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    Special Guest: Sandra Rodriquez, Reneh Simonian

    in Lifestyle

    Guest on at 11:00 am Writer / Bilingual Communications Expert
    Entertainment and fashion are two of Sandy Rodriguez’s areas of expertise, but she has no problem writing or talking about any topic whatsoever. 
     bilingual communications expert with 15+ years of experience in media and publishing, she currently lives in Los Angeles and writes for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico. Additionally, she translates books, and works as a specialized medical interpreter for hospitals and health care providers visited by Spanish speakers.


    Guest on at 10:00 am Reneh Simonian, a food industry veteran with more than 20 years experience, has travelled both nationally and internationally working with executive chefs of some of the finest restaurants in the world. Whether it's describing the many different types and flavor of olives, or sharing his knowledge of the varied regional favors of International cuisine, Reneh has benefitted from his exposure to all kinds of exotic foods. His recent experience has been focused on the seafood industry.

    Guest on at 10:30 am Christina Neferis is an American documentary director, producer and editor. She is the director and producer of the documentary Power Lines(in production), which explores the 40 year controversy behind power lines and the intense debate between doctors, scientists, homeowners, environmentalists, journalists and power line companies. Her docu-style webisode, L.A. Stories captures a day in the life of an individual living or visiting Los Angeles.

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    Secrets to Success in Show Biz & Life with Jon Pirincci

    in Spirituality

    Jon Pirincci is an actor, stand up comedian and producer who has been involved with a variety of television and film projects.He is a multi-talented individual that can lend himself to Comedy, Theatrical Roles, Hosting, Voice Over and many other areas of entertainment.
    He first started his stand up comedy career in upstate New York over 15 years ago, performing in comedy clubs and colleges around the country. He was soon getting audience's and agents' attention by performing with such comedy stars as Jay Leno, Andrew "Dice" Clay and many nationally known comedians and recording artists from "The Late Show with David Letterman", HBO and Comedy Central.

    His act has been taped for NBC's "Dateline" and had recently been involved with developing comedy segments for Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" , Comedy Central and David Letterman. He moved from Miami, Florida eleven years ago to Los Angeles to work on commercials,TV shows and independent feature film roles. He was also recently selected to work with Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce in a national American Express commercial and also represent The Holiday Inn in a national advertising campaign. 
    In October 2009 Jon produced and starred in a sitcom webisode series called Phonees www.phonees.com where he integrates brands and advertisers in the script. It has a starring cast and was written by Jon and one of the writers of Seinfeld.He will be working with some major corporations that will represent his production company First Impression Entertainment in that area.  

    Contact Jon at http://www.jonpirincci.com/ and for info on his book http://www.whatsalittlewind.com/about.html

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    Episode 3: Colleen Griffen: Filmmaking & her mockumentary, "boyband"

    in Film

    The five fictitious members of Colleen Griffen's mockumentary titled "boyband" are each distinct identities drawn from amalgamations of pop stars everyone knows. Lance, Chad, Preston, Yancy and Shaun rock less facial hair but just as much naiveté as the members of Spinal Tap, though their Harrison, Illinois curfew probably means THIS boyband never goes to eleven (but maybe 10:55 if all the lights are green).

    Writer/producer/director Griffen tells Christine Wolf how she came up with the idea for boyband, how crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter could turn boyband's 22-webisode dream into reality, how One Direction's likely to poach a boyband member, and how the phrase "no big shakes" keeps Griffen and her husband, director Joe Chappelle (The Wire, Chicago Fire), anchored in Evanston, Illinois. 

    Recorded on 4/14/15 in The Studios of S.P.A.C.E.

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    Webisode Clip

    in The Bible



    Webisode #1


    The offical table talk webisode starts here. The Truth About Covering Part 1 (Volume 1). Here is where we discuss covering in the church. How the church use or misuse covering and the instructions from scripture as to how to cover properly. Here you will find the true answer

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    Girl Talk With Media And Marketing Guru Sarah Bella.

    in LGBT

    Hello World! Thanks for tuning into another fantabulous webisode here on With Bambie''.Please Welcome very driven,talented,beautiful,and successful,and musically gifted guest Sarah Bella.Find Sarah! !Sarahbella Media: sarahbellamedia.com & Eclectic Entertainment: orangecountydj.net.

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    Poet and Author Marc Lacy and Playwright Jeanette Hill

    in Entertainment

    Huntsville’s own Marc Lacy, a graduate of Alabama A&M University is a nationally renowned, award winning poet/author and a lecturer. He has performed all over the country at many national literary events and spoken word venues. Marc is also a seasoned freelance writer and a blogger for The Man-Ologist Blogs. Along with writing and performance, Marc utilizes his wordsmith talent and poetic flair as he facilitates lectures, conducts workshops, and delivers motivational speeches concerning writing, communication, and self - development. Additionally, Lacy is a cast member of the new hit webisode, The Men’s Room. Marc credits his faith in God and love of family forproviding energy he needs to succeed.

