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    George Zimmer Verdict reactions

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    George Zimmer was acquitted Saturday night by a Florida jury in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, which touched off an intense national debate about race, guns and self defense. Let's discuss "Real Talk" about this Trial.

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    Chat with author/filmmaker, Stephen Zimmer

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    Stephen Zimmer is an award-winning author and filmmaker, whose literary works include the epic-scale urban fantasy series The Rising Dawn Saga, the epic fantasy Fires in Eden Series, and the Harvey and Solomon steampunk tales included in the Dreams of Steam and Dreams of Steam II: Bolts and Brass anthologies from Kerlak Publishing.
    Stephen’s film credits include the supernatural thriller feature Shadows Light, the horror short film The Sirens, and the recent Swordbearer, a medieval fantasy short film based upon the H. David Blalock novel Ascendant.

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    A MUST LISTEN TO SHOW ~ A Pioneer on NDE and  NY Times Best Selling Author ~ Dannion Brinkley, a pioneer for peering into heaven and coming back to teach us from it, is my honored guest today!!

    This is a favorite blessing for me as we will be talking NDE and Dannion's TWILIGHT BRIGADE Foundation that offers compassionate care to the veterans of our country.

    I can't think of a  more soul connecting guest to offer you, and here he is...

    Dannion's book allowed me to find my voice with my own NDE, and has been a true gift to all of us in the blessings and gifts he offers.

    You can connect with Dannion at www.dannion.com

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    The Unfolding of the seasons and Solstice with Oriah Mountain Dreamer

    in Spirituality

    Oriah Mountain Dreamer, a soul who speaks to all of us through the voice of compassionate sage.

    Her connection to all life of love reminds us of our innate connectivity to source, soul, self....

    Let's talk with Oriah about the shifting of seasons and how solstice affects us all...

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    #024: The Mike Zimmer is the F$%king Head Coach Episode

    in Football

    Norse Code Episode #024: The Mike Zimmer is the F$%king Head Coach Episode.

    We bring in guest Jake Liscow from Pro Football Focus and Cincy Jungle to help us learn more about Mike Zimmer and what he can bring.

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    Discover Yourself~ Akashic Records & Ufo's

    in Paranormal

    This is sure to be one of my favorite shows as I interview first Author ERNESTO ORTIZ who wrote a book I have personally been seeking insight for over 30 years on, THE AKASHIC RECORDS ~ here we discover what the akshic records are and how they can influence our lives and evolve our souls.

    Next we have another notable Researcher and Theologian who is both a Professor of Theology and a reknown UFO Researcher fo many decades; TED PETERS who wrote, UFO's GOD'S CHARIOTS ~ we will uncover and discuss the link between religious beliefs and UFO existence.

    ~I am loving these authors, and their wisdom~ as we will get to hear and explore some of lifes most perplexing yet inspiring questions of our time. 

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    You ARE what you Eat... Foods that Heal

    in Nutrition

    Unless you choose to stick your head in the sand about what you put into your body, food will affect you. We are learning new things about foods, nutrition, healing and disease, all from foods, and diet and how to heal, nurture and overcome ailments.

    Healing foods can taste good, great even!! Here we discuss simple foods and recipes to get you on the road to explore a healthier lifestyle to life longer and happier.

    With genetic engineering, chemicals, contaminations, and even deaths from foods we have valued and trusted to be safe has shown time and again , hidden dangers.Disease and inertia result from lack of the right nutrients for the brains nourishment. We have control. Here Nutritionist Teri Cochrane shows us the way..

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    Evolving through Light & Love

    in Spirituality

    I am blessed to have two similar energies as my guests today . 

    JIM PHILLIPS who wrote THE KEY TO LIFE will begin the show and discuss how to live in full expression, a wonderful, loving and guiding book, I highly recommend. 

    Then we have PROFESSOR ANDERS NILSSON who is a Photon Scientist at Stanford University, an internationally known scientist and spiritualist who has taught thousands of people how to access their inner light and love...He wrote "THE GENTLE WAY OF THE HEART" Discover the light within...a truly inspiring and all soul encompassing work of truth!! I suggest getting grounded with this book immediately!




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    How Patterns influence our lves

    in Lifestyle

    Author Anthony Lawlor takes us on a fascinating discovery of ourselves through patterns, shapes ,and design.

    Here we view through the intricate analytical eye as well as read through the intuitive brain how the patterns throughout our lives influence how we evlove, interact, feel or even process our lives~ fascinating insight.

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    Kim Zimmer, Reva Shayne from "Guiding Light" and Echo DiSavoy from "One Life to Live," makes an appearance on the podcast to chat about her book, "I'm Just Sayin'!: Three Deaths, Seven Husbands, and a Clone! My Life as a Daytime Diva."
    In I’M JUST SAYIN’!, Zimmer also talks about: 
    Why soap operas are going off the air after decades of popularity Her struggles with alcohol and how it impacted her family and her career How she balanced being a busy working mother (her “greatest role”) and a full-time career woman Her encounters with such celebrities as Kathleen Turner, Alec Baldwin, and Oprah Winfrey How she has managed to maintain a successful marriage for thirty years The difficulties of losing a job later in life, especially in a field that is youth and beauty focused, and how she continues to pursue her acting dreams Tune in to this episode with the great LaZimmer! You don't want to miss this!

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