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    Speak Life Radio ~ Creating Solutions For A Better World

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Creating Solutions For A Better World

     Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show! Here at Speak Life Radio our goal is to help create a better  world by encouring folks to just do their part. We have two guests on the show tonight who are definitely doing their part and them some. Please welcome Mark Carven Olds Managing Director of The MidWest Minority Think Tank for Public Policy, Leadership and Services, LLC. Mark will talk to us tonight about his new book "The Baedeker to Nationhood" which represents the most radical and doable proposal for beneficial change for the imperfect people and the impoverished people within America since The Reconstruction Era. We are also pleased to welcome Yvonka M Hall Executive Director at Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition. Yvonka founded the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition to respond to the disproportionate burden of disease, disability and death and it's impact on the African American community. She has been recognized nationally for her work to address health disparities in minority communities. 

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    The words we speak,the thoughts that are in our minds,how it effects our life.

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    I will be taliking about the words that are spoken,how it effects the lifes. Are the thoughts yours or coming from family,freinds and other places. Finding out if there yours thoughts and words. How to bring in a awakening to this way of being. I will be opening up the llines toward the end to talk to personaly with the listeners. Which may help bring more understanding about what I am talking about. I had a teach tell me all the time there is 1000 of words floating thrue the brain,how important it is make sure that its only your own words that come out. Blessings.

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    We Are Not Cattle Radio (#119)

    in Current Events

    Topic for the show:  We review the recent events in Paris and discuss the possible outcomes for the world.  We will also discuss how this resembles Operation Gladio and how the COP21 is a giant step in World Government.  We now see the media with disinformation, talking points and a script that looks like something out of a comic book.  All this and more on We Are Not Cattle Radio.

  • WORDS- Making Use Of The Words We Speak- Annette McCoy with Maureen St Germain

    in Spirituality

    Do U listen to the words U speak? Words are very powerful and we can use them effectively to create the life we desire. Annette McCoy’s regular guest Maureen St Germain has many stories to share which highlight the power of our words

    Maureen St Germain has many years of experience of manifesting her true desires. Listen in for her latest coups!!!!!!

    What stories can U share with us?

    Annette and Maureen delight in speaking with Live Callers so grasp this opportunity to share with us on air. USA 347 202 0232 is the number to call from wherever U are.

    We delight in comments and questions from the chat room too so please come and share how the words U use impact on your life


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    Bible Commentators Past and Present with David Guzik on CD Speak UP!

    in Christianity

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when Scott brings in modern-day Bible commentator David Guzik.

    David Guzik is a pastor, Bible teacher, and author of a widely-used Bible commentary. Millions of people use David’s online Bible commentary on sites such as Enduring Word, Blue Letter Bible, Study Light, and Bible Hub.

    Many of David’s commentaries are also available in print and can be purchased from Enduring Word, from Amazon, and from many Christian bookstores. Some are available in Kindle format and may be purchase from Amazon. Enduring Word, the daily radio program of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, can be heard on many stations across the country, and on the Internet.

    David also teaches at Generation Bible College, the ministry of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. He has been in Christian service for more than thirty years, including two church plants and more than seven years as a missionary in Germany as director and teacher for an international school (Calvary Chapel Bible College Germany). David has no formal Bible college or seminary training, but does have a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    David has been married to Inga-Lill for more than thirty years, and they have three adult children.

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    Teaching: Spiraling_ Speak the WORD with Prophetess Jacqueline L. Price

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Speak the WORD Broadcast.  Today's Teaching: Spiraling Out of Control.

    This woman of God shares the word with simplicity, to enrich the believer’s spiritual walk, embrace the backslider, and bring a God consciousness to the unbeliever.  In doing so listeners look beyond where life circumstances may have them; being encouraged to release their faith to know all things are possible to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ.

    She would love to pray with you just call in during the broadcast at (347) 637-2820.  You can also go online to leave your prayer request - www.jlpministry.org, or write us - JLP Ministries, P.O. Box 56, Lancaster, TX 75146.

    Remember to LIKE US on FACEBOOK at facebook.com\jlpministries and on twitter at twitter.com\jlpministry. 

    Thank you for listening.

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    When We Touch The Hem of Jesus' Garment

    in Christianity

    Mat 9:20 KJV - [20] And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:

    Mar 5:25 KJV - [25] And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,

    Luk 8:43 KJV - [43] And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,

    Christians Speak Talk Radio Broadcasts -“"His Abounding Grace Broadcast" with Minister Vanester Williams - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm; "Declaring The Finished Work with Rev. Pat Randall" - Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon; "Friday Night Joy with Rev. Ray and Friends" - Fridays @ 7:00 pm; "Bread of Life with Rev. Ray" - Sundays @ 7:00 pm, "The Alabaster Box with Prophet Carla R Johnson"-Every 4th Saturdays @ 7:00pm: "Challenged To Change with Pastor Paul Morgan" -Wednesday @ 7pm; "Lifeline with Apostle Shirley Jones- Every 1st Monday @ 7 pm; "Mid-Day Glory Prayer with Rev. Gwendolyn Dixon"-Every Wednesday @ 12noon Dial-in Number:(641) 715-3580 Access Code:732-499 PIN24 hour gospel music on http://www.live365.com/stations/gospelmanray. contact us @ (571) 317-1466. Free New Apps @ whenchristiansspeak.com 


