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    Where Do I find Him/Her? "Singleness" with Dr. Barbara

    in Religion

    Many marital relationships are in trouble. Since we live in a broken world where sin has become the order of the day, every couple should safe-guard the marriage to keep it strong and healthy.
    Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l with Dr. Barbara Stuart www.frministry.org
    who holds Weekly  Seminars on BTR on various topics pertaining to  Marriage, Family, Relationships, and Singleness. The aim is to help individuals cope with painful situations.

    Blog Talk Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/DrBTMC
    Irieatl – www.livestream.com/irieatl
    Tuesdays & Fridays @ 09:00 am
    Go to the website for Archives and more information:
    Faith Restoration Ministries Int’l www.frministry.org

     Contact 678 964 4096

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    Where The Beat Lives

    in Music

    Where The Beat Lives Radio


    "First Run, 15 min"

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    10 for 10 Network 4/25

    in Sports

    10 for 10

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    10 for 10 5/2

    in Sports

    Join the crew as we cover all you biggest sports stories from this past week

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    I am cherished. #10

    in Spirituality

    The place to know that you are worthy and loved...just the way you are. Open to teens and men and women of all ages.

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    10 for 10 Network 4/18

    in Sports

    Join Johnny Showtime, Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, & Chuck the Deacon as we give you another one hour show jammed packed with all the latest stories in the sports world. Chuck is headin our NBA discussion with all the biggest stories as the regular season winds down, As always, we give you our SHOWTIME MOMENTS, followed by Nascar with Whiteboy Stew. We don't talk golf much, but spring is here so we have to give our views on the results of The Masters. Last segement is your weekly views of the world of the MLB.


    So dont miss out Saturday @ 10



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    What is Intimacy? Where Do We Find Passion?...

    in Relationships


    You want REAL TALK? Then let's talk about some REAL STUFF. 


    How would YOU define intimacy?
    How do you know if you're really experiencing it or is it figment of your imagination?
    What happens when my partner doesn't see it the same way as me?
    How do I keep from loosing my cool on this subject?
    Can two people experience true intimacy without ever having sex?


    If you were to define passion what one word would you use?
    How do we find passion?...
    What happens when it's gone?
    Or, what if it were truly never there?
    Do you think passion comes and goes?
    If so, why and how to we bring it back?


    What does commitment mean to you?
    Why should I commit?
    Why won't men commit?
    Why are more women becoming like men in this area?
    Who are you really committing to yourself, other or God?
    How do you ensure that your commitments are spiritually sound and not carnally driven? 

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    10 for 10 4/11

    in Sports

    No Johnny this week so our boy Razor Ramon is gonna hold down the hosting duties this Saturday! As always he will be joined by Whiteboy Stew & Chuck The Deacon as co-host!! We are coming at you with our review of the Final Four and its conclusion..  We are coming at you with our everyweek segment "SHOWTIME MOMENT"!  We are coming down to the wire in the NHL & NBA seasons with MVP and conference races, so we will get you caught up on everything you need to know! Unlike those sports, MLB is finally underway with opening day this past sunday. We will catch you up on everything MLB & let you know who we feel good about this season. 




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    The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show hosted by Chyna airs Tonight @ 9pm

    in Motivation

    The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show hosted by Chyna airs Tonight @ 9pm. Call in Tonight & Spit Your Poetry Live!! Calling All Poets, Spoken Word Artists & Metaphorically In-Tuned Visionaries!! Share Your Gifts Tonight!! You Can Listen By Calling 6467168785 or www.tmicradio.com

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    Activating your #peace part 1 where do we find a solution the problem in #onebaltimore

    in Books

    #activating #money #April #onebaltimore

    Last day talking about Activating we need to talk about peace plus strategies for a change 

    we say we can't find jobs 

    We have to find some peace from what the news is saying . . 

    The news is great but things are getting rough by the minute and its critical to understand where we are today to where are we going from here?

    Money is great but you can't steal from people every day and say i needed money something is wrong  because we are still searching in the wrong areas of our life today so what category do you fit

    what do you think about Baltimore and what is going on today? 

    #money #activate #networkmarketing 

    www.facebook.com/jaimesjournal or jaimesjournal@gmail.com 

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    Introdution to the show: What Should I do? todays topic: Where Am I?

    in Christianity

    By sharing foudational truths from the word of God coupled with common sense this broadcast will explore and open subjects that are not popular or rarely talked about regarding the daily occurances of life. These are topics that cause embrassment and fear of rejection and therefore hidden from discussion. What should you do? provides revelation and foudational truths out of the word of God that will equipp and perfect(mature) the believer and non believer. This broadcast will be the place for people to share their perspectives and feelings while receiving healing and encouragement to keep striving for their place in the will of God.