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    When They Knew God; The sinfulness of Mankind Part 3

    in Religion

    Romans chapter one gives us the “progression” of people who have decided to travel the highway of destruction (to ultimate misery and judgment) in hell. Surely, God doesn’t want anyone to perish. The Bible declares that we are responsible for ourselves—we must decide our own fate! Why would a person reject God? Why would any man or woman despise their Creator?  It all begins in Romans one with the easily overlooked little phrase, “...WHEN THEY KNEW GOD...” (Romans 1:21). Every man and woman at some point in life “knew God.” The Greek word for “knew” here means “to be aware of” or “to perceive.” Thus, we have all perceived God’s presence at some point in our life. Everyone has had the chance to do what’s right and seek after God. 

    King Josiah in the Old Testament grew up in the worst of sinful conditions with ungodly parents and yet he served the Lord and did what was right. Anyone can do right! ... “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to ALL men” (Titus 2:11). God’s “grace” is sufficient for ALL our needs. God is fair! “For the INVISIBLE THINGS of Him from the creation of the world are CLEARLY SEEN...” (Romans 1:20). Wow! The Scriptures teach that we can indeed see invisible things! How? “...being understood BY THE THINGS THAT ARE MADE...” (Romans 1:20). We read in Psalm 19:1-3 that “The heavens declare the glory (goodness) of God; and the firmament SHOWETH His handiwork. Day unto day UTTERETH speech, and night unto night SHOWETH knowledge. 

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    The What If Show featuring Heather Nichols | Ask and You Shall Receive

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    Ask and You Shall Receive

    What if you were not actually creating your life by yourself? 

    Do you ever feel like everything is on your shoulders, or that if something slips through the cracks, your whole world might crumble? 

    What if the universe actually has your back and you have far more support available to you than you can imagine? 

    Are you willing to receive the ease with creating your life that is truly available to you? 

    What if every question you ask, every curiosity you have, enlists the universe to contribute to you—and it is only up to you to ask, and receive?

  • The What If Show featuring Patty Alfonso | The Essence of You

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    The Essence of You

    What if…you, truly being you, is the gift you’ve been looking for?

    What if…inviting your body on your journey towards consciousness could actually contribute to you? 

    When you truly perceive, know, be, and receive all of you, nothing can stop you.  And this includes your beautiful body!  Your body’s awareness can expand your life and living.  How many of us exclude our bodies?  I know I did for re ally long time!  Once I included my body in everything I was choosing and createing, everything changed.


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    The What If Show featuring Anna Ullenius | Beyond Leadership with Horses

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    Beyond Leadership with Horses

    Horses have no agenda with us they simply reflect our inner strength, heart and the limitations we put on ourselves and our incongruences. They invites us to lead our lives and with presence, consciousness and power as they naturally embody. The minute our bodies get close to them they are asking who is leading?  The question they ask, is are you leading your life or is it leading you?  In so doing they help us to embody the leadership from within and that it starts with the self we choose to be! Are you creating your life? Are you creating the relationships with you and other that you truly desire? By becoming aware of who we project on the outer world and our inner world we increase our capacity to know, perceive, be and receive. Horses invites us to increase and open doors to our capacity to read energy and to be more aware. They invite us to power, vulnerability, intimacy, authenticity and they never ever judge you - total allowance! In this class I will invite you to this warmly welcome to explore you with in this topics.

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    #MisoginoirMonday - Misoginoir Exposed, Episode 1 - Does She Know What You Did?

    in Entertainment

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    Hey gang. 

    So we're changing #MoralMonday to #MisoginoirMonday and we'll be tackling intraracial sexism that black men use against black women. 

    In this episode we'll be looking at how some of these men will share around pictures of these women without their consent or knowledge, making them famous in some circles simplying slut shaming speculation by gawking, gazing straingers. 

    What's trending tonight. 

