ.  She works with English and Spanish speaking clients.  http://pattyvasconez.com

    Join Jim as he explores what it takes to be awesome!.  Each episode offers tips, tricks, and strategies to help you to live a more awesome life and interviews with people that are doing awesome things.

    Jim Kellner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Comedy Stage Hypnotist, and an all around swell fella.  He has helped thousads of people lose weight, quit smoking, ease anxiety & depression, release fears & phobias, etc.  He's also entertained audiences for over 20 years as an actor, comedian, and stage hypnotist. JimKellner.com - NorthMountainCardio.com - Facebook.com/JimKellner - Twitter.com/JimKellner

    Intro/Outro music was edited to include only the first 15 seconds "Awel" by stefsax.  Copyright 2006  - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution http://ccmixter.org/files/stefsax/7785  

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    Eat Clean! Train Mean!

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    Are you ready for a healthier you in 2015? Join MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guests Sharnita L. Smith of FitndFabChics Building Beautiful Bodies and Ronda Bryant, certified Zumba and Fitness instructor.  Want to get your body looking tight and do it right? Listen and learn how you too can Eat Clean and Train Mean in 2015!



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    Zumba Abie Stops By Italo's Studios

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    I'm very pleased to announce my next interview with Zumba dance instructor Zumba Abie whom I've known for a long time and I consider to be one of my closest friends.
    You may either tune in live or anytime on demand after the show is over, then go and support Abie to fight breast cancer in an upcoming Zumbathon that will be taking place 8/25/12 from 1pm-3pm to support a great charity that will benefit Susan G Komen For The Cure in Sylmar.
    Don't miss it!!! The show will be featuring Zumba friendly music by Gloria Estefan's last CD "Miss Little Havana" to shake your booty along with the show, it'll be so much fun!!! WEPA!!!

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    Health and Wellness w/ Coach Arlethia (01.04.15)

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    Coach Arlethia, CEO of Body Balance Solutions, LLC knows first hand about the struggles of obesity.  She also knows the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  After losing over 100 lbs. during her adolescent years, she has become an expert and icon to others who are struggling with weight issues.  As a wellness coach, she offers weight loss support and nutritional advice weekly on The Yvette W. Jones Show.  Tune in weekly on Sundays, 6pm EST to get empowered to live a healhier YOU.

    Arlethia Royster, CEO of Body Balance Solutions, is empowered to help others in the area of weight loss from her own personal experiences. Throughout her childhood, she experienced obesity, and at the age of 16, vowed on her own free will to make a change.  Between the ages of 16 and 18, she lost approximately 120 pounds solely through daily exercise and healthy eating.  Since the age of 18, Arlethia has maintained her weight and is committed to regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.  Arlethia believes that the only effective way for people to permanently lose weight is through lifestyle changes, not by following the newest "fads" in weight loss.  Arlethia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Howard University, a Master of Public Health degree from The George Washington University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Maryland.  She is a board certified Wellness Coach and a Liscensed Zumba instructor.  Additionally, Arlethia has hosted the segment “Healthy Bites” on "The Yvette W. Jones Show" on Blog Talk Radio Show.  She has also been a featured guest on the “Your Bedtime Blessing” Blog Talk Radio Show and “Conversations LIVE!” with Cyrus Webb Blog Talk Radio Show.

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    High Intensity Dancing Your Way to Losing Weight

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    Who says losing weight has to be a drag? Have you tried dancing the weight off, specifically Praise Dancing?

    Marcia Cody joins us today to talk about how she created a way to help her and other church members find a fun and totally invigorating way to lose weight.

    Marcia Cody, RN, CFM

    Director of Highest Praise Dance Fitness, Inc (Non-Profit), Registered Nurse, Motivational Speaker, Author, Licensed Zumba Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor (CGFI), Certified Praise Dance Fitness Master (CFM), Member Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, IL (Dr. Bill Winston pastor,)  Coalition to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children and Communities of Christ Health Ministries Association.   2013 Graduate: Joseph Business School (JBS), and serves on the JBS Alumni Association intercessory prayer team.

    Currently: Broadcasting LIVE online Bi-Weekly Worship Work-Outs, Facilitating “Temple Transformation Challenge” online, Teaching “Highest Praise Dance Fitness Leader Certification” Online, and Contributing Wellness Columnist for three Christian magazines online.

    Her books Be Healthy! Devotional Journal, attests to her struggle with weight, and her vision to end obesity in the church, and The Three Little Kids Meet Wally Wolf:  Healthy Choices or Consequences, enlightens children and parents about how daily choices affect their health as they age

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