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    God loves you. Come to JESUS!

    in Religion

    God loves us so much that HE gave and HE jsut keeps on giving the more you take time to know HIM the more HE gives. GOD gave was HIS only son, so that whoever belives in HIM should not perish but have eternal life. Whether you know JESUS or just knocking at the door, GOD will reveal HIMSELF to you when you truely seek HIM. HE loves us that much. HE gives us  persoanl revelation of who the king of KINGS and LORD of LORDs is, his nature, his charater, his like and dislikes.  When you give this holy KING the gift of yoruself and yourtime HE will lavish so many gifts on you.  The kingdom of GOD is truely amazing.  You will see, hear, and experince for yourself the amsomeness of GOD. You will not learn this by flesh and blood ( not from a person) but by the Father who is in heaven. Receive a deeper depth of the holy spirit as JESUS speaks to you and reveals hidden truths of the kingdom of GOD in your life, up on the earth. Get connected to JESUS today and come alive.

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    Jesus Strong! Do You Believe In God or Believe God?

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham as he continues his Message Series on, "Believe" This week Brother Brian is going to deliver another faith filled message on Do We Believe In God Or Believe God. This is going to be a message where it's realy going to shake up our faith to another level. Join Brother Brian as he deliver's another powerful message straight from the Word of God tha will make us ask ourselves, Do We Believe In God Or Believe God. This is a message EVERYBODY needs to hear!

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    Jesus Is LORD, We Can Do What He Does and Greater Things!

    in Christianity

    One of my favorite scriptures in the word is John 14;12-14 I love the word of God! Jesus is so epic and His grace truly is all I need. I am thirsty for more of Him and will pay any cost to have more. I am not giving Him anything less than my best and so with that said I love Jesus more than words can even say and my actions show it. I am not saying I am perfect and in fact I have so much to learn however I have been blessed to receive the proof of the reality of that very truth that I can do what he does and even greater and I am so excited to explore scripture and the ways we can apply it to our lives and grow even stronger in our relationships with Him so we will dig in to John 14 tonight and this being our day 1 of 40 days of deep purpose in the LORD Jesus!

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    "Jesus Christ IS God...and He has NO EQUALS!"

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    TITLE: "The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...PT. 5"


    Part of being a Bible Teacher is having THE ANOINTING to relay DEEP messages of The Most High God,unto a people that DO love,know and Hear Him,and ALSO to a people that DON'T.The whole world CLAIMS to LOVE God and FOLLOW God,and there are even BABY Christians that CLAIM to SERVE Him and even those that have INTRUDED INTO Ministry Offices that CLAIM tht GOD PLACED them there,even with NO BIBLICAL PROOF OF their Office...it could be something THEIR DENOMINATION made up,and they'd STILL say that GOD...placed them IN that Office.ONE of the reason that FOLK have the GALL to MOCK God and to LIE ON Him is because they DON'T FEAR Him.They don't DREAD Him...they DON'T find HIM WORTHY of Worship. ONLY THOSE that FOLLOW God,that FEAR God and those that HONOR God...and those that REJOICE BECAUSE OF HIS NAME...find Him WORTHY...of WORSHIP.When YOU KNOW Jesus Christ,and WHO WAS IN Him,then you'd KNOW that He has NO EQUALS! OR RIVALS! There will be MANY that set themself UP AGAINST Him,but,they have NO CHANCE..."but why?",you may ask...let's find out...by delving into:
                               "The Doctrine of The Holy Ghost...pt.5".

        Get your Bibles and let's examine this point of Truth...in Jesus' Name,Amen.


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    THE GOD MAN.......................?

    in Hip Hop Music

    Many are baffled just by the mention of "The GOD Man". Why? Simply because many still dont understand. It is not fully understood that GOD's unfailing love promises us an inheritance to "HIS Kingdom". Many are still uncertain where the "Kingdom" really is. Therefore, we can't grasp the reality of the existance of "The GOD Man". Interested in what I mean? Come kick it with me in "The Kingdom". I got it for you if you need some.

    KING G


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    "Who Is Jesus?"

    in The Bible

    Jesus is the most controversial person that ever lived, and just the mention of His name sparks interest with skeptisism for some, and for the serious follower, a passion to KNOW HIM more. 

    We will look at several points of interests describing who this longtime historical figure is.  From a biblical perspective, He clearly was the long awaited Messiah, and He was God in the flesh. Jesus was "The Word,"  He was "The Word made flesh," He was "The Lamb of God," He was "Full of Grace," "Teacher w/authority," "Healer," and "Miracle Worker."

    We also have "eye witness" accounts of His Resurrection, credible people who saw and walked with Jesus after His crucifiction. For believers today, these highlights are the very foundation of why we believe, have committed our lives to Christ, and have never turned back.

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    who wrote the bible was it man or GOD?/

    in Spirituality

    discuss who wrote the Bibl

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    Jesus Strong! You Got To Believe That God Can Work In Your Circumstances!

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham as he begins a new teaching series on "Believe" This week Brother Brian is going to speak on Believing That God Can Work In Your Circumstances!" God can move the mountains that are in your life and he can be your peace in the calm of the storm. Join Brother Brian as he brings forth another dynamic message straight forth from the Word Of God! ONE WORD FROM GOD CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! IT CAN SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE!

  • For God So Loved The World (Gk. Cosmos) That He Gave Jesus

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore God's gift of Jesus to the world.  God's gift of Jesus is the essense of real Liberation Theology.  God's gift was not political, and nor was it racial.  Jesus cannot be other than who he is-the Son of God.  There have been many attempts to make Jesus into a liberal socio-political revolutionary or a victim of psychosis. He is the Theanthropos.  He is God's answer to the human condition.  He is the God-Man who fits no category.  

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    Prayer, Study and KNOWING God...Really Knowing Him!

    in Christianity

    We are all searching for ways to undertsnad what God is? Is he real? What is He like..REALLY? and all the questions about how does He think? How does it play out in your life? When you pray does He hear us? And when we dont feel like prayer is being answered or it seems things get worse what does all that really mean? How does a man or woman today in search for meaning really make that love connection where it all becomes so clear and pow relationship begins, then the process of realizing what relationship with Jesus looks like, feels like and responds like and the unlimited resources and power that comes available to all who are willing to live by faith. 

    Call 347-996-5674 or listen from the web but listen because you are going to get rocked tonight by Jesus in th best possible way! A word from the HOLY God and teaching from His faithful son Jesus. 

    So join us tonight you will be glad you did!

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    Jesus proved he is the Son of God lion tribe of Judah

    in Christianity

    Jesus Christ the Son of God..Lion Tribe of Judah, from the 12 tribes of Israel...Jacobs offspring..x Hebrew Slaves decendants..blood line...King and High Priest

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