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    CreditHavins | Financial Positioning for Lending, Wealth Building & Management

    in Business

    In this episode of CreditHavins I will have on a special guest Andy Noble who will speak on how to properly build and manage your wealth. This is for people of all different income levels. I will also be speaking on how to properly position yourself for lending opportunities. This is a great episode for anyone interested in learning how to control their spending, while eliminating debt, minimizing tax liability, and maximizing their retirement for the future!

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    Solace Wealth Management and Pam Bennett

    in Pets

    Pam Johnson-Bennett is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and best-selling author of eight books. An updated and expanded edition of her book, Think Like a Cat will be released September 27th. Pam is one of the most well-known experts on cat behavior and a pioneer in the field of behavior consulting. She is the former vice-president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and currently heads up the IAABC Cat Division. Pam is a Professional Member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. She’s also a Professional Member of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance. She’s on the American Humane Association’s Advisory Board for Animal Behavior and Training and on the Advisory Board for Tree House Humane Society. Pam owns Cat Behavior Associates, LLC, a veterinarian-referred behavior practice in Nashville, TN. She is also a frequent guest on television and radio, including Fox News Channel and CNN. She can be reached through her website www.catbehaviorassociates.com.
    Pam has written eight books as listed below:
    Author of 8 books including the newly updated and expanded Think Like a Cat
    Certified Member, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
    Founder and Co-Chair, IAABC Cat Division
    Professional Member, Animal Behavior Management Alliance
    Professional Member, Association of Animal Behavior Professionals
    Member, American Humane Association’s Advisory Board on Animal Behavior and Training

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    Solace Wealth Management & Bricke Murfree

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    The Tennessee Estate tax grab! Bricke Murfree Will be on the on web talking all things tax. Bricke is a member of Murfree & Murfree, PLLC, Attorney's at law. Mr. Murfree is a well known speaker on estate planning, trust, real estate matters, and business law.
    Bricke's legal practice areas are corporate law, real estate, zoning, probate law, estate planning and general business law.
    Solace Wealth Management will sponsor one half hour on all tax issues with Bricke Murfree Attorney at law. We will be able to address families with high net worth's and wealth transfer strategies.
    Bricke is a frequent speaker on estate and trust matters as well as real estate topics. We are lucky to have secured the half hour.

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    Santa and Solace Wealth Management

    in Youth

    The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone, winter is approaching. You know that means – Christmas is coming!

    Solace Wealth Management is proud to announce that for the third year we’ve scheduled an hour long interview/call-in program with one of Santa’s helpers, or maybe even Santa himself. Santa doesn’t tell us until just before show time as he’s pretty busy this time of year.

    This is the perfect opportunity for children who might be bashful and quiet when visiting Santa in person to talk to the Jolly Ol’ Elf. It’s also a great way for children that aren’t easily able to go see Santa to have their wishes heard. It’s also a opportunity to ask some questions Santa might not have time to answer when visiting children in person.

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    Solace Wealth Management 401(K) Flame Out

    in Finance

    It’s possible that the 401(k) plan has failed. Don’t believe it? Take a look at your latest account statement. Hypothetical investment returns run by your employer probably suggest an 8% return per year is possible as an average for use in planning purposes.
    This artical written by: Investopedia, Contributor
    We will lead with industry noted information that will improve the listeners ablity to take action on Wealth Management in the years ahead.
    Tune in for news and comment...

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    Solace Wealth Management & Santa

    in Family

    A call in show for santa.  We believe!!!
    Santa Biography

    Kennison Kyle got the call to help Jolly Old St. Nick in Dec. 1998. One of Santa’s helpers, Jim Kyle, was asked to be two places at once. Santa’s helpers aren’t able to manage that feat so Santa Claus authorized Kennsison to make early appearances on his (Santa’s) behalf.
    In the succeeding years Santa Kennison has made regular visits on Santa’s behalf for the Salvation Army – Memphis, The Enchanted Forest (benefitting LeBonheur Childrens Hospital), and Memphis Botanic Garden, The Majestic Grille, Oak Hall/Vineyard Vines and numerous private events.
    When not helping Santa, he is a small business consultant representing Aflac. He also volunteers for LeBonheur Childrens Hospital.

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    Solace Wealth Management Live from Dallas

    in Finance

    Why try something new? We sit on many pieces of furniture before we purchase it. We ask our friends what kind of experience they at during a recent vacation to "___". The doc says something we do not like so we "shop" online and even go to a different doc for a second look so to speak. And the list rolls on.
    Get to know your financial rep. It will empower you to expand your knowledge. That added knowledge provides you with peace of mind, after all other a positive carry, growing your wealth, that is what you were expecting? Correct? Who can you talk to in Dallas about growing wealth? Why do we want our wealth in motion? Are you a high net worth person and feel lost because you pay a fee to not understand how money works? Is there such a time as the cost of money?

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    Small Business Saturday | Wisdom Wealth & Riches w/Jacqui #BlogTalkRadio

    in Motivation

    Small Business Saturday: Operating and Managing a Small Business

    Small Business Saturday is November 28, 2015. If you are a small business or you’re looking to patronize one on this Saturday, please join us for a lively discussion Small Business Saturday: Ways to Promote Your Business @ Wisdom Wealth & Riches with Jacqui BlogTalkRadio @ 12 noon. Set a reminder and listen in @http://tobtr.com/s/8077583 or call in at 917.932.1710.

    Wisdom Wealth & Riches with Jacqui (WWRJ #BlogTalkRadio) combines kingdom wisdom with marketplace strategies to expand and broaden your mindset for spiritual, personal, professional and business success to seamlessly integrate spirituality with the reality of the marketplace.

    www.tsgm.org . www.themeplace.org . ohbreakout.org . showersblessings.wordpress.com

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    Changes in Human Resources Management with Rachel Schaming

    in Legal

    What are the key challenges in managing human resources in today’s workplace? What are the most common litigation issues when dealing with employees? Rachel Schaming offers answers to these questions and more in this episode, sponsored by CDW.

    Rachel Schaming is Director of Human Resources and a Corporate Coach at Radiology Ltd. Schaming is a senior human resource professional with more than 30 years of proven success in leading people, processes, systems and cultures in innovative change initiatives. Her career includes human resource and organizational development positions at NASA/Houston, the Texas Medical Center/Houston, two New York City law ?rms and a technology company. Schaming is a Past President of ALA and a Fellow in the ABA Law Practice Management Section. Her coaching practice centers on taming abrasive leaders through a co-partnering process.

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    Jobs Growth/Wealth Management

    in Business

    Where Are The New Jobs Coming From?

    A Professional Services Provider's Perspective
    A Street Professional's Point-of-View

    What's Next On The Agenda & Why You Should Care

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    Solace Wealth Management and Santa

    in Family

    http://www.hohohosanta.com/index.html We at Solace Wealth Management were able to get Santa on the Day before Christmas. Now who's look'n out for you! This is one of the three S's we are talk'n about. Mom's, Dad's, and family call in and save the day. Have your little on talk to Santa. Then track him at the NORAD site that night.