    Coca-Cola: British Woman Says She Lost 112 Pounds by Giving Up Soda

    Dianna Duran: New Mexico State Secretary Charged With 64 Counts Including Fraud, Official Says

    Wahlburgers: Burger Chain Run by Wahlberg Family Coming to Farmingdale, NY, Report Says

    Steve Backshall: BBC Presenter Interrupts Live Interview After Spotting a Blue Whale

    Same-Sex Marriage: US Supreme Court Rules Against Kentucky Clerk Who Refused to Serve Gay Couples

    Xbox One Elite: New Model Will Feature 1-Terabyte Hard Drive and Customizable Controller

    Kirk Cousins: Washington Redskins Name Player Starting Quarterback for 2015 Season

    Edgewater High School: Florida Teacher Files Lawsuit Claiming She Was Fired for Dating Black Man

    Longmire: Trailer Released for Season 4 Netflix Premiere of Drama Series

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  • The What If Show featuring Dr Tom | Generative Energetic Dentistry

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    Generative Energetic Dentistry

    Nothing gets our attention as easily as pain. Our mouth is rich with nerve endings which makes it a great location to get our attention! Now that your mouth has your attention – what is it really telling you what are you really looking to heal? What is beyond just your tooth and your mouth? Could this be a doorway into actually creating a different reality for you and for the world?

    Happy Mouth is about exploring the possibilities of healing now that we’ve woken up to the awareness that our mouth is shouting at us.

    Dr. Tom’s Generative Energetic Dentistry walks you through many of the infinite possibilities of being conscious with your dental health. What would it be like to consciously regrow missing teeth, gum tissue, and bone structures? What about regenerating your TMJ structures? Is it possible to have plaque and calculus NOT buildup on your teeth?

    Modern dentistry says these things are impossible—is that the truth or is it a big fat lie? Want to hear more and start generating? Don’t miss this interview…you and your mouth will be glad you listened in!

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    The What If Show featuring Tanja Barth|What If A Joy-Filled Is Actually Possible

    in Self Help

    What If A Joy-Filled, Easy Life Is Actually Possible?

    Would you really choose it? Tanja Barth is in the corporate arena now for over 20 years, working as an Auditor, Transactions Service Manager and Management Consultant. She is also a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and she has used the Access Consciousness tools over the last 4 years to turn her life around in all areas including business.

    In this show Charlinda talks with Tanja about the changes she has experienced applying the Access Tools and she provides her valuable insights and inspirations


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    Simply IB: What Happens when She Steps In On A Bank Robbery?

    in Entertainment

    It's the third episode of of #SimplyIB. The newest and most anticipated show on the I Am Me Network. Theatrical radio,at its best, #Ib has taken you to Baton Rouge, even back in time to the Civil Righs Movement. Now she's taking to you theNeighbrhod Awards in Atlanta Georgia, or at least she will attempt to. It's always an adventure dealing with Inspirational Beauty. I just hope that her trusty sidekick AMADEUS  is there in case something goes down. That's right, they may interrupt a BANK ROBBERY. So join us as Ramone(narrator) guides us through her world. It's never dull. When you're dealg with#Simplyib. Tune in Wednesday, 8/8 at 8pm eastern . Call 845-241-9898 or listen at blogtakradio.com/Iammeradio exclusive on #Iammmeradio also stick around to speaks o this weeks cast after the show

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    The What If Show featuring Hanne Stigaard | Horses and Horse Whispering

    in Self Help

    Until 12 years ago I was working as an account manager in an IT company, then my daughter Pernille became seriously ill with MS. 

    Horse riding helped her tremendously and the make a wish foundation gave her a horse. I bought a horse for myself so that could choose between running beside her or ride with her. 

    Pernilles horse would do exactly as she wanted him to and I was struggling to keep up and I asked her "How are you doing that?" she answered "I just talk to him" and it became so clear that that was exactly what was going on.

    Then one day I was sitting waiting while Pernille was having a treatment at a therapist and my eyes fell on a book called "Talk to the animals" by Gary Douglas. I grabbed it and started reading. I found out that Gary was 70 years old and had been working with horses as a horsewhiper his whole life. He had just declared that he was not going to do more classes but that he wanted to pass on his knowledge to 10 people. You had to do all the Access Consciousness core classes and I went home and signed up for all the classes for Pernille and me, knowing that this was exactly what we were going to do. We got 2 of the 10 spots and went to Texas to Gary Douglas.

    Since then I have been working with horses in different ways. I am doing CHCR horse classes in Denmark and around the world.  

    Can you and I talk to horses - or is that only for Robert Redford?

    We can all talk to horses - as well as to everything else


    Why should we want to talk to a horse - what can we learn from them?

    Maybe some examples of what we have changed with horses. Behavioral as well as physical challenges