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    Blue Fiddles Web Series Creator Nena Botto

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    I recently got the chance to speak with the creator of a Web series called Blue Fiddles. Let me read the description of the series from its press kit:
    Blue Fiddles, is a new web series written by actress Nena Botto. It's the story of three women searching for meaning amongst the day to day grind living in Portland, Oregon. The theme is a mix of comedy and drama that aims to be glamorous through honesty- women who have scars from life experiences not numerous Botox sessions. The characters are complex in their demeanor and wonderfully flawed in their intentions.
    Within this interview, Nena tells of how she came up with the idea for the series and just how much filming it turned into a huge collabortive effort between the cast, crew and the city of Portland.

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    Web Series Director Drew Daywalt Talks About Camera Obscura

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    This is an interview with Emmy-award nominated writer, now horror film director Drew Daywalt. Drew created a horror Web series called Camera Obscura. I got the chance to talk to him about how the series came to be and what it the filming experience was like.

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    TONIGHT 9PM- We are UP CLOSE & PERSONAL WITH THE LADIES OF MONEY & VIOLENCE web series. Cloud9TV gives us a peek into the streets of Brooklyn. Described as "the realest ever, a must see". SHAY, CHYNA, CINDY & MADISON will stop pass and hang with us this evening. To date, MONEY & VIOLENCE boost with over 19 million views. Entertaining, suspenseful and real, this production will keep you coming back for more. Shout out the Rafe & the entire crew for a great production. Dial 917.889.3926 with comments or questions. REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. We are #TheSocialLab #TMHymanRadio Network.

    Follow us on Twitter: @TMHymanRadio @MrTMHyman @MadameBoston @VeryHotChoc @SabeJames

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    The Importance of Good Web Design

    in Business

    Your website is the center of all your marketing efforts be it online or more traditional marketing. This is where potential customers or clients find out about you, your products and services. A site that is well designed brings more credibility to you and your business. It should show that you are serious about your business. Did you know that the average person makes up their mind to continue staying on a website in mere seconds and if they do stay they only read 30% of the text? Google recently announced that mobile responsive sites will rank higher as more and more people use smart phones and tablets to access the internet.

    Our Guest today Galia Silverberg with Media Refuge will be discussing why it is so important to have good web design, some common mistakes, branding, and the must haves for good web design. If you have created your own website or are thinking of creating your own website, you will want to listen to this discussion and call in with your questions

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    power of perception film tv with Taylor Brock and the NEXT series team

    in Spirituality

    Taylor Brock, Executive Producer
    Taylor Brock has performed in several roles on Film and T.V.  Some of her favorite roles include a recurring one on CRIMINAL MINDS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, a feature film with Martin Sheen entitled WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, the part of Sarah in BEAU JEST at The Geffin Playhouse, and many more. She recently performed in the Off Broadway, GLAAD nominated, six year hit, SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, AND SOMETIMES… LOVE.  Taylor most recently produced and acted in the BATCC nominated play, The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? and performed in shows at The Geffen Playhouse, Playhouse West, Actors Playpen and many others. She has studied acting for many years with Richard Seyd among a multitude of other instructors. Taylor is excited to be producing and acting in NEXT, this web series.

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    Dream Weavers Series: Making a Difference One Word at a Time with Word Lab Web

    in Education

    “The persistent achievement gap between haves and have-nots in our society is chiefly a verbal gap. There is no greater practical attainment in the modern world than acquiring a bellyful of words. A large vocabulary is the single most reliable predictor of practical, real-world competence…” - Professor E.D. Hirsh

    Over one third of our middle school readers are struggling. Vocabulary is the key. The single most accurate predictor of how well a reader understands text is general vocabulary knowledge. Studies show it can grow to a disparity of 30,000 words by eighth grade when intentional, rigorous intervention is not applied. Additionally, these studies confirm there is a direct correlation between “word bank” size and success in school.

    Word Lab Web, a vocabulary based reading program for the middle grades, is teacher created, affordable, and in the cloud. It provides personalized, self-paced learning so students can gain authentic word knowledge and practice a variety of comprehension skills. Three half-hour sessions a week provide great gains in reading scores.

