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    Appalachian Trail - D&D Radio

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    We're refreshed from our Memorial Day weekend, and are back today with another great episode of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana!
    Up first is return guest Katherine Imp. She stopped by awhile back to talk about her Appalachian Trail hike, and told us about the movie she and her friends were making. Well, Beauty Beneath The Dirt is hitting the movie house circuit around the country, and she's back to tell us all about it.
    During our Craftsmanship segment, we'll be chatting with Zippo Manufacturing Company global marketing director David Warfel all about the iconic American brand... that's rolling out their 500 millionth lighter on June 5!
    We're also checking in with Peter Evans from the Up The Pucks hockey/punk rock podcast all about the Stanley Cup playoffs, and we'll hear a DIY Disaster story from It’s Our Pinteresting Life blogger Melody Logan.
    Now that's a show! Let's get Down and Dirty...

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    The Dark Knight Rises - D&D Radio

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    No spoilers, but we're back this week with another great edition of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana!
    Our first guest is an up-and-coming star of stage and screen -- and you can see him now in The Dark Knight Rises! Patrick Jordan is a Pittsburgh actor, and was one of the few who scored a speaking role in THE blockbuster movie of 2012. He'll give us some inside stories about his role and his experiences on the set.
    During our Craftsmanship segment, we're calling up Scott Phillips from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks. He's an integral part of this company that's over 100 years old, and he'll chat with us about how they build their iconic products.
    We'll also be getting a preview of the 11th annual Evel Knievel Days festival in Butte Montana with executive director Chad Harrington, and we'll hear a scary grilling-related DIY Disaster story from Rumors Deli co-owner Annette Harris.
    We've got all this and more (plus a special set of specialized Zippo lighters), so let's get Down and Dirty!

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    #160 Dale Moser COO of Megabus

    in Business

    I opened the page of the Des Moines Register a few weeks ago and discovered that Megabushas come to town! What an exciting concept and how fortunate for Des Moinians. I knew zippo about the company and wanted to interview someone there to learn more. I was awarded the opportunity to talk with COO Dale Moser of Coach USA, to learn more about this subsidiary venture called Megabus. There is a fascinating and exciting vision Megabus, and even though Dale is quick to point out he is a company man with over 30 years of transportation experience, there is an entrepreneurial story and energy about Dale and Megabus that provide lessons for all of us in business.

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    Blueshirt Banter Radio Fire Glen Sather Rally Coverage

    in Sports

    This afternoon Blueshirt Banter broadcasts live from the "Fire Glen Sather" rally taking place at MSG before the Rangers game against Buffalo. Eddie will be out among the thousands of fans, while Jim holds down the fort in the studio. It's going to be a fantastic show, and we are the only place to hear the whole thing live. We will also take calls from people at the rally, and talk to Mike Zippo and Marcie Braverman, the organizers of the rally.

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    Blueshirt Banter Radio Wednesday Night Edition

    in Sports

    Tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio, it's all about you guys. We will talk to Mike Zippo, the organizer of the "Fire Glen Sather" rally, and take your phone calls.

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    Hey there,cats & kittens.TONIGHT,I step into the breach,Zippo&ZigZags in one hand,oz. in the other,and scale the walls of the 1st Premium Host-ing episode of Clay's PoundsOfSound...What does that mean?2 SOLID HOURS OF STONER/DOOM/PSYCH/BLUES,up to 50 callers,and a dialout switchboard...and TONS OF MUSIC...Tonight,there will be new tracks from-The Re-Stoned,out of Moscow,Russia (www.myspace.com/restoned)and from RIDE THE SUN,from San Diego,California (www.myspace.com/ridethesun)...COME for the MUSIC,STAY for the MUSIC and the HIIIIIGH....IF yo want YOUR band featured,hit me up at grooveanddoom@gmail.com or www.myspace.com/che_reborn or www.facebook.com/poundsofsound or www.twitter.com/che_reborn Come 'round to the THROW DOWN,and WE WILL FIRE DOWN!GROOVEandDOOM-clay phillips

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    The Program With Chris, Rick, And Mike

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    Going Sundays With Our Usual Crazy Set of banter and more. We may not be well or crazy....but more than like we will talk hockey and who knows you may laugh and learn something at the same time.

    This week Russ Cohen and Mike Zippo from the Fire Sather Rally group will join us to talk about the declining state of the Rangers and much more.

    Also, we will break out Brian Burke's crazy day and what could be next in the National Hockey League plus our favorite WTF Trade Requests and as always we take your calls!!!!

    Call-in Number: (347) 826-7358