    Award winning playwright/director/producer Jeanette W. Hill is the founder and executive director of JWHill Productions and Sight Ain’t Seeing Productions (SASP), a non-profit creative arts organization thatprovides original and educational programs for under-represented and under-served urban areas. Her passion is creating works that represent African Americans as a vibrant and resilient community.

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    The Liberal Redneck ~ Exporting Our Tax Dollars As We Suffer

    in Politics Progressive

    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.  One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.

    This week's webisode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35MhoI_nEmQ

    First things first, we congratulate Rocky and his wife on the birth of their 2nd child.  We soldier on without Rocky this week.  Family first!

    Speaking of family first, more is coming out about the Rehoming Rape Case involving Rep Harris in Arkansas.  It seems he was only protecting his family from demons.  Who are the real demons here? 
    Republicans' attempt to re-write the constitution and shame President Obama turns into more infighting.  Grab your popcorn kiddies! 
    Police gun down unarmed... NAY UNCLOTHED disabled vet. 
    Plus, they will never fit ALL THAT MONEY through the eye of a needle.  They must be trying line their own streets with gold.  A peek at what the richest US Pastors take home.

    Join the debate, listen live or on the archives.  We are here every Thursday at Noon Central.

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    Hit YouTube Webisode "Millennial Parents" creators Jake Green and Natalie Irby

    in Parents

    MILLENNIAL PARENTS is a creative collaboration between filmmakers Natalie Irby and Jake Greene. The weekly web series is inspired by Jake’s life as a defenseless new father.

    Jake Greene (Co-Director, Writer) has two boys under three years old. When he’s not pounding coffee or trying to keep his kids out of the street, he writes and develops television and web projects.  Jake is also a Millennial author and keynote speaker. His first book, “Whoa, My Boss is Naked” was an irreverent career guide for entry-level Millennial employees. Now, as an entry-level Millennial parent, Jake doesn’t have time to write silly books so he makes silly videos instead.

    Natalie Irby (Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) is an award-winning filmmaker and an introverted rock band back-up vocalist. Through her production company, Corner to Corner Productions, Natalie seeks to direct and produce captivating dramatic content such as, “Almost Perfect” (director), an official selection of the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, and also inspire progressive dialogue with films such as the documentary, “Will to Change” (executive producer), a collaboration with Blue Magnolia Films, which won the “Most Transformative Film” award at the 2014 Crossroads Film Festival. She enjoys writing screenplays and original scenes for actors as well. She is learning to “lighten up” through her involvement with comedic content, even engaging in laughter from time to time.

    Natalie and Jake’s previous collaboration, “Hot and Bothered” won the “Best Short Film” award at the 2013 Twin Cities Film Festival and was the only comedy to screen at both the 2013 New York Television Festival and the 2013 Independent Television Festival.

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    Shriekfest Radio! Denise Gossett interviews Alex Bram!

    in Paranormal

    "Best Director Award"(2012 LA Film, TV and Webisode Festival) winner, Alex Bram is on a mission to bring suspense, surrealism and quality back to horror.

    Gaining support as a new voice, his various projects have been able to attract legendary figures of the genre rallying behind him. For his werewolf epic, “NEW BREED,” Special Creature Make-Up Effects legend Steve Johnson (“American Werewolf in London,” “Species”) has joined to deliver on the concept of applying the latest technology available, in the most tasteful yet terrifying way, to bring to life beasts like we’ve never seen before.

    Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project Director) will bring Bram’s “CLOUDLAND” to life. That project is being spearheaded by Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of “Final Destination.” Reddick is both co-screenwriter with Bram and Executive Producer. 

    Alex Bram’s award-winning psychological thriller "Body of Work" honors the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, while at the same time, using modern technology to bring about a new wave of suspenseful filmmaking. That film brought two "Best Cinematography" awards and one Canadian "People's Choice".
    For three years, Bram founded and ran the "Carnival of Darkness Film Festival," which showcased the very best short horror films from around the world. This yearly event was held at Los Angeles Film School and was put on like a twisted carnival experience. 



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    getting to know us

    in Radio

    This week i have brand new music for you and I'm video recording the show so we can start doing webisode, so stay tuned for that!

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    Beauty and The Beast Sports Podcast

    in Sports

    A weekly, start-up sports podcast show broadcast by City360TV.  The show is hosted by former collegiate track runner and current sports broadcaster Matt Schumacker, former UFC fighter Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, and former Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Julie North.

    Featured topics this week include:

    NFL Playoffs and Pro Bowl Debate

    NCAA Restores Wins to Penn State

    Lytle's take on Pacqiuao v Mayweather

    The Beauty in Sports Segment- Inspiring stories from around the world of sports

    Tune in at 8pm EST for the start of the show.  Be sure to check out the webisode version at City360TV.com

    Follow us on twitter: @mdschu314 , @lytleforindiana, and @JulieANorth