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    This Show Sucks: Vampires!!

    in Paranormal

    Throughout our shows, we have discussed monsters around the world, but we barely tapped into the most feared, most famous of creatures, the vampire.  On Thursday's show, we look into the lore, the legend, and the "reality" of this scary bloodsucker.  We check out people who have drained blood and energy from their victims, whether concretely or psychically.  What makes vampires need blood?  Who are the real vampires?  How do we protect ourselves from bloodsuckers and psychic vampires?  How can you tell who is a vampire?  All this and more will be covered on this week's show on Thursday, November 20th, at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central and 10:00 PM UK. 

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    Like Vampires? New Release and Giveaway! BREACHERS: Viento and Bycote on Dec. 15

    in Books

    It's a new release and giveaway! Come listen as I read an excerpt from BREACHERS: Viento and Bycote, a sensuously erotic paranormal/urban fantasy romance. If you like new takes on vampires and Jack the Ripper, don't miss this one!

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    And God Created Vampires Pete reads from first chapters

    in Books

    Imagine if you will that everything you thought you knew about vampires is largely a ruse created by vampires to hide their true identity and nature from humans.
    What if their true nature was that of natural creatures of skin, flesh and bone, and not some undead demon but is rather the top predator created by God?
    Starting with the novel AThe Dancing Valkyrie,@ continuing with the AVampire Valkyrie@ and now with AAnd God Created Vampires@ their true and often human like nature continues in the story of Mary Hoffman, aka Erica, who first became a vampire in AThe Dancing Valkyrie@ when seduced by a beautiful female vampire of the 1400's while on a hike in the remote Adirondack woods of northern New York State.
    Enter the world of Mary the vampire where sex is the tool she often uses to seduce her prey and obtain the blood she needs. This is a world of violence and sex unrestrained by human morality. Yet it is also a world of love and responsibility towards both the vampires and humans Mary comes to love as she finds herself entangled with humans she tries to protect from the mob, the FBI, CIA and vampires who want her dead.


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    Ghosts of World War 2.

    in Paranormal

    In this Jay's Dark Zone, we talk about the history of ghosts, in world war 2.

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    Cage Zombies Radio

    in MMA

    MMA Matthew and Pablo Diablo host Cage Zombies Radio, a no holds barred MMA show that covers all levels of this beautiful sport! Live every Thursday from 10 p.m. to midnight EST! 

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    Cage Zombies Radio

    in MMA

    As World Series of Fighting 15 approaches, MMA Matthew and Pablo Diablo present this week's episode of Cage Zombies Radio with an ALL WSOF 15 lineup! It will be two full hours of #WSOF!

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    Cage Zombies Radio

    in MMA

    MMA Matthew and Pablo Diablo present Cage Zombies Radio; a no holds barred in your face MMA radio show covering all levels of MMA! Every Thursday from 10 p.m. to midnight EST! 

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      The Topic of today's show falls outside the norm of what The American Patriot reports on, but with the things I have personally experianced in my own life and the many other accounts of ghosts and yes even the demonic, I felt the need to touch upon this topic, but before you think of me and the countless other who have been through these events in our own lives I am asking you to search your own mind and ask yourself this question, has there ever been something that happened in your own life that you could not explain away, something that you may have hidden away out of fear that people would think you were crazy?    

      Throughout History mankind has feared things it was not able to explain, things that go bump in the night, the feeling of you being watched and even seeing someone seemingly attacked by demonic forces or even demonic possession itself, Well I know this show may fall outside the normal issues that we address here on the American Patriot, but I really feel this is a topic that we need to touch on, as we live in a violant time in this moment in our nation's History and I feel that unseen forces are at work in events that are impacting the nation and the world as well, forces that can not be overlooked any longer.

      What those unseen forces are remains unanswered, some call them Angels or Fallen Angels (demons), but make no mistake the events that have shaped our nation is something more then mear chance and on today's show I would like to get your thoughts and share things that you may have happen to you, a friend or family member, something that goes far beyond the normal daily events......The number to call in to speak to The American Patriot is 516-590-0146


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    Ghosts, Demons, and Halloween

    in Christianity

    On this episode of G220 Radio we talk about Ghosts, Demons and Halloween.

    Have you ever wondered if ghosts were real? Can someone who has passed on be stuck in between worlds unable to move on and be a ghost? What about demons? Hollywood horror movies are sometimes about demonic possession, one of the scariest movies I ever seen was the exorcist. So what does the bible say about demons and demonic possession? Can Christians be possessed? We often see the Catholic preists being portrayed as those who perform exorcisms. Are these real manisfestations of demons or is it something else? Finally Halloween, what are the orgins of halloween? Children dressing up like mummies, zombies, vampires, and witches. Should Christians really be involved with or celebrate this pagan holiday?

    Tune in to find out on G220 Radio

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    Special Show with Shark Zombies Eli Martinez (LIVE)

    in Entertainment

    Call in to this special show 310-982-4253 for questions and comments

    Blogtalkradio Link: http://blogtalkradio.com/joeygiggles

    Invite youre friends !!!

    ELI MARTINEZ (SDM Creator. TV Host )
    As the founder behind SHARK DIVER magazine, Eli has become a formidable entity in the shark diving community, pushing and changing what is known about sharks and the way sharks are seen. He is also no stranger to the dangers posed by extreme sports or big animals, having spent 6 years as a rodeo bull rider. His love of adventure and nature is what inspired him to create SDM. "This magazine was created to show the beauty and excitement of the shark species, as well as to help destroy the myth that sharks are mindless monsters." Disillusioned by conventional diving mags and documentaries, Eli drew his inspiration for all of SDM's projects from the action sports genre; rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking. In 2006 Eli produced his first full feature film, Summer of the Sharks,. His creative vision continues to push the envelope...
    Eli has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world for his work, and has worked as a host/cameraman/ safety diver for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic channel, CNN and NBC's The Today Show.

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