    The tool is the brainchild of Carla and Richard Kessler. Carla is a 25 year veteran middle grade teacher and former Title I Coordinator and Learning Specialist. Recognized for her skills in innovative curriculum with measurable results, she implemented action research for Word Lab Web in the classroom. Richard, a software engineer, is a veteran coder and IT manager. He has kept Word Lab Web on the leading edge of technology from its origins as a desktop program to its current platform in the Cloud.

    Join us as we not only explore lessons learned from their transition into entrepreneurship, but an overview of Word Lab Web and its success.

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    in Lifestyle

    Hello, my fellow creatives! Welcome to this week’s fabulously entertaining and informative  OH MTG!  It's show #34.  Wowza!!  On this week’s show, we’re going to experience our very first threesome.  Mmm, hmm. That’s right, kids. We’ve brought back the deliciously devilish “Bennington Gothique” web series creator, Gregory E. Connor - and joining him will be two of his web series regulars, John Wuchte and Yumi Ishibashi.

    Our “Just the Tip” top 10 list this week takes you back in time to a real house of horrors with “10 Crazy Facts From Bedlam, History’s Most Notorious Asylum”. 

    And this week’s “Jukebox 5” song selections are a real mixed bag of nuts, not unlike our featured guests and your looney tunes host here in the “OH MTG!” studios. And like an unsuspecting new student at the Bennington School for Girls whose lost in the woods, you’re not gonna know what hit ya or what bit ya, kids.  So grab your favorite adult beverage, kick back, and enjoy the ride.

    THANKS FOR TUNING INTO “OH MTG!”.  We are broadcasting a lively, sparkling new show every week, kids.  And that’s the truth!  Tune in, turn on and live an authentic life.

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    Matthew Anderson: Theater People Web Series - Season 2 Update LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Get ready for the most fun you'll have anywhere during the next hour of your life!  

    Tonight's Special Guest Star:  Matthew Anderson of The Theater People web series!  Matthew writes, produces and directed season 1 of this brilliant series on the dramatic, comedic and wacky antics of putting on a local theater program in Minnesota!   Everyone who's seen season 1 has LOVED the writing and acting, and now it's time to get a season 2 put together.  Matthew tells us what's involved in putting this together and how YOU can become part of this exciting experience!


    Like the Theater People's Facebook fan page by clicking here!

    To see the Theater People web series click here!

    DONATE to the Season 2 Kickstarter Campaign to produce MORE Theater People by clicking here!






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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #19 Guest Black Rainbow)

    in Entertainment

    This week on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage our beautiful sassy guest is Black Rainbow.

    Here is a little bit about this fun cam model that I know you are going to fall in love with, Black Rainbow has been camming for 2.5 yrs. You may have caught her flashing on chat roulette when she was a shy cam girl, but she has opened up now that she is on Streamate she loves  sharing her sexual side with all of you. She is submissive by nature but longs to please you and is very open to trying new things. Her sex drive is out of control and says that her #1 problem is masturbation.

    Good thing none of you are a vibrator this sexy lil chica has killed 10 vibrators already, now that is one powerful .. Black Rainbow has also discovered swingers clubs so watch out you never know where you might spot Miss Rainbow either masturbating in your computer screen or getting down and dirty at the swingers club!!

    Follow us all on Twitter: @sammyBrooks69, @SageMontana1, @MSBlackRainbow, @Dollhouse_radio

    And catch our live cam shows: Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com



    You can catch live here every Thusday from 7-8 pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio..


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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #17)

    in Entertainment

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage we are going to be talking about how to help cam models with building their business.

    So whether you are a new cam model or an established model make sure to tune in we are going to have lots of good advice and helpful ideas for you.

    Also you never know what might cum up during our show it is always a sexy time when you get me and Sage together.

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69, @SageMontana1, @DollhouseRadio

    Catch our live cam shows also: Sammy_brooks.cammodels.com SageMontana.cammodels.com

    You can catch us live ever Thursday from 7-8 pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio.


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