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    The Argument from Change for the Existence of God

    in Religion

    The Reasons to Believe #41

    Our Reasons to Believe Scripture passage for today is Colossians 4:5-6. It reads, "Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man."

    Our Reasons to Believe quote for today is from Ron Carlson and Ed Decker. They said, "To be an atheist you must have infinite knowledge in order to know absolutely that there is no God. But to have infinite knowledge, you would have to be God yourself. It's hard to be God yourself and an atheist at the same time! The Bible says in Psalm 14:1, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is not God.’"

    Our Reason to Believe powerpoint today is titled "The Argument from Change for the Existence of God" from "The Handbook of Christian Apologetics" by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli:

    The material world we know is a world of change. This young woman came to be 5'2", but she was not always that height. The great oak tree before us grew from the tiniest acorn. Now when something comes to be in a certain state, such as mature size, that state cannot bring itself into being. For until it comes to be, it does not exist, and if it does not yet exist, it cannot cause anything.

    As for the thing that changes, although it can be what it will become, it is not yet what it will become. It actually exists right now in this state (an acorn); it will actually exist in that state (large oak tree). But it is not actually in that state now. It only has the potentiality for that state.


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    Gay slurs at the World Cup heard on TV

    in LGBT

    Mexico's soccer fans have brought their chant that's a gay slur to the World Cup in Brazil, using the phrase during the games against Cameroon and Brazil. Anyone watching TV broadcasts also would have heard it during both of Mexico's games and ESPN says it will try and prevent it from being heard on-air. "Puto!," many of Mexico's supporters chant laughingly during goal kicks by the opposing team's goal keeper. The word is slang for "fag" or "man whore" or "coward." Some say its use in soccer is a cultural phrase that means cowardly and is not directed at gays, but the meaning is clearly designed to mock the opponent as weak and unmanly.

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    Episode 1513 - Al Cuppett Intelligence Report 5-13-2014

    in Spirituality

    Recorded LIVE 5-13-14

    Minister Al Cuppett

    His website is: www.alcuppett.com


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    The BadBoy and The Doc Radio Show/ Real Talk Real Relationships

    in Romance

    On the next BadBoy and The Doc, can a single mother raise a boy to be a man without a positive male role model in the home? Find out Wednesday on The BadBoy and The Doc 8pm Wednesday night!

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    100 Episodes - 100 Opportunities

    in The Bible

    We Are Celebrating 100 Broadcasts On BlogTalkRadio!

    We Will Recap Some Great Moments And Give God The Glory, Please Join Us!

    Join Jim Simmons and Pastor Charles Lyons to hear great Bible teaching and questions.  Sign up for our newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/pD0yn Email Us at: btr@writelyons.com or follow us on Twitter @writelyons and visit us on the web at writelyons.com.

    If you are listening from the archive, you may call, toll free, and leave your question at 1-866-275-4472 and select option 1. Please leave your first name and your question. Please speak clearly as we may use your question on air in a subsequent broadcast.

    Jims Simmons is light-hearted, positive and inquisitive. He comes to the broadcast as a successful business professional and a Godly man who loves the Bible and his Lord. He has been reading the Bible through each year since 1995. In addition he leads a team of prayer intercessors who handle calls from all over the country.

    Dr. Charles Lyons leads a call center that handles over 23,000 calls for prayer each year. In addition to his role as a pastor, he is the author of two books and more than a thousand articles. An accomplished speaker, he has a passion for the Word of God and communicating the Gospel to others.

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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw! (Special Edition)

    in Sports

    Soul Tree Radio - In The Raw! Comes to you every Saturday from 2 - 4 pm EST/DST. and 9-11pm EST/DST Wednesday evenings. Join Michael - Louis Ingram (aka DJ Hunnycomb) and guests as we milk the sacred cows of sports, politics, religion, music, money and mayhem (as expressed in our "Profanities" section) until we make ice cream...

    Our format consists of the "Turntable Topics" where each host grabs the wheels of real and spins their insights on a specific topic. Additional bits and pieces of current and not-so-current information get sorted out in our ongoing "Downloads."

    At the end of the show each co - host gets their time to blow off steam on any subject in our "Riffs" section!

    The chat room will be open and the call in # is (718) 508 - 9216. Come sit under the Soul Tree with us! All are welcome; but if you get hit with an "apple" - it aint our fault!

