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    Webisode #1


    The offical table talk webisode starts here. The Truth About Covering Part 1 (Volume 1). Here is where we discuss covering in the church. How the church use or misuse covering and the instructions from scripture as to how to cover properly. Here you will find the true answer

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    We are Twin: XTRA LOVE released. Willodean debut album

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    WE ARE TWIN.. Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicholas Balachandran met New York-born and bred singer songwriter Gabi Christine during a 2009 songwriting session and the result was fifteen songs and WE ARE TWIN. In 2013 Zackary Smith (Bass, Keys, vocals) & Justin Frazier (drums) joint the group. The group just finished their debut album called "xtra love" release this November,  blazing a trail for a punk rock, soul & Pop aesthetic that stood out  immediately.  And they have a musical webisode series. We will talk about all of it this Friday.

    LA-based three-man band, Willodean, chronicles longing, loneliness, and lost loves, Willodean is Dan Barrett,  Eric Holden and Randy Wooten. They have just released their self-titled debut album about people as afraid of finding love as losing it. With Dan Barrett’s gravelly baritone, Eric Holden’s upright bass that resonates with sturdy, near-ancient melodies and  guitarist/pianist Randy Wooten’s lyrics the evoke a dreamy world of misgiving and missed chances. We won't miss  the cahnce to ask them about  it  this Friday.


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    Lil Aubrey & Kryciz

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    My name is Aubrey Warren better known as Lil Aubrey been writing and rapping since 9 I come from a strong musical background I lived wit my great grandmother who was a gospel singer she also wrote music and played the piano and organ which we had in our house I just dropped my debut album titled Eff Lil Aubrey other than rapping I host a Webisode show for local artists and businesses called Pluggd In if you ask me I've gotten the chance to live my dreams twice but the sky is the limit

    Rico Guzman better known as Kryciz born June 9th 1991 started his career seriously only but a mere year ago. Attention first came from him taking first place in the Killingspree competition. His main influence was Lil wayne but he soon began to find his own sound in which you see today.

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    Episode 28 – Taylor James Johnson of Taylor Trash Productions

    in Science

    Join us this week as we speak with Taylor James Johnson out of Texas. Taylor is a radio show producer and producer/filmmaker for his production company, Taylor Trash Productions. Taylor Trash makes short and feature films, documentaries, web series, music videos and animations. He has always been interested in film and cryptozoology so it’s no surprise that he often utilizes cryptozoology as a theme for many of his films and projects and has gone on quite a few expeditions in search of Bigfoot, sea creatures in Georgia, big cats in Texas, “Hogzilla”, and Chupacabras. Many times working closely with past guest and cryptozoologist, Ken Gerhard who is the star of Taylor Trash Production’s popular webisode documentary series named The Monster Hunter. Taylor is currently working on a number of cryptid projects and writing a children’s book/film which he will read a short chapter from on the air. He was also featured on an episode of Nat Geo Wild’s The Monster Project. It’s bound to be a fun and interesting episode so you won’t want to miss it.

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    Truth About Covering Webisode #3

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    Elder Lawrence, Elder Furlow, and Pastor Jacobs discuss Jesus being the good shepherd and the ultimate cover. But the problem comes in when people place leaders in a place that is higher than God.  Then you begin to see in some cases that some leaders cover physically and not spiritually through prayer and godly counsel. We are one church and the building is not the church and the people inside the building can't have a relationship with God for you. Relationship is between man and God, and God doesn't force us to do anything so leaders shouldn't force people to do anything either. We are to love no matter what  others faults are.
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    Webisode #3: http://youtu.be/caUFCbwF-Ms

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    Defenders of Earth Realm: Mortal Kombat Discussion

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    Teasley and Jesse discuss a bit of Mortal Kombat histrory in preperation for a small side project reviewing the 2 seasons of Mortal Kombat Legacy web series on Youtube. First installment is a histroy of how the guys came into the franchise and some personal memories linked to one of the most famous fighting games in the history of gaming . So join them and call in to share your personal exerpience as they set the stage for what is one of the best webisode series on the internet

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    Table Talk Webisode #2

    in The Bible

    Elder Lawrence, Elder Furlow, and Pastor Jacobs discuss the proper need of covering in the church. God created covering but the devil imitates and manipulated it. This discussion speaks of the proper standard of covering and the instructions that we should look for from leaders. Steering away from leadership approval and putting to much trust in man, to being more focused on the voice of God.

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    It's a Twister! Build a Successful Lead Generation Funnel in 45 Minutes: Part 2

    in Marketing

    Continuing from last week's webisode, Jeremy--along with special guest Jake Garber of LifeLine Pet Supplies--will build a sales funnel LIVE in 45 minutes. From start to finish, Jeremy will teach Jake how to create this funnel using:

    Facebook posts,
    Blog post linking to free offer page,
    Using Facebook ads,
    Free offer page with giveaway,
    Sales page/thank you page,
    Upsell offer,
    Integration to e-mail marketing software with AutoResponder, and
    Leave page offers.

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    Swing! Chop!: Filthy Frakkin' Delights

    in Pop Culture

    Do you ever ge the urge to listen to nothing but utter trash? Let Brian Harris fill your head with all kinds of it; from wild films from around the globe featured in Weng's Chop Magazine to the outrageous comedy antics of his webisode series, "Swing! Chop!", Brian Harris brings the pain, laughter, and downright nasty banter only a sleaze of his caliber is capable of.

    This episode features Brian chatting about his filthy film favorites. Joined by GEEK AVE. owner Kevin "Kex" Hayes, Brian aims to makes your trashy listening time both fun and informative as well as offensive as hell.




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    It’s a Twister!- The 45 Minute Sales Funnel

    in Marketing

    In this webisode, Jeremy will show you how to build an effective and profitable sales funnel in just 45 minutes. 

    Download the VISUALS HERE

    What are you marketing? (Product/Service)
    Who are you marketing to?
    Where do you find your potential customers?
    How do you GRAB their attention?
    Give to Get with FREE Valuable Content?
    What Capture Mechanism?
    Sales Funnel
    Leave Page Offers

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    9 Website Fixes that will EXPLODE Your Sales

    in Marketing

    Does your website generate Customers? 

    In this Webisode you will learn how to turn a "blah" website that doesn't convert, into a "fab" website that pours customers into your funnel using the 9 key elements of a highly converting website. 





    See you there!

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