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    An Innovation Conversation with Xerox & IBM

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    In today’s business world research can separate your business from the competition. Foresight and research are essential to industry growth and innovation. Join Amy Hermes, TheInnovationValue.com, as she interviews Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, president of the Xerox Innovation Group, Xerox, and Cathy Lasser, vice president of Industry Solutions and Emerging Business, IBM Research, to discuss the importance of industry research. Both Xerox and IBM use multiple research tactics to solve customer problems and meet client needs.

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    Xerox Scientists Turn Highway Overpasses into Research Labs

    in Technology

    During this episode we'll speak with Xerox research scientist, Peter Paul, who is part of a research team working on ways to help law enforcement officials improve the monitoring of HOT (high occupancy toll) and HOV (high occupancy vehicle) highway lanes.
    HOV lanes, commonly known as carpool lanes, allow vehicles with just one person in them to use carpool lanes for a toll. Until now the only method of enforcing HOT lanes was to have a cop present to enforce the rules.
    Peter and his Xerox team are working to automate enforcement with cameras and imaging technology that can instantly detect the number of occupants in a vehicle at highway speeds. And while testing ideas via computer simulations in the laboratory is great, nothing beats learning from real-world data, which is why Peter has taken his lab to the streets.
    We’ll discuss this and other innovations we can expect at the 2012 ITS World Congress in Vienna this month.

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    Preview: Xerox Transportation at the 2012 ITS America Expo

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    The Intelligent Transportation Society of America – or ITS America – is one of the most influential transportation organizations in the US. And their 2012 conference is one of the biggest gatherings on around.
    In addition to Xerox CEO and Chairman, Ursula Burns, opening the 2012 expo, Xerox will also demo several exciting innovations in transportation solutions. Tune in to this episode of Xerox Real Business Radio to learn about what Xerox has in store for ITSA from Ken Philmus, senior vice president for transportation, central and local government at Xerox.
    Be sure to follow #ITSA2012 and @ServicesatXerox to get up to the minute transportation news coming out of ITS America.

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    Xerox at MESC: Medicaid Changes & the Future of Healthcare

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    One of Medicaid’s most important conferences is right around the corner. The Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) is where state healthcare business and technology leaders convene to share ideas and re-imagine solutions for meeting the challenges of serving the health needs of millions.
    Join Mary Scanlon, SVP of business development and Allyson Burroughs, VP of marketing and communications for Xerox Healthcare Services, as they discuss the importance of this conference and what it means to healthcare programs across the country. Learn how Xerox is creating better outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem at www.xerox.com/freedomtocare.

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    Xerox Hosts Mortgage Industry Experts to Discuss State of the Industry

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    A panel of mortgage industry thought leaders discuss topics that are top of mind today, including Dodd-Frank, foreclosure-gate, consumer protection and interest rates. Central to the conversation is the question of whether these pressing issues will impact the progress toward electronic mortgages. Xerox Mortgage Services’ Greg Smith hosts and moderates the roundtable.

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    Xerox Real Business Radio LIVE: Talking Xerox's Acquisition of ACS

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    Xerox Real Business Radio features a LIVE interview with Tom Blodgett, COO of Commercial Operations at ACS, A Xerox Company and Jim Firestone, president of Corporate Operations at Xerox. Today's topic: Xerox’s recent acquisition of ACS. Tune in as Tom and Jim discuss what the newly combined entity means for future and prospective customers as Xerox creates a new class of service provider.

  • Employers Worldwide Step Up Investments in Workers’ Wellness

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    Wellness in the workplace is a rising trend all across the globe - and many employers are looking to wellness programs to drive company performance. Buck Consultants at Xerox explored this trend and more in its sixth annual Global Wellness Survey, a a study of wellness programs at more than 1,000 organizations in 37 countries worldwide. Dave Ratcliffe, principal, Buck Consultants at Xerox joins us to discuss survey results and how employers can put their best foot forward when implementing a wellness program.

