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    Femme, Women Healing World! Sharon Stone, Music Yoko Ono & Emmanuel Itier

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    "FEMME; Women Healing the World"  Movie with Actress Sharon Stone & Rickie Lee Jones.   Music by Yoko Ono.  Director Emmanuel Itier is our VIP Guest! 

    Emmanuel Itier directed the thriller Tell Me No Lies, horror film Scarecrow, & The Invocation, which Sharon Stone narrated. He produced films like Wildflower, Johnny Mnemonic, Another 9 ½ Weeks, and Shattered Image.

    Painting of Rickie Lee Jones by Judy Joy Jones.

    Flying Thru Galaxies with Joy!  with Director Emmanuel Itier:

    Opening Music by Belgium Classical Composer; Stefan Meylaers with 'The Grand Opening'.

    Movie Addict Headquarters 


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    Milling About at Lennon:Through A Glass Onion with John R. Waters

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    John R. Waters brings his own imaginings of John Lennon through music and stories to the stage in Lennon: Through A Glass Onion. He joins host Robin Milling backstage at the Union Square Theater to discuss his inspiration for the show that began 22 years ago in a pub in Australia. Waters, who was born in London, tells Robin how he got his first theatrical break playing Claude in the original Sydney production of Hair, leading to acting gigs that have made him a famous name down under. The steady work drew him to raise his family there. Waters tells Robin he first discovered the Beatles listening to pirate broadcasting from Radio Luxembourg under the covers when he was a teenager.

    Waters doesn't claim to be a Beatles scholar, admitting he didn't do much research on the Fab Four to tell the stories in the show; which he says are his own interpretations of Lennon, and of course Yoko. Her greenlighting the show meant it could come to New York where John says the show belongs. Don't expect to see a Lennon look-alike with the round glasses. Accompanied by Stewart D'Arrieta on piano, John re-imagines Lennon. He says, 'I put a figure up there that represents John Lennon and the audience projects their own John Lennon onto me.'

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    Holly Stephey & James A. Mitchell, The Walrus And The Elephants John Lennon

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    *The Walrus and the Elephants: John Lennon's Years of Revolution, James A. Mitchell.

    In late 1971 John Lennon left London and pop stardom behind and moved to New York City, eager to join a youth movement rallying for social justice and an end to the Vietnam War. Lennon was embraced by radicals and revolutionaries, the hippies and Yippies at odds with the establishment. Settling in Greenwich Village, the former Beatle was soon on the front lines of the antiwar movement, championing causes and inspiring solidarity—and suspicion. Seen as a savior by a generation in need of cultural heroes, Lennon was just as passionately hounded by a government anxious to silence enemies within its borders.The Walrus and the Elephants is told by the unlikely cast of friends, among them the members of Elephant's Memory, who were some of the few who got to know the man behind the Beatle. Exclusive interviews include writer and feminist leader Gloria Steinem; Congressional Black Caucus cofounder Ron Dellums; "Chicago Seven" veteran Rennie Davis; immigration attorney Leon Wildes; and legendary poet-activist John Sinclair, whose imprisonment for marijuana—ten years for two joints—kicked off Lennon's American journey. It was a busy year of making music and controversial TV appearances, allies and enemies. It was a time of great change in America, one that saw the end of the movements of the sixties, the beginning of a new era. The Walrus and the Elephants is a look back at that time and at the John Lennon who joined the revolution, through the eyes of those who dreamed, rallied, and fought alongside him.  

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    Holly Stephey & Gary Van Scyoc Pop Goes The Elephant John Lennon and more!

    in Entertainment

    Gary’s professional performances, experience and knowledge of the music and recording industry have continued for over fifty years.His performance and recording credits include John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Garcia, Neil Sedaka, Keith Moon, Paul Simon, 60’s soul singer Howard Tate and the legendary songwriter/producer Jerry Ragavoy. Gary is featured in John Lennon’s “Live in NYC” music video on MTV, VH-1, HBO and Showtime. He also appears in the feature film “Imagine”, Yoko’s “Then and Now” music video, Chuck Berry’s “Hail Hail Rock and Roll”, “The John Lennon Video Collection”, The John Lennon Anthology” [Box Set], as well as the documentary’s “The U.S. vs John Lennon”, “LENNONYC” PBS’s American Masters Series, and “Strange Fruit” the history of Apple records. Other TV performances with John Lennon include the Mike Douglas show, the Dick Cavett show, Dick Clark’s “Rolling Stone's 25 Years”, VH-1’s Legends and Behind the Music. As a singer/songwriter Gary has also recorded with his own groups, the Dynatones on Hanna Barbera records, Pig Iron on Columbia records and Elephants Memory on Apple records. Gary continues to record, perform, make appearances at Beatle shows and produce local acts. He wrote his first instructional book “Shortcuts” To Improving Your Bass Playing in 2006. Gary’s work is included in the new John Lennon exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.Gary released his first “Solo” CD “Pop Goes The Elephant” in the Fall of 2014. 

