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    The Best Gifts Every Artist Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List

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    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights ways to sell your art on-line. On today’s show Leslie is joined by AHA December co-host Margaret Sheldon. Join Leslie and Margaret as they review a list of the best gifts every artist should have on their holiday wish list! Don't miss out on this very inspiring show!

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    The Christian Christmas Wish List 2013

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    Greetings!  Join me, Doctor Dayciaa Smith, for an inspirational episode of Divine Experience on Friday, December 20, 2013 @ 5:30 pm CST.  I will give personal updates and mention P.O.I.s for the week.  I will also share the Top 10 items on Christmas Wish Lists for gift cards, children, teens, and adults.  Most importantly, I will state what should be the most valuable requests on our Christmas wish lists as Christians.  Tune in; don't miss this cheerful, uplifting show!

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    The List

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    We all want something out of life..Right !

    A lot of us create list of goals Which is Fine 

    But what about those list of types of people we preffer... Do you have a list .

    Better Yet have you found whats on your list and i dont mean your bucket list.

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    The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away

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    Sharon Babineau- Professional Speaker, Author She is a decorated Canadian Armed Forces soldier, mountain climber, hockey player and volunteer. Her proudest accomplishment is the honour of being a mom. Sharon has been recognized for the important work she has done at home and in Africa and is the recipient of many awards including — "Volunteer of the Year", 'Heroine in the Home" and "Queen Elizabeth Il Diamond Jubilee Medal" and most recently the recipient of "YWCA Women of Distinction 2013" Sharon and her daughter's story (which she will share today) has been featured in print, radio, TV and featured on CBC's show "No Opportunity Wasted." hosted by Phil Keoghan (host of the Amazing Race) and Oprah Winfrey Network Canada — Life Story Project. Sharon is the author of her daughter's amazing story —"The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away" and contributing author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul — Family Caregiver", "Chicken Soup for the Soul — Hooked on Hockey", & Best Seller "Embrace Your Authentic Self". She is a founder of Maddie 's Everlasting Wish a charity started in her daughter's memory that works to empower youth to make a difference. Sharon is an advocate and speaker for youth, she has presented to over 30,000 students inwisSHARON Canada and the USA. She also keynotes at conferences and organizations.


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    SWOOCHWish List!

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    Have you gone Christmas shopping yet? Do you have a list? Is SWOOCH part of your list?? Lol jk (not really) SWOOCH can help you with great gifting ideas! Tune in to listen! Call 619 996 1603!

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    A Christmas Visit from Santa Claus

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    Santa Claus joins us for a Christmas Visit On The Dean's List.

    Santa will take time out from the busiest day of his year to phone in and share some thoughts about the upcoming holiday, as well as offer his takes on the stories and legends surrounding Christmas. So, make your self a cup of cocoa, light up the tree and give a listen to what promises to be a wonderful episode. 

  • Flip Show #144: building your buyers list to maximize profits

    in Real Estate

    There’s a divide with real estate investors – those that believe that it’s more critical to find deals before you worry about selling them…and those that believe that you need to start with the end in mind by building a list of ravenous cash buyers, and with said buyers in mind, you can then find deals to fill your orders. Tom Krol, a newer wholesaler that’s tearing it up in Florida believes that it’s all about building your buyers list. He tells us more in this FlipNerd.com Flip Show interview…don’t miss it!

    Thanks for joining the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing podcast, where we interview the most experienced real estate investors in America. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about rental properties, rehabbing, wholesaling and assigning real estate, flipping houses, creative deals, and overall real estate investing education. We're the fastest growing real estate investing podcast in America, check out all of our incredible REI content!

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    THE COOL CRITICS Wish You A Merry Christmas!!!

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         Our CHRISTMAS SHOW TO YOU, wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  You'll hear some songs you haven't heard in quite some time, and some of your all time favorites, soul style for the holidays!

         Make sure you drive safe, celebrate safely, and if you indulge heavily, surround yourself with designated drivers.  These are some great times for everybody, we shouldn't spoil them with tragedy.  Stay safe, play safe and enjoy our CHRISTMAS GREETING to you, from ALL OF THE COOL CRITICS and the JKN.

         There is a list of the songs played here @ http://www.tolliver.com - just put "cool critics list of songs"

    Merry Christmas AND Thank you!

    Lynn Tolliver jr./Founder & General manager


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    Tuesdays with Bobbi: Dear Vecino, #ICantBreathe

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    Joint Statement from 3 of the Hit and Run Victims at a “Black Lives Matter” Demonstration at Riverside’s Festival of Lights

    “We participated in a peaceful 'black lives matter demonstration' to gather with community members to highlight the public law enforcement practices that we believe are the product of systemic and societal racial discrimination. It was a demonstration to bring that message to Riverside, as others
    have done and are doing throughout the country.

    “Some members of the public openly expressed anger at the mostly black and Latino demonstrators. Protestors were yelled at, a Latina speaker was assaulted by a passer-by, and two men actively and violently pushed and shoved a number of people. And ultimately, we, along with others were plowed into by a white male driving a BMW. These actions only underscore how our society's consciousness view people of color differently.

    “We thank the Riverside Police team for blocking off the street as the protest continued and their increased presence may have prevented further physical attacks from those in the public who disagreed."

    “The narrative that it might have been accidental, or that the driver was gently trying to get through traffic is not accurate. The vehicle in front of the driver had made a u-turn. A few of us witnessed the female passenger in the car frantically yelling at the driver to stop.

    “Finally, we ask for equal treatment and all due diligence by police no matter the race of the suspect or victims, or the reason for the public demonstration.”

    Gloria, Nikke and Bobbi

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    Email List Marketing - How to Grow Your Email List the Right Way

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    You know you need an email list, but are you growing your list in the right way? Unlike some things in life, when it comes to email list building, size doesn't matter! It's all about the quality of those people on your list. On today's show you'll discover the truth about email list size and we'll talk about the right and wrong ways to grow your email list using heart-centered and authentic methods. Learn more at: http://www.GrowingYourHolisticBusiness.com and be sure to grab your free audio, "How to Grow Your Holistic Business", my gift to you!

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