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    Food give-a-way, and the wish list for Christmas!

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    Food give-a-way, and the wish list for Christmas! 
    Lil' Suburban Homestead
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Do you have a homesteading item you would love to have? Are you having trouble deciding what that perfect gift for family or friends should be? That favorite prepping item you want is probably the same your loved ones or friends would want. Karen Lynn shares her wish list for her homesteading and prepping needs on her own lil’ suburban homestead and beyond!

    Don’t miss the give-a-way!

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    Your To-Be List

    in Business

    You might be scratching your head and asking if you read that title correctly. Yes, you did. So many times you get caught up in the every-day stuff and inside of the doing of things, that you don’t even see that you haven’t looked at who it is that you’re being or who you need to be to step up and take on the things that you’re up to.

    Don’t get me wrong, to-do lists are great and I highly recommend that you use them, but you can’t think about what you have to do until you look at and choose who you need to be to get things done. Let's talk about discovering who you need to be, and creating that list to help you get things done.

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    If I Could Have One Wish | The Morton Podcast

    in Entertainment

    Greg and Sandra talk the importance of wish-making, the philanthropists that grant wishes, and answer the question "If I could have one wish..."

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    Listen to the replay and catch up on all past episodes - http://podcast.mortondesignworks.com

    A former child actor (Scarecrow & Mrs. King), Greg Morton is an author (The Fury of the Bear, Lifting a Foot Forward), filmmaker and outdoor enthusiast whose unique perspective has challenged him to push the boundaries of what it means to live a balanced life. Together with his wife, Sandra, they tackle new topics and new headlines each episode, sharing their love, relationship and not always equal perspective in an effort to build a more positive and supportive world around us all.

    Learn more at www.MortonDesignWorks.com

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    Bucket list

    in Women

    Is there something that you have always wanted to do but just don't have the time? Or you don't know where to start?  Travel, sing, act, anything at all? We want to share with you some of our bucket list items and invite you to share yours with us!


    Join us for  As I Sip My Tea Honey  and spill some of your tea with us!

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    AWTR Show 540: Veterans List

    in Military

    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team - www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

       Guest:  Rick Yost

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    in Politics

    Ron March and Beverly D discussing the do not detain list...What is it, How do U get on it , Why get on it

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    The Best Gifts Every Artist Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights ways to sell your art on-line. On today’s show Leslie is joined by AHA December co-host Margaret Sheldon. Join Leslie and Margaret as they review a list of the best gifts every artist should have on their holiday wish list! Don't miss out on this very inspiring show!

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    LIST BUILDING FUNNEL. Marketing to build your list and expand your audience.

    in Finance

    Size Matters!  And we are talking about the size of your mail list - whether email or actual post mailing, the point is, growing your list of prospect, leads and customers is crucial to the continuity and growth of any business, mission or ministry.   List building is a key component of any marketing plan.  Building a list using online strategies is a technical nightmare for many.

    Tom Spudic is my guest expert today.  He is a marketing coach whom I personally rely on for many technology consultations. Tom is a teacher and values helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Tom is an expert at evaluating businesses, their sales process, and their systems to help them maximize their profits, get more customers, and build long-lasting relationships with them.

    Whether it is a financial necessity that you do your marketing as a DIYer, or you just want to know what to expect and how to delegate this task to hired help; knowing what it takes to build your sales funnel so that you can build and expand your list is important.  What is a sales funnel, an incentive offer, an upsell, and copy; are just some of the things the average entrepreneur will need to address. 

    Listen LIVE or listen later.  Connect with Tom for additional help

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    Heroes & Villains Episode # 3 TV Recap Show - Arrow, Flash, Black List

    in Television

    On this episode of Heroes & Villains we will be discussing the latest movie news (Star Wars), The Black List, Arrow, The Flash and all other good things on the Super Heroe World! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    Start-up Check List

    in Business

    Listen in as Marcia Hawkins and Kyle Clouse of Video Broadcast Services discuss important points in your start-up check list on the Sport of Winning.  

    Marketing and advertising presents a lot of challenges for a startup. It’s very difficult to budget your costs, when you don’t know how much revenue your business will generate within the first years. On the other hand, without online marketing, nobody will ever hear about you, so it’s wise to create an online marketing checklist as soon as possible.

    First and foremost you have to decide whether you’ll take care of the online marketing part yourself, or you’ll hire a company to handle it for you. It’s tempting to say you can do everything yourself – after all, you only have to update some social media accounts and a blog or two. However, you have to understand that this is all extremely time-consuming. Also, because professional online marketers have been doing their job well for so many years, potential customers and business partners can now tell the difference between a professional video, for example, and an amateur shot.

    Professionally designed content always attracts more interest and has better results – and therefore it’s a wise investment on the long term. Of course, this does not mean you have to throw your entire budget away on advertising. If you hire an online marketer to handle the campaigns for you, they will be able to show you a lot of shortcuts and many ways to re-use your content and your lists of potential customers, and even ways to get some advertising for free, with well-placed videos and interesting marketing materials that get shared over and over, in some quite unlikely places that you haven’t thought of before. 

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