    Our Soul Tree Family includes Gary Norris Gray "Mr. Biggz", Celestial "OG Dynamite"  Walden - Kelley, Sonic Sherial Jones, Bobbi Booker, Cowboy Reggie Howell, Patric Fharah, Professor Fred Whitted, Rhonda Harper, Travis Singleton and Eric Satterwhite...Check us out on Facebook and YouTube!


    My first book, "IMITATION AND LIFE" - is available now on Amazon.com and downloadable via Kindle!

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    Supernatural: The Crossroads - Ep. 12

    in Television

    The Crossroads is a show by fans for fans. Each week the hosts will dissect and discuss each new episode along with rumors and gossip surrounding the world of Supernatural. This week the hosts discuss episode 9.20 'Bloodlines', plus gossip surrounding the world of Supernatural, and we break down an email from a listener. 

    The email the hosts read makes for funny entertainment and they discsus whether or not they should bring a female hosts on to the show as a regular. 

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    Common Sense for the 21st century

    in Education

    Welcome to Common Sense for the 21st Century, or Common Sense 21 for short. A show driven by facts, not politics or conspiracies. Just provable facts and common sense. We will look at cuurent news articles, blogs, etc and talk about the facts behind the story. 


    USAEBN Radio is a 24hour Preparedness radio network and can be listen to at www.usaebn.org. You can always download the show, for reviewing at a later time by clicking on the microphone on our website.

    A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.

    Listen to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network – An American Readiness Program at www.usaebn.org

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    Redskins, IRS, Illegal Immigrants, Muslim Outrage, ISIS, and The Week That Was

    in Politics Conservative

    Going to try to do a quick rundown of various news items today, ranging from the Redskins contraversy to more politically correct nonsense that lead to a man being forced to take down the American flag in Texas of all places.  Also, a little bit on the IRS "disappearing emails" and ditched hard drives scandal. We've got the DHS allegedly now paying for illegal immigrants up to the age of 17 to come here and we've got Michelle Obama telling immigrants that they're just like the founding fathers who were also "not born American".  Meanwhile, a little bit on who the real leader of ISIS may be or who funds ISIS as well.  I'll get to as much as there's time for and post everything on the American Faith Today Facebook page.  Another fun week in Washington and in the country, and it starts at 4:30 Eastern time and is archived afterward.

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    Transforming Fear to FAITH

    in Self Help

    Fear can such a destabliszing emotion and one that affects us all, no matter how successful or how spiritually aware one may be.

    Without a doubt, it can grab hold and unless we are equipped with some tools to help us overcome it's grip, we can easily get stuck in its hold.

    Join me, Kerrie Wearing - Author, Soul Coach and Medium as I give you the low down on how to identify when fear is showing up in your life, and share with you some tools to use on a daily basis to eradicate and transform your fear into Faith.

    This week's show is part of launch week for my new online program, TRANSFORMING FEAR INTO FAITH so I'd honoured if you would join me for today's show to celebrate and let me be of service to you with what's on offer.

    A Soul Coach Me segment is included in today's show:

    I will be taking callers who have questions for Intuitive Soul Guidances regarding Overcoming Fear and working through situations which are being hindered by fear and doubt.

    Thank you, I look forward to connecting with you.

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    The Cry of the Mountain -

    in Religion

    Joshua 14:6-14 Then the children of Judah came unto Joshua in Gilgal: and Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite said unto him, Thou knowest the thing that the LORD said unto Moses the man of God concerning me and thee in Kadesh-barnea. [7] Forty years old was I when Moses the servant of the LORD sent me from Kadesh-barnea to espy out the land; and I brought him word again as it was in ....

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    DTong Sports Talk & Music Show - World Cup, WSOP, NBA Draft Preview, Indie Music

    in Sports

    Brought to you by:

    'Blood and Freedom' by Gordon Greenwood








    and new music from:

    Buck Z3r0 w/ 'Awakening'

    Jay Neezy w/ 'Cuff Yo Chick'

    Supa Soop w/ 'Ghetto Boi'

    Trapp Banks w/ 'Owe Them Nothing'

    T-Dot w/ 'Warm Up'

    Blu Collar Glomeration Back2Back

    DTong will be dipping into the World Cup, giving you updates, scores, and schedule. WSOP Chat. Also previewing the 2014 NBA Draft coming up on the 26th as well as a quick MLB standings update! Mixing in the best independent hip hop on this episode, this is where SPORTS AND MUSIC UNITE!

    Advertise or sponsor a show and even get guaranteed song play to thousands of listeners for just $5 at www.Fiverr.com/DTongSports