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    Open Book: The Sabbath Poems of Wendell Berry

    in Spirituality

    If you have ever experienced a moment of spiritual awakening in the presence of nature, this show is for you! Writer Wendell Berry has compiled a book of poetry inspired by his walks on his Kentucky property on Sundays, his way of giving praise to God and contemplating the human condition. Join Lori and Alice as they discuss nature's cycle of hope, contemplate the nature of evil, and look at what might lie ahead in Heaven — remembrance or forgetfulness? Wendell Berry's poetry is guaranteed to bring you comfort and make you think!

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    RidiculousUpside.com Podcast #18: Wendell Maxey & Jordan Griffith Call In

    in Basketball

    On the latest episode of the RidiculousUpside.com Podcast, the hosts will welcome Wendell Maxey and Jordan Griffith to the show.

    Basketball writer turned international basketball executive/scout Maxey discusses the pros and cons to playing overseas, and how he and the rest of the Scorers 1st team ensures their clients are best prepared for such situations. The Director of PR for the agency also discusses his own individual journey and respective transition overseas as well.

    Also calling in will be Griffith, the new color commentary man for the Westchester Knicks. He'll discuss the minor league team's inaugural campaign, some early season standouts, and his own respective role. 

    As always, Keith Schlosser and Dakota Schmidt will be discussing the latest happenings of the NBA D-League season and taking calls, too. 

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    Talking Big 12 Bowl Games with Wendell Barnhouse.

    in Sports

    Tonight on the program we talk with the Big12Sports.com’s Wendell Barnhouse. Wendell will come on the program and preview all of the Big 12 bowl games. We will also recap the #NorthernIllinois/ #Marshall game as well as updates on the #Navy/ #SDSU game. Top headlines and more as we are LIVE!

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    Vusay's CEO Wendell Brown

    in Technology

    Today, I will interview the founder of Vusay Wendell Brown. He will discuss the new social media platform.

    Vusay makes videos more interactive. You can add comments highlighting specific moments of videos, then seamlessly share them on Facebook &Twitter.

    Company Overview

    Vusay (view-say), founded in 2013, is an innovative social platform that makes videos more interactive for consumers and enterprise customers. With Vusay, viewers add comments that highlight specific moments of Internet videos, then seamlessly share them via Facebook and Twitter. Vusay Media Corp. is a privately held company with offices in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Toronto and Berlin. To share in the experience, visit Vusay.com. Don't just watch your favorite video, Vusay it!

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    Sarah Wendell, Co-Founder of Smart Bitches Trashy Books

    in Books

    Sarah Wendell is author of the book Everything I Know About Love, I Learned from Romance Novels, co-author of the book, Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels, and co-founder of Smart Bitches Trashy Books.com, one of the most popular blogs examining romance fiction. The site specializes in reviewing romance novels, pondering the history and future of the genre in digital form and in print, and bemoaning the enormous prevalence of bodacious pectorals adorning male cover models. 

    In her quest to celebrate the romance genre and the women who read and write it, Sarah has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Gayle King Show on The Oprah Winfrey Network, the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s Steven and Chris Show, NPR’s All Things Considered and on Too Many Books. She has been quoted in People Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The New York Post, USA Today, New Jersey Monthly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times Book Blog, Redbook, Metro:New York, and Publishers Weekly. 

    Sarah can most often be found on Twitter as @SmartBitches, at SmartBitchesTrashyBooks.com, or on her sofa, reading a book.

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    Romance is on the air interviews book blogger, Sarah Wendell

    in Books

    By day Sarah Wendell is mild mannered and heavily caffeinated.  By evening she dons her cranky costume, consumes yet more caffeine, and becomes Smart Bitch Sarah of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. The site specializes in reviewing romance novels, examining the history and future of the genre, and bemoaning the enormous prevalence of bodacious pectorals adorning male cover models.

    She writes!

