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    Workshop Wednesday with Tony Gambone and Linda Ballesteros

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      Linda Ballesteros, host of Power Talk, and Tony Gambone, host of  Tough Talk, have combined there expertise to bring you Workshop Wednesdays . Linda Ballesteros has been facilitating workshops for more than a decade. She loves to share with others and offers workshops and webinars on a variety of business and personal development topics. Linda’s style of presenting creates a casual atmosphere of learning without forcing material on an audience. You can tune in to Linda’s other show, Power Talk, on Wednesday mornings at 9am (CST). Tony’s acumen for developing ways to help others get what is needed in an easy and cost effective way is unprecedented. You can tune in to Tough Talk with Tony Gambone on Fridays at 3pm (CST). Both Tony and Linda are always looking for ways to save the small business owner time and money while helping them build their business.

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    Power Talk with Linda Ballesteros with guest Lynette Berry

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    I am developing a programme of talks and Webinars to help American companies to sell their products or services to the Brits called Selling to the Brits. It's a bit of fun and a dig at how us Brits prefer to be sold to which differs from the American style of selling. Just like the Japanese have a style that is different from ours the British are quite old fashioned and prefer to build relationships over a long period of time. It does have a serious side because unless people understand that our style can be quite different they won’t get past the receptionist on the switchboard. Obviously selling to the Brits can be used in the US as a different selling style that Americans may not be used to. I don’t think what I do it completely unique I just deliver it in a amusing way designed to have a bit of fun at us Brits and I hope it will show business people that building relationships over a period of time is more productive in the long run because when you trust someone to deliver a good service on time and at a price that reflect the brand these people refer business to you and keep buying from you which can improve sales and profit margins. It’s a style I have used for over 20 years and now I have my own business helping companies and business people to develop their own style of selling that feel natural to them. Please look at my website for further information.

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