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    Speak Life Radio ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month Pt4

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month Pt4

     Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Speak Life Radio has dedicated the whole month to spreading awareness and providing resources to help prevent this horrible epidemic from destroying our families. There are many factors that play key roles in domestic violence situations with substance abuse being one of them we are pleased to have joining us the members of Sobriety In Motion. Sobriety In Motion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which utilizes a holistic approach in providing housing, care, relevant and viable programming for men exhibiting a sincere desire to live free of alcohol and or drugs regardless of thier ability to pay.

     Sobriety In Motion considers a residents physical, emotional, psycho-social and spirirtual needs as well as those of their families and or significant others. Promoting a residents participation in developing their individual plan of recovery is essential in assisting them to achieve and maintain long term sobriety. This methodology ensures that men can regain their dignity, earn the respect of their peers and families while becoming contributing productive members of society once again. Please join us!!!

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    SNOFH Speak Now With Aj-Poet October 30th

    in Performing Arts

    he month of October in 2015 Aj-Poet took to the airways to introduce to the community and bring arts culture to Westchester County.  This journey will be a uphill battle that she intends to win with the help and trust from friends and family. The show will deal with all the creative, performing, cultural, still arts in the area.  Not just in Westchester but with intentions of reaching far and wide starting with the east coast and heading as far west as possible.

    Interviews created live on the show and taped in advance will fuel the shows opportunities to share with the community what is going on right inside their doors.  Aj explains that as a child the arts was a strong part of the educational curriculum in the county but as years progress it is clear that the focus is no longer centered on encouraging youth to enter these areas of dance, painting, song, performance art, spoken word and more.

    The goal of Speak Now With Aj-Poet is to open eyes, minds and hearts to a world that is th

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    SNOFH with Aj-Poet. Speak Now Or Forever Hold (Up and Coming Artists) Music Ind.

    in Performing Arts

    Each time we air our goal is to promote interest in the creative arts community. The focus is to allow artists in the community get their recognition.  We know that radio has been for years at the forefront of communication and no matter how technology will send us in different directions, radio is here to stay.  Almost everyone has something to say and what better opportunity to say it then to bring it straight to radio and then to the world.

    Aj-Poet a native of Westchester County in White Plains, NY to be exact is jumping in head first to share her family of performers, artist, writers with the community.  She hoping not only to reach individuals in the surrounding area but to launch a movement to preserve the beauty of the arts.  She especially want that person who we call the "closeted" artist to come out and shine.  No longer will we sing only in our bathroom or paint behind closed doors.  What is freeing with radio is that these talents can be communicated behind a microphone exposing many to what we are afraid to show.  However once revealed a star is born.

    Aj-Poet will be interviewing, playing music, sharing taped and live interviews.  Discussing what folks are doing out there and also promoting their crafts.  From authors who are reachable in our communities to dancers and musicians about to do a show.  She will have entrepreneurs, supporters, activists, politicians, community leaders and active participants in our communities.

    Currently the show is aired from the Blue Door Arts Gallery located at 13 Riverdale Ave, Yonkers, NY every other Friday at 1pm. On alternative Friday's Aj-Poet takes her show on the road to interview artist out and about.  Stay tuned to dates and locations.  If you miss the show there is always a feed into Facebook. Call 914 299-0964 to make suggestions for the show.

    Here's to SNOFHing with you.  Aj

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month Pt3

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month Pt3

     Blesssings beautiful family and welcome back to another amazing show. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Speak Life Radio has dedicated the whole month to spreading awareness and prevention resources. Tonight we will focus on organizations that are providing positive resources to our communities. We are pleased to have Sharonette Smart, DE ~ Founder/CEO of Single Mothers United of the World, Inc a non - profit organization that supports single moms and children. She is also an Evangelist, Domestic Enginer, and Entreprenuer. We are also pleased to have Andre McCullough joining us. Andre is from the Bronx NY, he played basketball in high school and college as well as overseas for 7 years. He has worked for the Board of Education for the past 21 years, coached high school basketball for 10 years and Jr.College for 4 years. Angre is the Founder of a non - proft  organization called "Hard 2 Guard Books and Ball" This program takes High School kids on college tours and gives them the opportunity to see different campuses from North Carolina Back to New York. We also have back with us Social Worker and Grief Recovery Specialist Elizabath Parker to share the importance of knowing what grief is and the impotance of getting the proper help in dealing with it. Please join us!