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    David Meltzer, Tony Collins, Wendell Davis, Todd Steussie, John Bock, Erin Kalin

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    This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: LSU Hall of Famer & former Bears WR Wendell Davis, former Vikings Pro Bowl Tackle Todd Steussie, former Dolphins & Jets Offensive Lineman John Bock, and singer/songer writer Erin Kalin. Sports 1 Marketing CEO David Meltzer joins us in his weekly 12th Man Segment and this week his guest is former Titans, Panthers & Steelers Super Bowl Champion Center Justin Hartwig plus former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins will join us for our 5 Star Picks of the Week.

    Join Chris Mascaro and Bob Lazzari every Thursday night from 8:00-10:00 PM EST as they talk with current and former players and coaches from around the NFL & CFL on "Thursday Night Tailgate." Chris and Bob talk football with the greats of the game year round so set a reminder, you don't want to miss an episode. Plus, check out the TNT web site: www.thursdaynighttailgate.com to keep track of upcoming guests, stream or download any of our archived episodes, plus see what players are saying about the show.

    “I want to congratulate you on your outstanding show. I’m extraordinarily impressed. I’ve been on a lot of shows over the years in various cities but this one is exceptional."  Andy Russell, Former Pittsburgh Steelers LB

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    Interview with Wendell

    in News

    interview with Wendell

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    Open Book: The Sabbath Poems of Wendell Berry

    in Spirituality

    If you have ever experienced a moment of spiritual awakening in the presence of nature, this show is for you! Writer Wendell Berry has compiled a book of poetry inspired by his walks on his Kentucky property on Sundays, his way of giving praise to God and contemplating the human condition. Join Lori and Alice as they discuss nature's cycle of hope, contemplate the nature of evil, and look at what might lie ahead in Heaven — remembrance or forgetfulness? Wendell Berry's poetry is guaranteed to bring you comfort and make you think!

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    Blue Magic is an American R&B/soul music group, and one of the most popular Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. Founded in 1972, the group's original members included lead singer Ted Mills with Vernon Sawyer, Wendell Sawyer, Keith Beaton, and Richard Pratt. Their most notable songs included smooth soul ballads such as "Sideshow", "Spell", "What’s Come Over Me", "Three Ring Circus" and "Stop to Start." Blue Magic was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1972 when former member of The Delfonics Randy Cain brought in singer-songwriter Ted Mills to do some writing with the Philly-based WMOT production company to create a new band. A short time later the group Shades of Love, featuring Keith Beaton, Richard Pratt, Vernon Sawyer and his brother Wendell, came in to audition. (According to Marc Taylor in his book 'A Touch of Classic Soul of the Early 1970s',[1] "although the group performed admirably, they lacked a standout lead singer".) The execs decided to replace the Toppicks, the act Mills recorded with. They inserted Shades of Love (which they owned contractually) with Ted Mills and retitled the group Blue Magic. They were signed with Atco Records through WMOT in the same year.

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    JUSTICE OR ELSE 2/12 & 13 Dr. Mayyada, Wendell & Deborah Muhammad ~ Host Elkordy

    in Politics

    Guests today on "In The Know with Sallie Elkordy" are Jermaine Muhammad, Deborah Johnson and their Friends.  TWO events in Atlanta (2/12 & 2/13).  Here is the EVENT link for Saturday, February 13, 2016 Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta, GA:  https://www.facebook.com/events/961094123979270/ ~ scroll down to "Comment" area for event on February 12th in Atlanta, GA.

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC is holding an event in NYC (Atlanta North) in SOLIDARITY with Muhammad & Johnson on the latter date, 2/13/16 and here is the link for that:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1005337979529255/

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    RidiculousUpside.com Podcast #18: Wendell Maxey & Jordan Griffith Call In

    in Basketball

    On the latest episode of the RidiculousUpside.com Podcast, the hosts will welcome Wendell Maxey and Jordan Griffith to the show.

    Basketball writer turned international basketball executive/scout Maxey discusses the pros and cons to playing overseas, and how he and the rest of the Scorers 1st team ensures their clients are best prepared for such situations. The Director of PR for the agency also discusses his own individual journey and respective transition overseas as well.

    Also calling in will be Griffith, the new color commentary man for the Westchester Knicks. He'll discuss the minor league team's inaugural campaign, some early season standouts, and his own respective role. 