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    HCMx Radio 11: Using Analytics to Predict Outcomes and Improve Performance

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    Hosts: Rachel Cooke, COO, Brandon Hall Group and Michael Rochelle, CSO, Brandon Hall Group

    Guest: Bob Blondin, Vice President at Xerox Learning Services

    Topic: The challenges and opportunities organizations are facing with measurement and analytics.

    Defining success and measuring results of learning programs are so critical to the performance and the financial health of an organization. Our guest, Bob Blondin, Vice President at Xerox Learning Services. Bob acts as the firm’s chief learning strategist. Prior to that, he spent twelve years as a partner at Ernst & Young.  He has provided strategic learning services to a variety of Fortune 500 clients.  Bob has significant experience working at the executive level to align business goals with learning strategies.  During this episode, we spoke about some of the challenges and opportunities organizations are facing with measurement and analytics.  

    We are in the era of constant change enabled by technology.  ILT still exists and will never entirely go away, but with dispersed geographies, diverse and global workforces the learning environment is drastically changing and the method of delivery being offered through numerous channels such as mobile, social, gamification, etc., raises new concerns in understanding what to measure and how to measure, not to mention the use of analytics.  We shared examples of leading practices from high-performing award-winning organizations, the use performance support, job aids and tools such as Vestrics and KnowledgeAdvisors, how to overcome challenges that organizations are facing, how to create an environment for measurement, and lastly, how to use analytics to predict outcomes and improve performance.

    Recorded June 17, 2015

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    Does Digital Government Make Sense?

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    There’s a revolution brewing in our government. Since the Obama administration released its Digital Government Strategy two years ago, agencies and industry have been working to modernize citizen-facing services. In a recent chat with US CIO Steven VanRoekel, he said “that transformation…is really starting to happen.” However, as well-intentioned as the effort has been, a recent survey found that it has gotten lost in translation. The 2014 Digital Government Study, administered by FedScoop and underwritten by Xerox, shows that while nearly everybody agrees on the need to create a digital government, the initiative faces significant challenges at the agency level.

    Joining us today to talk more about the results are Goldy Kamali, CEO and Founder of FedScoop, Camille Tuutti, editorial director at FedScoop, Chuck Brooks, vice president and client executive for the Department of Homeland Security at Xerox, and Fred Baradari, VP and Client Executive for Department of Justice at Xerox

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    Millennial Behaviors Impacting Transportation

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    Every generation has its own set of behaviors and norms. On this episode of Xerox radio, we discuss how the millennial generation will have a profound impact on the transportation industry. This generation’s behavioral trends will be a game changer for America’s transportation network – forcing it to become less dependent on the automobile and placing a higher value on public transit and other modes of transportation, like biking and walking.

    Episode guest, Parker Williams, senior vice president of Transportation Solutions at Xerox has over 30 years of public and private sector transportation experience.  Parker will discuss several ways that millennials are changing the industry by choosing to move in very different ways from their Baby Boomer and Generation X peers.

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    Intelligent Transportation Systems – The Future of Transportation

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    The way you get around today is changing. By that I mean our modes of transportation are morphing in ways we never thought possible. Much of the change behind the way we travel can be credited to innovative ideas. Think about it.  We are about to enter a new phase that will allow Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure capabilities to collect massive amounts of data that can be shared with all drivers, making journeys safer and better for everyone on the road. Organizations of all sizes are coming together to create safe, efficient and seamless experiences for drivers, but the question still remains: how do we accelerate this innovation to create an even better future for transportation?

    Earlier this month, Xerox attended the Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress 2014 conference in Detroit to explore the thinking on that very question.

    Joining us to talk more about their time at the show and the future of transportation are Ken Philmus, senior vice president of Xerox’s Government and Transportation Sector, and Richard Harris, solutions director for Xerox’s International Government and Transportation Sector.