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    Comedian Shang Forbes and Lady Jaz on COMEDY CAFE on KLJN 107.7

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    COMEDY CAFE is Baaaaack!!!    

    Comedians Antwan Johnson and Lady Jaz The Entertainer bring the funny to this comedy platform provided specifically for the popular Facebook Group of 35,000 members.    


    Tonight COMEDIAN Shang Forbes has promised to join us on the first half of the show!

    KLJN 107.7

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    Gospel Artist Demetrius Forbes

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    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and her special guest Demetrius Forbes, who's a gospel singer from Puyallup,WA. He has stated, "God's given me the gift of voice, and all I want to do is praise his name. Without him I am nothing, with him I am complete." Tune in and lets experience Demetrius music together. Show starts at-7:00PM (CST) & 8:00PM (EST). Dial into the show:516-531-9244

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    Dr Nels heals dogs' back pain, plus dog training/behavior questions answered.

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    Welcome back, Dr Nels Rasmussen www.nelshealingministry.com.  Host of The Dog Show, Julie Forbes, brings two of her dogs into the booth this week for Dr Nels to "adjust".  Both have tweaked backs.  The first is her 12 year old dachshund and the second is her 8 year old australian cattle dog.  Dr. Nels practices a technique called B.E.S.T. that has worked wonders for many animals in the Greater Seattle Area.  Learn about his wonderful work on today's show.  Then, Julie talks with booth engineer and director of operations at the station, Eric, about his new rescue dog.  She'll answer any and all questions he has about the new member of his family.  Find Julie's blog and all past episodes archived at www.dogradioshow.com.


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    Two Sibling Chihuahuas "Attack" Each Other at the Sound of Certain Noises...

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    Check out the new website! www.dogradioshow.com  One of the options on the Contact page is to submit a question that you'd like host and dog training and behavior expert Julie Forbes to answer on-air.  We received a submission from a listener in Utah who's elderly mothers two chihuahuas are attacking each other.  This behavior is set of, in part, by the clicking of the brakes on the woman's walker.  On today's show, Julie talks with Jennifer, the daughter who reached out, and evaluates the dogs over the phone.  Jennifer has sent videos of the dogs acting out, so even though they are in Utah, Julie has gotten to see the behavior.  Gotta love technology!  This conversation will be jam-packed with information that will serve people who are struggling with all sorts of behavioral challenges with their dogs.  Visit Julie Forbes' dog training and behavior website at www.sensitivedog.com.

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    Raw Food Diets for Dogs, the truth about Prescription Diets and more about food!

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    The brilliant and talented Dr Donna Kelleher joins us again today to talk with host, Julie Forbes about how to successfully switch your dog on to raw or cooked food and OFF of highly processed kibble.  There are so many benefits to getting your dog off of processed foods, and a lot of times people think they HAVE to stay on kibble because of specific medical challenges.  Does your dog need to be on a prescription diet?

    www.wholepetvet.com   Switching your dog off of kibble doesn't mean you have to cook for your dog.  There are lots of great alternatives that are widely available.  www.dogradioshow.com




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    Interview with 2014 Forbes Music Inc Performance Artist Of The Year E-Reign

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    Emile Lapaix Jr. better known by the name E-reign is an underground hip hop
    recording artist from Long Island, New York. Putting in lots of work with
    his record label ESM Entertainment, Lapaix was one of the top hip hop artists
    to book in 2014; earning him the 2014 Forbes Music Inc “Performance Artist
    Of The Year” Award. He piled up over 50 performances along the way.
    E-reign's first introduction to hip hop would be from his older brothers, but the
    influential hip hop artists of the 90's is what peeked his interest. Rappers like
    LL Cool J, Tupac, and Nas have played a big part in E-reign's career choice.
    Much like those artists E-reign has graced the Source Magazine as well as the
    Top40-Charts and he is currently in radio rotation all across America.
    The decision to to become an emcee was set in his mind at a very young age.
    That decision has led him to E-reign eventually gracing the stage with such hip
    hop greats as DJ Kay Slay, Jae Millz, Jason Fox, and other familiar faces. In
    2013 E-reign and his engineer of over 5 years K Roc co-founded the record
    label ESM Entertainment, and connected with the top 40 music promotion
    company 'Major Music Promotiions NYC' with the intentions of taking Ereign
    to new heights in his music career.
    They would achieve exactly that. Since the 2014 merger of these two
    companies and the beginning of E-reign's mainstream career. He has amassed
    over 50 performances, 4 major magazine features, 2 best selling records, his
    first major award and national radio airplay across the country. E-reign is in
    rotation on WKMT Dagr8FM, Hard Body, Radio Supa, K100, ARS Atlanta
    and Dj M Breeze Radio.