    As always, Keith Schlosser and Dakota Schmidt will be discussing the latest happenings of the NBA D-League season and taking calls, too. 

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    SCOTUS On Immigration, Why Vote For Trump, 7 Laws of Love, Plus Movies News

    in Politics

    Kevin Sali-US Supreme Court Hands Down 2 Decisions on Immigration.  Sali a criminal defense attorney who's well-versed on a wide range of topics from local cases to the Supreme Court.  

    Ian Tuttle-Why I’d Vote for Trump If He Were the GOP Nominee.  Tuttle, National Review’s William F. Buckley Jr. Fellow in Political Journalism explains.

    Dave Willis-The Seven Laws of Love as explained by Willis, a pastor and writer who has become one of America's most trusted voices on issues related to marriage, faith and family.

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big box office & coming attractions.

    Herb London-On issues including guns, immigration reform and Middle Eastern refugees, Obama faces a deeply divided American public. Dr. London is a noted social critic explains.

    Wendell Hall-Parents: It’s Time for High School Students to Sign-Up for Classes for the Next School Year, With so Many Choices What Makes AP Courses so Valuable?

    Patrick Dunleavy-The Fertile Soil of Jihad - Terrorism’s Prison Connection. Dunleavy is the former Deputy Inspector General for the DOCS Criminal Intelligence Division.

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    Live Interview With Charmaine N. Ingram, Founder of TGMFF

    in Christianity

    She was raised in North Philadelphia (Wendell Street 6th & Allegheny) with her mother, father, & my 2 brothers until her mother moved us up to Magnolia and Haines street (Germantown area). She went to private school Triumph Baptist Church from kindergarten to 7th. Her home church was Second Mennonite located on the 2100 block of Indiana Street. So between Second Mennonite & her private school, she had to learn the meaning of God’s Love, accepting individuals for who they are because no one is ‘Perfect’.

    She's now back down North Philadelphia again, it looks and feels different to her now, her peers have different rules than her house and she's still in the mindset of wanting to help others and worrying whether or not she will be accepted due to her thinking differently. Which put her in a spot light of her peers; thinking it’s ok to try her; because she really didn't want any trouble. She became the target of her peers teasing her, call her out. She became angry at her mom, she's thinking to herself why do we seem so different from others, why do my peers think I'm a sell out? I'm only a teenager; how could I be a sell out? My mother tried to explain to me that everyone raises their children differently. Of course she was not trying to hear that, all she knew was her life is a mess no one likes her, she didn't have friends and why did she want to keep helping others when no one is helping her?

    Join us Hezekiah L. Montgomery & Nichelle Johnson hosts of The Man In The Mirror as we welcome Charmain Ingram to our platform as she gives her testimony and about The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation.

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    Youth Football Team Heads For National Championship Despite Budget Cuts

    in Women

    Are African American children purposely being denied basic access to sports competitions so that they can't develop the skills to win? It would seem that way. When funding was cut from the program that supported 20 elementary school football teams, that took away the chance for young players to get valuable experience they could take with them into high school athletics. Coach Ernest Radcliff, head of 50 Coaches and Leaders, discusses why he kept his elementary football program going despite budget cuts, and how he developed the Wolfpack, 7th and 8th graders, from Chicago's South Side, into a winning team that is now headed for the National Championship tournaments in Dallas, Texas. How do we overcome the deliberate attempts to suppress the athletic talents of our children? How do we overcome racial discrimination in sports programs and keep winning ANYWAY?


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    Romance is on the air interviews book blogger, Sarah Wendell

    in Books

    By day Sarah Wendell is mild mannered and heavily caffeinated.  By evening she dons her cranky costume, consumes yet more caffeine, and becomes Smart Bitch Sarah of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. The site specializes in reviewing romance novels, examining the history and future of the genre, and bemoaning the enormous prevalence of bodacious pectorals adorning male cover models.

    She writes!

    Sarah is the author of the book,Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels, published in 2011 from Sourcebooks. Featuring wisdom from romance readers and bestselling authors, “Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels,” or “EIKAL,” for short, puts to rest the sad idea that romances create unrealistic expectations of love, relationships, and sex.

    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by Authors On The Air Global Radio Network, LLC

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