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    A Spiritual Wink, Nudge and Kick in the Pants

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    We all have dreams and many wonder if they'll ever come true.  When you dream, do you look for confirmation?  Do you dismiss moments as coincidence when it could be the Divine confirmation you're looking for?  Today we'll talk about dreaming, confirmation and what to do next.  It will be a show that encourages and challenges you to make this year your best one so far and maybe help others to do the same.

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    Just listen, everybodys doing it!

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    Listen to the Power Duo of Zig Zag and Rufus of HyperSloth as they expound the their theories on pot and beer and how they relate to the cosmos. listen just once, you won't get hooked, I promise! wink''

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    Those that wink the Eye Bring Evil to Pass

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    Proverbs 16:30 Whoever winks with their eye is plotting perversity;
        whoever purses their lips is bent on evil.


    PROVERBS 6:12 A troublemaker and a villain,
        who goes about with a corrupt mouth,
    13     who winks maliciously with his eye,
        signals with his feet
        and motions with his fingers,
    14     who plots evil with deceit in his heart—


    Psalms 35:19

    Verse Concepts

    Do not let those who are wrongfully my enemies rejoice over me; Nor let those who hate me without cause wink maliciously

  • New Era Pinstripe Bowl Pregame Show

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    Game day is finally here.

    After a 7-5 season, the Boston College Eagles are in a Tier I ACC bowl game against a big time opponent. After a controversial 6-6 season, Penn State is in a bowl game but trying to shake the stigma attached to the program imposed by overbearing and possibly illegal NCAA sanctions. The two programs are both rebuilding, and they'll collide at 4 PM at The House That Steinbrenner Built.

    New York is the city that never sleeps, and we haven't slept a wink while getting ready for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Boston College and Penn State will fight for bragging rights at a stadium located right in the middle of the two campuses in one of the greatest cities in the world. Both schools have links to New York, and now it's time to get ready for game day.

    We'll do final breakdowns on the field, and we'll talk with guests and your calls about final expectations on the game. We'll give the comprehensive guide to New York City (if something like that exists), and we'll get ready, finally, for some football.

    Boston College-Penn State. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Can you believe it's here? 

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    Plumb Gratitude's Depth: Discover Its Power to Do Good & Soar your Life!

    in Spirituality

    Spiritually speaking, there are 3 core qualities inherent that make gratitude what it is. How familiar are you with these aspects? As a natural flow from our Divine Heritage as Christos... gratitude is a holy trinity in action influencing all we 'think, say, do'. 

    Further, it is freely and generously shared as well as digested because, our Spirit knows how this is our daily nourishement while sojourning in a virtual world of separation from SOURCE. 

    Gratitude is a reminder and 'wink back' to SOURCE, so to speak. It is our W-holy recognition of our inherency of Oneness and its awesome beauty to behold. It is one of Love's many facets of expression and experience.

    Let's celebrate and deepen our perceptions and persepective of gratitude as we gently move our beings into a Christmas Spirit approrpriately one of gratitude.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Don't Feel Obligated To Go Christmas Shopping Ever Again - GaptoothDiva Radio

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, I’esha GaptoothDiva discusses her frustration with this season’s addiction to stuff. In her frustration she touches on issues like consumerism, keeping up with the Kardashians (Joneses), and what she hopes to get this Christmas (wink). Join our fun conversation about holiday shopping this year that is productive and pain free.

    In this episode, we will touch on topics such as:

    Stop pushing Santa Clause Kids
    Buying gifts to give or giving out of obligation?
    Gifting within your means
    Determining if someone is deserving or just there
    Bad Kids and Christmas
    The Reason for the Season
    Keeping the Peace While Keeping Your Coins this Christmas

    Listen in as we come back with more of the off the cuff entertainment but with real and honest conversation surrounding topics related to you. Using Fashion, Music, Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle, I’esha GaptoothDiva holds no punches in an effort to inspire you to be as phenomenal as you were born to be.

    Tweet us @GaptoothDiva during the show to interact with questions and/or comments.

    Featuring new music by today’s independent artist. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    The Master's Masterpiece - YOU! With Dorothy-Inez - Friday -Nov. 21, 12 Noon PT

    in Women

    Do you know you were "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14), a one-of-kind masterpiece by the God who "has made everything beautiful in its time" (Eccl. 3:11).  Join us to discover the Masterpiece within and the beautiful person God has created you to be with our guest, Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo:

    Dorothy-Inez (pronounced as one word) is an International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Total Beauty Expert specializing in Makeup Artistry with over 15 years experience and training in the beauty industry. Some of her past clients include: April Johnson of Project Runway, Nicole Fox of America’s Next Top Model, Savannah Fashion Week, Benzo Coulture Fashions, Harley Davidson, WSAV News and Weather Team, Fox News, PBS Television, Pink Magazine, Wink Magazine, The American Cancer Society and the many women who have graced her chair.



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    Classic ASL Radio - Keith Wann and Wink talk to Sean Berdy

    in Current Events

    Keith Wann - Wink - Sean Berdy

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    Truckers Legal Rights: Injury on the Job

    in Legal

    Trucking has many challenges, including the very difficult situations of when a driver becomes injured on the job. Join us as Rod Rehm of Trucker Lawyers shares his 30 years of experience helping truckers through such times of legal issues. Mr. Rehm's law firm is one of a select few which is A-Rated recognized by Martindale-Hubbell in the field of workers' compensation and personal injury.

    Discussion will include personal treatment issues, the Surface Transportation Assistance Act Protections and your legal rights as a professional CDL truck driver. Have a situation you are currently facing and not sure of what to do? Mr. Rehm is here to take your calls and anwer any questions you may have concerning these area of laws.

    Call-in number: 347-826-9170. Come join the conversation.

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    Sham Trusts

    Characteristics of a Sham

    Trusts that are established with no true purpose and are absent of substance are considered shams. Because the IRS does not recognize sham trusts for income tax purposes, the income and expenses are instead usually assigned either to the grantor or beneficiary. Abusive trusts are notorious for promising tax benefits. Several sham trusts attempt to take advantage of the deduction allowed to a trust for the distributions to beneficiaries by designating other trusts as beneficiaries. After making distributions from trust to trust and taking the subsequent deduction, the end result is minimal taxable income. As the IRS persistently investigates sham trust allegations, common benefits offered consist of lowering or removing taxable income, allowing deductions for personal expenses paid by the trust, lessening or abolishing self-employment taxes, and reducing or eliminating gift and estate taxes (Martindale 2010).


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    Why an Attorney is Important for Your Business

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    Our guest this morning is Patrick Maloney.

    A resident of Manhattan Beach, Patrick Maloney opened his own law firm, The Maloney Firm, APC, in the South Bay in 2012, after practicing for over a decade in a downtown Los Angeles firm. 

    Patrick has successfully represented businesses in employment matters, contract disputes, disagreements among business owners, intellectual property lawsuits and suits involving allegations of anti-competitive conduct.

    He graduated with honors from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1998.

    In 2012, Patrick received an AV rating from the Martindale Hubble, reflecting that his peers recognize him as having the highest of ethical standards and legal ability.

    This morning we’ll be discussing exactly why it’s so important for businesses to have an attorney.


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