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    body weight vs free weights

    in Fitness

    Join me tonight as I describe the benefits of free andvbody weight. What I recommend and how to stimulate adapti

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    Monday Madness: 5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

    in Current Events

    Join your hosts Ken Williams (BBK) and Tiffany Santana (Metropolitan Bootcamp for Women) for another episode of Monday Madness: The Health & Ftiness Show on blogtalk radio via the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network. This week's episode is about weight lifting for women. Your fitness gurus will delve into the Five Reasons Women Should Lift Weights. Many women complain about weight lifting because they are afraid they will bulk up and develop muscles similar to men. This is not true and you'll learn the reasons why on this episode of Monday Madness.

    Tune in at 10 am on Monday, March 30 for a lively discussion on weight lifting for women and why it's so beneficial. Call in with your questions or to join the discussion at 1-914-338-1541. 

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    10 Reasons to Lift Weights to include Burning Belly Fat and Lose 40% More Fat

    in Weight Loss

    You've heard people say it's important (practically essential) lift weights, but WHY and HOW? This week Robert Ferguson shares 10 reasons you want to be aware of for lifting weights (AKA performing resistance training). You'll also gain clarity on the reality that not all methods of lifting weights are equal. If you are exercising or you want to begin working out, this is a show you don't want to miss.

    QUESTIONS: If you have questions, email irma@dietfreelife.com and Robert can answer on the air.

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    Kelli Richardson Talking Lifting Weights and Women Getting Big Myth

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    It’s no surprise that this is still the most common female strength training myth. Frequent, progressive, heavy weight lifting with basic compound exercises does not make women big ‘n bulky. 

    The true culprit that gives a woman a bulky appearance is excess body fat. Period.

    I can deadlift 330 pounds, perform weighted chin-ups, parallel bar dips, and squat 1.5 times my body weight. I’ve been called “big ‘n bulky” only once, as explained in the video. All of my female clients participate and perform progressive weight lifting (though I always use exercises that are appropriate for each woman and that she prefers), and no one in my 10 years of personal training ever complained of getting “bulky”.

    Many women are hesitant to lift heavy weights at first because of this prevalent myth, but after a few weeks, they love the physical AND mental results they achieve. Bottom line — progressive strength training helps women build the body they truly want. It also helps increase self-confidence, which is an incredible bonus.

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    ChabDog Radio looks in on the 10-13 Democratic Presidential Debate

    in Sports

    Hillary takes center stage, but will she upstage her competitors.
    Bernie "I'm not a capitalist" Sanders weights in with his 2 cent fill up.
    Webb answers the web of intrique surrounding his candidacy.
    Martin O'Malley from Maryland mans up for the challenge.
    Lincoln tries to slide into contention, despite lots of chafing.
    Meanwhile, Joe is just biding his time on the sidelines.

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    Weights, Balances, Scales, Integrity, Prayer and Mentoring!

    in Spirituality

    Giving Of Just Weights

    Leviticus 19:36
    Deuteronomy 25:13
    Proverbs 11:1
    Proverbs 16:11
    Proverbs 20:10
    Ezekiel 45:10
    Hosea 12:7
    Amos 8:5
    Micah 6:11


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    The Sugar Freedom Show Presents: Body Transformation Expert Dawn Sylvester

    in Weight Loss

    Today I'm excited to introduce Dawn Sylvester

    Dawn has been living a fitness lifestyle and sharing it for over 25 years. Before she knew how to maintain a fit and lean, strong body, she was a cardio maniac that never lifted weights or did bodyweight workouts. She also used to follow the idea that women are stuck in. That less food means a leaner and fitter body. At that time in her life she weighed more than at the top of her pregnancy with her son at 36 years old!  She feels that women have been ruining their metabolic rates for years, and since fixed hers, and was asked by clients for years where she gets her AGELESS ENERGY and SEXY BODY From...so she wrote a wildly successful e-book FINAL FAT MELTDOWN.COM a blueprint plan that is easy to follow so that women can transform their bodies at any age! 


    Dawn has been a guest speaker for groups on anti-aging and has certifications in Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition. She has been training women only for over 17 years, and is passionate about aging with strength. At 50 years old, she entered her first Bodybuilding show in the Figure Division and took 2 trophies as  the oldest woman in the show out of 23 women.  

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    Exercsies You Just May Be Doing Wrong!

    in Health

    The most effective and efficient workout is a one that involves proper form.  Every day we as Fitness Professionals see our members performing exercises with incorect form.  This ends up targeting the wrong muscles and can lead to imbalances and injuries. Find out which 3 exercises are most often performed incorectly in gyms all across America. Then let me tell you how to perform the correctly.  You will see better, faster results with less chance for injury.

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    It's A MInd Thing! Being Healed Because of His Goodness

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    It takes faith to wait on the Lord. It takes faith to believe that His goodness is going to happen. It takes faith to know....really it is already done!  It takes faith to say that and not say anything else but that!  Saying these positive things start with the thoughts of knowing. It’s a mind thing! God admonishes us to think on those thing that are honest, lovely, pure and of good report (Philippians 4:8). God says to rejoice evermore!  It is a choice to sit and listen to negativism. You can choose to leave or choose to cancel the conversation. God expects us to exercise our faith and build a wall of praise around us. When good things come out of your mouth you experience the love of the Lord and good health (Proverbs 3:8).  Good fruit is produced by speaking good into life. Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Exercising your faith and increase your confidence in the Lord. Allows yourself to believe that whatever situation is going on, God is aware of it and has already worked it out....for your good (Romans 8:28). If you believe that the goodness of God has already finished the work...why the struggle? Allow God to fight for you. Whose on your battle field?


               Lift that weight just enough give it to Jesus

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson: Diet & Fitness, Lose Weight

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    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, founder of Miclknight, where Health and Wellness full circle (Body, Mind, Soul/Spirit) are one. I am an educator, speaker, author, fitness trainer and passionate about healthy living.

    Gift mentioned at the end

    Topic: Diet & Fitness, Lose Weight

    Who wants to or needs to lose weight?

    Why? Is the reason medical, physical, emotional, spiritual?

    What are your benefits of losing weight?

    - less weight to carry around

    - better for your heart and your joints

    - feeling better and healthier

    - feeling better emotionally

    - looking better

    - more self-esteem, etc.

    Are you positive you want to lose weight? Are you commited?  Yes  / No

    Let me share with you that I do not want to lose weight because I do not want to look for it and gain it back. I want to release my excess weight to never gain it back! (keys)

    OK, I am sure you understand what I am saying.

    How do you like to release your excess weight? Dieting, exercising, lifting weights, fasting,.....?

    How many different diets do you know?

    Protein, Carb, EOH, Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Lean Cuisine

    Real labels: Sodium, fat, sugars = addiction / side effects

    rule of thumb:

    reduce intake

    chew each bite 40 times

    eat fresh produce home grown

    balance your meals


    Alright, let's change one word from lose to release

    Positive Affirmation

    Give your life style change a month or two and see the success!

    These are suggestions and points of interest. ASK your Dr. before making changes.

    Gift: Thomson.enagicweb.com  free download





    Stay Empowered!


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    Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy On The NBA

    in Basketball

    Alex Kennedy, the well connected NBA insider from BasketballInsiders.com, joins Coach Nick to discuss some of the latest NBA news. Kennedy higlights the teams with the best off seasons, like the Spurs signing LaMarcus Aldridge, the Clippers grabbing Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson, and Josh Smith, and the Bucks acquisition of Greg Monroe. Alex also weights in on where he thinks Kevin Durant might end up next season.