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    John Lennon's Buddy Dave Goes HorseDoggin'!

    in Pop Culture

    Energetic teen Dave Morrell met John Lennon via a radio show call-in, and the later they reconnected via Dave's extensive Beatles collection! When John gave Dave his very own "Butcher Cover" LP, the two became fast friends. Dave even became a staple in the Apple studios!

    These adventures and more are chronicled in Dave's new book, Horsedoggin', Vol. 1. Tonight Jude Southerland Kessler, author of The John Lennon Series, will interview Dave about his escapades with John Lennon. You'll also get a preview of Dave's upcoming volumes of Horsedoggin' and find out the meaning of this unusual title!


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    SEX 3: continuation on sex & religion #89

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's show is a continuation from the original SEX show whith dealt with sex & religion; this show continues directly from that show and discusses the dangers of sex in/with spirituality, and what issues may be faced by believers, involving sex.  Interview clips/video clips will be played & commentary will be provided throughout by myself, Huggy, & my lovely horror co-host personalities Krahola & Zuul.  

    --opening/closing clips by Yoko Ono

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    Friday FARcast: The Source Family & Les Visible

    in Paranormal

    In the late 1960's, All American, restaurateur and millionaire. Jim Baker underwent a transformation of the most profound and sublime kind.  War hero, judo master, and even killer, Baker started hanging with Yogi Bhajan in the hills surroundng LA.  During that time, Jim Baker died and Father Yod emerged.  He looked like a cross between Moses and Ray Nietschke.  He had the face of a prophet and the body of a linebacker. Father Yod opened the immensely popular Source Restaurant, the country's most successful natural food restaurant.  Steve McQueen, John and Yoko, Joni, Goldie Hawn, they all hung out at The Source.

    Out of The Source Restaurant, Father Yod began to assemble a family of beautiful, young, men and women.  They became "The Aquarian Family" and lived in a great big home that used to belong to the Chandler family (LA Times) where they would ecstatically partake in every moment of every day,  They were part of the emerging spiritual wave of the late 60's.

    Music, meditation, diet, sex, studay and prayer became a 24/7 event for the family.  They were tuned up and turned on by their loving father, who eventually assembled 14 wives.  In 1972, the family left LA for Hawaii and in 1975, Father Yod left the body, but his legacy lives on.  Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian are still keeping the Source flame burning. Isis in particular, since she took all the photos, films and recodings for the family events.  I spent an hour with them, recounting their history, Father Yod and the legacy of Source Family.

    In the second hour of the show, we'll catch up with another vsiionary, our friend, Les Visible and get the latest from the heart and mind of one of the great scribes of our time.  Join us.



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    Venus In Aquarius Exploring Alternative Relationships That Fit Your Needs

    in Spirituality

    Call 646-716-9752  On Friday July 25, 2014 At 9:00 Pm EST To Discuss Love In  The Age of Aquarius & How The Relationship Dynamic Has Transformed Into Non-Traditional Unions. We will Discuss Concepts Like Polyadnry, Poly-Amore, Polygny & Polygamy And Much More.

    Co-Hosting With Spica The Mother Star Is A Couple Who Spica Has Done Spiritual Readings On And Foreseen The Couples Life Path Together As A Team Who Is Here To Heal Men & Women & Set The Example of & For Exploring Alternative Relationships Theories That Correspond With The Age of Aquarius. Lets Talk Realistically About Finding The Non-Traditional Relationship That Works For You!

    Disclaimer: This Show Is For Educational & Entertainment Purposes Only- Reserving All Rights!

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    Boots on the ground from Israeli Patriot

    in Politics Conservative

    Life here in Israel and especially in the center is usually quite...since the operation started we had a lot of sirens alarms also here and we had to go to the shelter.

     I have many friends that are now inside Gaza and im very worried for them.

    We are such a small country that I have mutual friends with almost every one of the 53 soldiers who were killed in this operation (after we talked I found out that one of my soldiers best friend died yesterday)

    I hope things could be normal and that Hamas would stop harming innocent people from both sides.

    I think that we can't stop the operation till all the tunnels are destroyed...imagine living I a place where terrorists are digging under your house, waiting to come out and shoot everybody at sight.

    I live in a small town next to Tel Aviv called Kiryat Ono in Israel.

    When I was 18 I was recruited to the army like everyone in that age.

    I served for three and a half years in an operational position (3 mandatory years and 6 months that I signed extra by choice).

    After 9 months of basic training I became a combat soldier and one year after that I became a commander of the basic training. I had 17 soldiers (you can see them in the two pictures. Both of them are from the final part of the basic training)...After I finished it I got back to the regular unit as a professional commander (which means I specialized in a specific part of the unit's job and was in charge of it).


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    Cowboy Bebop - Addicted to Anime

    in Television

    Addicted to Anime returns to talk about Cowboy Bebop: The futuristic misadventures and tragedies of an easygoing bounty hunter and his partners.

    Join Stephen & Johnna Wago and a panel of other anime fans as they recall their memories of the show and figure out if it's an anime worth getting addicted to.

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