    Sarah is the author of the book,Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels, published in 2011 from Sourcebooks. Featuring wisdom from romance readers and bestselling authors, “Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels,” or “EIKAL,” for short, puts to rest the sad idea that romances create unrealistic expectations of love, relationships, and sex.

    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by Authors On The Air Global Radio Network, LLC

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    End Times & Redemption with Josh Wendell

    in Politics Conservative

    Josh Wendell joins me tonight to discuss his upcoming book and Kickstarter Project, "Redemption: Oath and Honor." Josh is a marine who served our nation from 1992-1998. He is now using a pen to further that service. "Oath and Honor" is the first of three fictional novels in a series entitled "Redemption" that depicts the horrific events leading to the appearance of antichrist upon the earth. Unique interpretations of Scripture and other prophecies are used to make a highly compelling argument that America was predicted to exist in Revelation, was founded on a Covenant with God to in essence become New Jerusalem, and that now the Covenant has been broken, making America the New Babylon. We'll discuss coming events, current events through a prophetic scope and many other topics with a bit of conspiracy thrown in!
    Josh could use our help to get this book off the ground. Please consider throwing a few bucks this way: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1480420476/redemption-oath-and-honor

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    Show Talk With Angela Butler

    in Entertainment

    The guests are Author Kevin Thornbourne. Author of "The live and times of Kevin Wendell Thronbourne, "Harlem's Son. This gifted writer has met Vice President Gore's wife "Tipper Gore and also lived durin the World Trade Center Bombings within New York. He also writes vividly about the Race riots and racism in NewYork State. He also talks about life with a mentally ill parent. The history of the Black Power Movement within NewYork State. And of course Harlem the mecca of black life, all this from the perspective of Author Kevin W. Thorbourne. Tune in and hear him on "Show Talk with Angela Butler. And relearn about history in the North.

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    Talking Sports

    in Sports

    Today's Guest-- Chucky Atkins discuss NBA and college ball.

    Preview the Daytona 500.

    New segment African-American Pioneers in Sports-- today it Wendell Scott first African-American driver in NASCAR.

    Lively debate/discussion of headliines in sports with Wil, Mike, Zack and Antoine.

    Listen to the live stream 6pm Eastern @www.thewilwalkershow.com or download the podcast @Tunein @Stitcher @blogtalkradio.com/wilwalker

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    Making A Difference for Blacks in Triathlons

    in News

    Tune in to IABT Radio Show for Triathletes on Monday, March 16, 2015 from 7-8 pm EST when IABT Executive Board Members, DrTekemia Dorsey and Keisha Kcr Ragoobir with one of our show host, Wendell Chuck Williams talk about the topic of "Making A Difference for Blacks in Triathlons"

    They discuss the organization's mission, vision, and what to expect for the remainder of 2015. Our guests will discuss the history of triathlons, the percenta...ge of involvement with African Americans, and the issues faced triathletes in the sport and being an African American triathletes, and much, much, more.

    You don't want to miss out on this ground breaking episode which will set the tone and foundation for the purpose of IABT's Radio and the difference this radio will make for people now and generations to come.

    Learn more about IABT at www.theiabt.org

    To become a guest, advertise, or sponsor the show, email iabtriathletes@gmail.com. 

    Be sure to follow IABT Blog Station to be sure to listen to archive shows.....


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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Wendell Wilkie  Republican Candidate for President 1940--aka "The Barefoot Boy from Wall Street"

    Rare audio historical extract--Wilkie Presidential fight song

    2. Wilkie accepts the Republican Presidential Nomination.

    Wilkie died in 1944---How would history be changed?

    ON THE WEST COAST WATERFRONT--9 Month Strike--Although this union has been contaminated by longtime corruption, this time 2015, they appear to have a valid safety workplace issue dispute with the Pacific Maritime Association.   What would Harry Bridges have done in this type of strike?

    What US Navy Intelligence did to prevent strikes on both coasts during WW2-

    How the Government reneged on the promise it made to Lucy Luciano--the Mafia Chieftan

    2-18--Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)



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