    2014 Forbes Music Inc Performance Artist Of The Year
    Featured in The Source Magazine
    Latest Music Video Featured on World Star Hip Hop

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    The Danielle Forbes Show - Potluck Edition!

    in Entertainment

    Hey Fans! Join me tonight for The Danielle Forbes Show! Live tonight @ 10 pm est 9 pm cst!

    Its the Potluck Edition so anything Goes!

    Tonight @ 10 pm est! The Danielle Forbes Show!


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    Wolf Sanctuary curator talks about wolf behavior, wolf hybrids - dogs' ancestors

    in Pets

    Enjoy this informative interview with the curator of Wolf Haven International.  www.wolfhaven.org.  Today we'll be talking about wolves - their lives in the sancuary, their rehabilitation and behavior and what makes them different from dogs.  Also wolf hybrids and why they are NOT a good idea...animals torn between two worlds.


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    Reactive and Fearful Dogs - Dog Training/Behavior Lesson Conducted On -Air

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    Dog training and behavior expert and host, Julie Forbes, talks with a woman about her mini-australian shepherd about his extreme fearful behavior and how to build his confidence.  This conversation covers basic dog training, reactive/fearful behavior, and what NOT to do with a fearful dog.  Visit www.dogradioshow.com for more interviews and www.sensitivedog.com to learn about Julie Forbes' training services.

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    Focus The Producer talks 2014 Forbes Music Inc Hip Hop Awards Winners

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    About the Awards: The Forbes Music Inc. Hip Hop Awards is one that pays homage to independent artists, producers and companies.  Read More about the awards here http://www.prlog.org/12390027-2014-forbes-music-inc-hip-hop-awards-winners.html.

    About Focus The Producer:
    D'ron Forbes (born May 16, 1985), better known by his professional name
    Focus The Producer, is an American hip hop and r&b music producer,
    independent radio promoter and publicist from New York City. Born in the
    Bahamas, and raised in the USA, Forbes has produced records for some of
    America's top recording artists; including T.I., Young Buck, UGK Records,
    Swisha House, Lil' Flip, CL Kash, Ike Ellis, and Young Noble Outlaw.
    Forbes currently holds the President's seat at Forbes Music Inc, and has also
    taken top honors in the national radio promotion department, winning their
    2014 “Independent Radio Promoter Of The Year” Award. He is currently in
    charge if mainstream radio promotions for labels such as ESM Entertainment,
    Ghetto Life Ent. and Afar Music Group. His promotions have landed artists in
    The Source Magazine, Top40-Charts, Consciousness Magazine and more.

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    NYT, Forbes, Huff Post Small Biz Journalist Gene Marks Shares Positive Surveys

    in Business

    Gene Marks is an opinionated small business management columnist, author, speaker, and business owner. He writes weekly online columns for The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Philadelphia Magazine.

    We discuss his article highlighting several current surveys that share some very positive, good news for small business at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gene-marks/.

    Gene's books include In God We Trust: Everyone Else Pays Cash (CreateSpace, 2011), the #1 Amazon Small Business Best Seller The Streetwise Small Business Book of Lists (Adams Media, 2006), The Small Business Desk Reference (Alpha Books, 2004), Outfoxing The Small Business Owner - Crafty Techniques for Creating a Profitable Relationship (Adams Media, 2005) and The Complete Idiot's Guide To Successful Outsourcing (Alpha Books, 2005).

    Gene is a CPA and regular guest on national radio and TV talk shows including FOX News, FOX Business Channel, MSNBC and CNBC. He has authored dozens of articles for major media publications and is quoted frequently in the national media including the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, and USA Today.

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