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    O YE DRYBONES : The Real Thanksgiving with special guest DR.DAVID IMHOTEP

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    Starting with the Pilgrims not only leaves out the Indians, but also the Spanish. In the summer of 1526 five hundred Spaniards and one hundred black slaves founded a town near the mouth of the Pedee River in what is now South Carolina. Disease and disputes with nearby Indians caused many deaths. Finally, in November the slaves rebelled, killed some of their masters, and escaped to the Indians. By now only 150 Spaniards survived, and they evacuated back to Haiti. The ex-slaves remained behind. So the first non-Native settlers in "the country we now know as the United States" were Africans.The Spanish continued their settling in 1565, when they massacred a settlement of French Protestants at St. Augustine, Florida, and replaced it with their own fort. Some Spanish were pilgrims, seeking regions new to them to secure religious liberty: these were Spanish Jews

    Beginning with 1620 also omits the Dutch, who were living in what is now Albany by 1614. Indeed, 1620 is not even the date of the first permanent British settlement, for in 1607, the London Company sent settlers to Jamestown, Virginia. No matter. The mythic origin of "the country we now know as the United States"

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    O YE DRYBONES ; Order out of Chaos, in Latin Ordo ab Chao

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    Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for manical ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”

    John Lennon

    Will the Brotherhood actually play the fake alien invasion card? No one knows for sure what the future will bring, but based on their history, the elites doubtless hope to continue their process of “Order out of Chaos,” to further centralize and globalize their control.

    This term Order out of Chaos, in Latin Ordo ab Chao, is the slogan of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

    “Secret Societies have a great motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.”
    “The Latin inscription on the banner around the Judaic eagle's head (below the Star of David) E Pluribus Unum ("From the Many – the One") In other words, first they combined all the ancient stellar cults, now they’re going to combine the world’s governments, militaries, currencies, banks. Don’t be silent or scared. It is now or never if free humanity is going to overthrow the global elite and their world governance systems. Speak up, speak out, be active and creative. Write articles, post on internet message boards, speak at community meetings.

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    Snoop And Ye Shall Find!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Do you ever have that feeling that your mate your is acting a little weird? When you walk inside of the room they hurry up and hang up the phone? Do they send text message and start laughing and tell you it's nothing? Snoop And Ye Shall Find!!!!!

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    o YE Drybones : Operation Stingray Technology of Enslavement / special guest

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    The StingRay is an  (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), a controversial cellular phone surveillance device, manufactured by the Harris CORP. Initially developed for the military and intelligence community, the StingRay and similar Harris devices are in widespread use by local and state law enforcement agencies across the United States and possibly covertly in the United Kingdom. Stingray has also become a generic name to describe these kinds of devices.In active mode, the StingRay will force each compatible cellular device in a given area to disconnect from its service provider cell site (e.g., operated by Verizon, AT&T, etc.) and establish a new connection with the StingRay. In most cases, this is accomplished by having the StingRay broadcast a pilot signal that is either stronger than, or made to appear stronger than, the pilot signals being broadcast by legitimate cell sites operating in the area. A common function of all cellular communications protocols is to have the cellular device connect to the cell site offering the strongest signal. StingRays exploit this function as a means to force temporary connections with cellular devices within a limited area.

    A StingRay can be used to identify and track a phone or other compatible cellular data device even while the device is not engaged in a call or accessing data services.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Join us and meet Edward Baker of Oregon to hear why he feels

    an urge to take on this tremendous challange to run for the

    President of the United States of America in 2016.

    PLease see this link for Edward Bake's Campaign


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    Today, many refer to God (the creator of the universe) as “He” and “Father.” But before it was Father God, it was Mother God. The ancient world knew it was the mother that kept them in her womb for 9 months, birthed them and nurtured them during their earliest stages of life. They recognized her divine responsibility and they believed the woman was identical to the universe. Therefore, they created female deities, worshiped her and held her in high esteem. 
    The concept of the black woman being god doesn’t mean God as in the creator of the universe. It means she is a god, creator/mother of human civilization. The first human is believed to had been an African woman. In the 2002 documentary, The Real Eve, scientists revealed that all human genetic DNA traces back to one African woman several million years ago and traced the migration pattern of her descendants as they spread across the earth.“The penis is an elongated clitoris and the males testes are the woman’s descended ovum, now in cased within the scrotum of the male penis. The female fallopian tubes are nothing more than the male vas deferens or the urethra duct, which is both of the fallopian tubes joined together. The male prostate is nothing more than an atrophied womb. Every man has a mammary gland that goes along with it. Those mammary glands can lactate if titillated.There have been many reports that suggests the black woman could have possibly created human civilization without the sperm of a man. Virgin births occurred more frequently in the ancient world but still occur today.The British Medical Journal reported that one in two hundred U.S. women reported to have given birth without ever having sexual intercourse. “Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost“ this was originally the “Father, the Child and the Mother.”

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    Presidential Candidate Edward Baker of Oregon

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us and meet Edward Baker of Oregon to hear why he feels

    an urge to take on this tremendous challange to run for the

    President of the United States of America in 2016.

    PLease see this link for Edward Bake's Campaign


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    Be Ye Also Ready

    in Christianity

    Tune in for praise, worship, and the preaching of life-giving Word of God.

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    ye are gods/with godlili44

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    blobtalkradio.com/godlili44 713-955-0644 CALL TO TALK TO HOST

    tune in to here what godlili44 have to say on how to stay young and healthy with 


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    Hear Ye, Hear Ye - AAMichael, St. Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, TL, Father God !

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's important show is a come-one-come-all with messages from Archangel Michael - "You Are a Channel Now"

    St. Germain - "The Focus and Release of World-wide Prosperity is Underway."

    Ashtar - "Your World is Safe."

    Sananda - "Home Life."

    and Father God - "Choose Your Slip-Stream".

    Join us at 8 pm EST tonight, Wednesday, or find the episolde in the archives as usual under BlogTalkRadio.com/ChannelPanel

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    O YE DRYBONES: 7 Barbaric Practices that are practiced today by all NATIONS.

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    public executions in today’s times. But as of 2012, this method of capital punishment was still being used in Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Somalia
    cannibalism today. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not practiced. There are a select few tribes in the world that still eat human flesh, including the Korowai from Indonesian New Guinea. They’re very selective with their consumption, however — they only eat people they believe to be khakhuas, or witch doctors.
    infantcide In the Netherlands, though, a controversial law is currently in place that allows babies to be euthanized in extreme cases It’s certainly not the same as leaving your newborn out in the wild, as what happens to hundreds of babies every month in South Africa.
    FGM is an extremely painful procedure performed on young girls with or without anesthesia. The procedure can vary, but it generally involves the removal of all external genitalia, including the clitoris.
    Slavery has been around since long before that, but what many people don’t know is that it’s still prevalent enough to be a multi-billion-dollar industry in both developing and developed nations. A staggering 14 million people in India are enslaved, making them the nation with the most slaves, followed by China at 2.9 million.
    Historically, it wasn’t uncommon for teenagers to be betrothed and wed at a young age, but even today, many cultures consider it completely normal to get married before you’re eighteenplaces such as India or Pakistan where girls under the age of ten are sold as brides to much older men to help pay off their parents’ debts
    Bloodletting has its place in history among many cultures.