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    Dannion Brinkley on Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer

    in Paranormal

    A genuine soul of insight, perspective and awareness we chat and discuss spirituality, death, our country and government, the future and healthcare...he was full of intriguing discussions and opinions...I loved it and also having him as a guest.

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    Dannion Brinkley on Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in as we speak to a living legend who has defied many odds of life and living and is here to talk about it.

    Infamous Author of "SAVED BY THE LIGHT"

    Dannion has brought the subject of life after death to the forfront of discussion today ....join us:

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    The Power of Balance

    in Lifestyle

    Got power? Balance? Peace of mind? Some bliss filled states and moments within your day?

    If you answered yes, great~ good job, and horray for you.

    Unfortunately these simple internal needs for equilibrium, balance, lies within our own internal barometer of worth.Are you worthy of bliss? Hell yes, you are!!

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    Follow Your Own Yellow Brick Road

    in Spirituality

    Visionary Jean Houston delights our awareness in ways known and unknown to our current perspectives at times. Jean activates the innate passion within , simply by teaching, defining, and viewing the world in all its perfect harmony, and kowledge that we are exactly where we need to be.

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    Our Evolving Mind, Body & Soul~A look at where we have options for evolution

    in Lifestyle

    How do we evolve?How much is in our own control?

    How much control do we claim or want?

    Where do our souls go to evolve?

    All of these fascinating areas are going to be discussed today in our full lineup of three guests today.

    We start off with Author/researcher Marie Jones who along with Larry Flaxman wrote"MIND WARS".

    Revealing information that claims mind control, surveillance, & social enginneering by the government, media & secret societies is ongoing.

    Next we invite a lovely bedside book that I could not put down. One of the most moving stories of how Hospice was born, as well as some of the best love stories I have ever felt through reading.I loved these stories!!

    Last, but certainly not least, we have Visionary Gordon Davidson who is going to talk to us about his upcoming workshop on Transfiguration of Our World part 2. I will ask Gordon his insight on the changes happening today, where we go from here, and how we can be an integrated holistic heart with the evolving and unfolding..


    Tune in ~ it should be rock filled energy today:)


    Abundant blessings to you!!

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    Karmaggedon~ documentary: giving your power away to spiritual 'teachers'

    in Spirituality

    Filmmaker Jeff Brown steps into an uncomfortable zone , questioning the integrity of a spiritual leader.A guru, whom for decades,with a following of thousands, has been managing, repressing or simply hiding a personality that borders on confusing to disturbing.

    A great interview about the power of integrity and also of manipulation, and how easy it is for many people to give their power away to someone who claims spiritual awareness, guru status , and yet integrity is far from their intention.It's a sad commentary about corruption in a state of omnipresence , there are those who control and twist through ideologies, and intimidation, and can control masses of those willing to worship another human by surrendering common sense.

    A powerful documentary I encourage everyone to view, an eye opener.

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    Growth ~by accident...

    in Lifestyle

    Sometimes we seek growth, knowledge, insight, and other times , life shows us our ability to grow.

    Here we look at how life offers us opportunities dily to evolve our thoughts, our perceptions, even our views.We are in a constantly evolving world and soul , that responds to new concepts fr change and evolution when we are ligned in thought, and priorities...

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    The Star Chamber Show #31, Featuring Stephen Zimmer!

    in Books

    We've got a special treat for you this week! The one and only Stephen Zimmer is taking off his host cap and climbing into the hotseat this Wednesday at 9pm.

    We'll be grilling him about books, music, and  his writing comback. He'll be discussing his most recent release, "The Undying Light", Book Four in his Rising Dawn Saga and a few other projects if we're lucky. It's also his birthday, so be sure to stop in and celebrate with us!

    Tune in (or call in!) at 9pm this Wednesday night to join in the fun!

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    Knowing our Ancient Connections Evolve Us

    in Spirituality

    To learn about our future , often we need to look at our past, and the patterns and influences that have been present on our planet since the age of time. Modern tech may have its advantages , but ancient connection to source out rocks any gig , ram or beam, we can plug into today....We live in a world where being in touch with ourselves, our universal language , and our connectedness in the universe, is to our advantage individually and as a global society. We can no longer deny the subtleties of energy around us, within us and how we contribute to it. If we are commiteed to evolving ourselves, our perspectives and our world then we need to look outside of conventional means to do so. We need to look at what built thriving civilizations years ago, and the connection to source indigenous people had and many still do today. When we value connection, heart, more than progress and advancement of our wi-fi world, then we have evolved our priorites and brought hope for a thriving future.

    History Channels expert Ted Peters~Theologian and UFO Expert

    Akashic Records Expert ~Ernesto

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    George Zimmer Verdict reactions

    in Entertainment

    George Zimmer was acquitted Saturday night by a Florida jury in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, which touched off an intense national debate about race, guns and self defense. Let's discuss "Real Talk" about this Trial.

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    Dannion Brinkley Talks to Us about what our Priorities should be

    in Paranormal

    Dannion Brinkley ~ a wonderful soul and guest talks to us about Spirit and the future of our world as he sees it.