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    welcome to the pit of Despair W/Chazz Kelley

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    come and listen to the the pit of depair tomorow night  well will have a special guest Chazz Kelly

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    Welcome To The First Bands R us show

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    Welcome to S.L.A.M

    in Health

    This is welcome episode to the show. Also just a break down of the purpose of the show. 

    I hope you all enjoy and come back for more tips, and encouragement!

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    Good morning, and welcome to the show!!! Today on Hammer 96.7, Brian and I will be talking about the latest trending news, what's going on with your favorite celebrity, music news; we will also talk about the big game...what was your favorite super bowl commercial? Did you like the halftime show? We'll also check in on what's happening on the road to the white house. I am also going to count down the top 10 movies from this past weekend.

    We are going to be telling you what is going on with THE NEW MVP On Demand; we have made our site better---to move artists forward. That includes our own awards show---the IAA's, or the International Arty Awards. Bringing the best of the best in indie filmmakers and musicians from around the world, together on one stage, here in New Orleans on June 25, 2016. Even if you don't live in the Cresent City, we are going to tell you how you can submit your projects, to be considered for this prestigious award.

    If you would like to join us in the studio, call 646-595-3032.

  • Welcome To Tokyo kick off party live

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    Join us live on the air as we kick off the offical Welcome To Tokyo radio tslk show

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    Welcome To The Dialogue

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    Welcome the very first Race Haven Podcast. In this episode the dialogue facilitator, Scott Speed, will introduce you to the vision for this Podcast and why he was motivated to create it. This is an intelligent Podcast for an intelligent nation. Welcome to the Dialogue! 

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    Welcome to the show. Today on Hammer 96.7, Brian and I will talk about what's trending in the news; we'll also have celebrity gossip, politics, and maybe we can get Brian to make a couple of random calls to some unsuspecting person(s), and asking them for their Superbowl predictions; they could win a $10 gift certificate to shop in the Avenue 4311 store

    And if you come into the studio, and give your pick for Superbowl 50, you, too, could win a gift certificate. If you would like to join us, the number to call is 646-595-3032. 7 am Pacific 10 am Eastern.

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    Welcome to 2016!

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    Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another year of your favorite sports radio show! I'm glad to be back and my wish is for this show to go to new heights this year! I want to thank everyone who has supported this show and I hope and pray that you will be joined by other potential listeners this year. You all know the routine, so buckle up and get ready to start 2016 off with a bang with me on "The Jay Byrd Show!"

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    Welcome to 2016

    in Christianity

    Welcome to our 2016 first show of the year! The song that started off our show I sent to Blog Talk mom for her birthday.  It is a song that lets you think abour your relationship with God, your relationship with your mother, and even your relationship with your wife.  Very powerful song with a lot of message in it.  Blog Talk Mom just turned 76 on the 3rd so everybody give her your best birthday wishes.  Tonight we are looking at counting your blessings and I wanted to share some health information for those of you that have made the new year gambit of dropping a few pounds and getting more healthy.  We have a web site ran by a doctor you can check out for more information and support to reach your goals.  It is www.A2Z-weightloss.com  Take advantage of this free information.  As always we open up the microphones at the end of each show for comments or questions. 

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    WBTR - Welcome to Campaign 2016

    in Politics Progressive

    Jim Dean of Democracy for America will be kicking off our debut here on Welcome Back To Reality. Look for Jim to dispel some of the myths you may be hearing about the Bernie Sanders campaign from both the Right and the Left. We are thrilled to have Jim on the air to speak with us as he returns from his activities in New Hampshire  during the primary there.

    We're also excited to welcome Stacy Schinn of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, PLANevada,. Stacy will discuss upcoming ballot initiatives and other policy matters she is working on in Nevada and nationally.

    Brent Turner of the California Association of Voting Officials, CAVO, will join us to share the latest news on Open Source Voting. Be sure to tune in to hear the latest on how New Hampshire is incorporating Open Source Voting machines in the 2016 election cycle.

    Welcome Back to Reality debuts this Thursday, February 11, 2016, as an affiliate of PNN, and airs from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM during the afternoon drive time. 

    If you would like to dive deeper into a reality-based world where information is not folded, stapled, mutilated or otherwise altered to mislead, deceive, or misdirect you, please visit http://WelcomeBackToReality.info/wordpress where you can links to other reality-based webites, blogs, and informations sources.


    Notes from the show:

    Brent Turner invites interested activists to join him in the movement for Open Source Voting to secure free and fair elections. More information on Brent's efforts can be found at the CAVO website at http://www.cavo-us.org/. He can be reached by email at