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    The Rainbow Asylum : Episode 60 | Gimp Biscuit

    in Culture

    The Head Nurse is crowned in all her regal glory the rightful Queen of All Media while the gimp serves little fancy weiners to guests at the coronation. Never the wallflower, Sandra Furr makes an appearance on the Concrete Carpet, while the Lab has questions about some unusual test results.

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    Christina Kirk "Lydia" on NBC's - A to Z show

    in Entertainment

    CHRISTINA KIRK  stars as "Lydia" on NBC's new series "A to Z"

    Christina Kirk stars as Lydia, who, as the boss and general manager of Wallflower Online Dating, makes everyone in the office uncomfortable on the NBC comedy “A to Z.”

    “A TO Z”
    9:30 p.m. ET, Thursdays

    “A to Z” tells the story of Andrew (Ben Feldman, “Mad Men,” “The Mindy Project”) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “How I Met Your Mother) — a pair that almost wasn’t — and all that happened from the day they met.

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    Neutralizing the Negative - Empowerment

    in Self Help

    This week Janet addresses issuses of empowerment and how it can be used in conjunction with neutralizing but first, Janet reads for Dynyse who is having troubling adjusting to a more public career. The HS and Janet find the underlying thread of the issue which contains feelings of having to hide, being a wallflower, and vulnerablity in crowds; due to past experiences, lives and beliefs of chaos and victimization. Wrapping up, she then explains that empowerment with focus and attention directed toward the physical body can help your connection, health or mental issues.

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    Love Talks with GG Renee!

    in Religion

    Today I'll be conversing with GG Renee the author of The Beautiful Disturbance and Wallflower. GG is a self proclaimed introvert who found her voice and is inspiring and helping other women to do the same. 

    If you visit her website allthemanylayers.com you'll see her intro of herself as follows: Author, Coach. Feeler. Overthinker. If you are a crazy beautiful complex free creative inspired love drunk woman, then you are in the right place. I write to inspire you. Here, we explore all the many layers of being a soulful woman. 

    As women we feel the spectrum of not being enough to being to much and GG and I will discuss how to get to a place where you explore and know all of who you are and love her fully.

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    Wallflower cd by Antoine Smith (featured)

    in Music

    Listen to Host: Antoine Smith present his own cd, "Wallflower" along with his Co-Host/Manager: Dr. Fuentes into the NEW YEAR of 2010! Antoine C. Smith is a 17 year old indie Turn On Records jazz and other genres composer/keyboardist/drummer and aspiring producer, that "loves to write everyday." A caption from Pro Soul Alliance Indie Artist Contest, 2009 says..."His winning track "Emotional Explosion" blew the team at Pro Soul away...tune in further to listen about his review.


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    Your Client Is In the Room: Networking Secrets Even An Introvert Can Master

    in Legal

    Research shows at least 50% of US adults identify themselves as introverted. And according to an article published by Psychology Today 50% of US adults say they are shy. Statistically at least half of your conference attendees will fall into one these two categories.

    “Your Client is in the Room: Networking Secrets to Increase Your Confidence & Conference ROI” is built for the 50% who will struggle with making connections and very likely wish they had some kind of training to give them the much needed confidence and tools they need to break out of this cycle. 

    This interactive breakout session is designed to give several easy to learn networking tools that will help conference attendees gain confidence in their ability to connect, improve their level of professionalism while networking and then leverage the contacts they make after the conference.

    Author, networking guru, and Introvert Icon Richard Oceguera brings reverence and a sense of play to making connections. He knows that community is foundational in building business. 

    And he knows the quiet strength of the introvert. His compassionate philosophy to coaching is simple – Everyone has something to offer; everyone has the right, and the power, to shine. 

    This former wallflower is now a multi-award winning entrepreneur; the founder of several six-figure businesses; (including a Chamber of Commerce in NYC); the author of Convert Your Community to Cash: Monetize Your Connections; and a national television spokesperson on networking for business professionals.

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    Why Introverted Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

    in Self Help

    This episode features Introvert Coach Val Nelson as she discusses why introverted women make great entrepreneurs, and the mistakes that keep introverted women from discovering their full potential. Val also shares a special FREE offer for listeners!

    About Val Nelson:

    Val Nelson is a former wallflower who faced her fear of self-promotion and self-employment and now enjoys having a thriving business as an Introvert Coach. She's here to prove that introverts can enjoy networking, public speaking, and entrepreneurial adventures, as long as they find their authentic path and drop the extrovert mask.
    Val helps other introverts find their confidence and find their unique path for doing what they love. She does this through career and business coaching, groups, courses, and speaking. She's based in Northampton, Massachusetts.

    For more information, visit http://valnelson.com

    To claim your special FREE gift just for listeners of the show, visit: www.valnelson.com/dougforesta

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    PNN - a Jazz / Rock Session

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN News Director Rick Spisak welcomes our SEIU Sisters and Brothers for the Final Tallahassee Legislative Report 

    Its one of our Arts Shows featuring Virtuoso Saxophonist Randy Emerick who's working range extends from backing Major Pop talent like Sinatra. Touring at one point with Wayne Cochran seminal rock phenomeon to touring with JAZZ GENIUS Jaco Pastorius. Randy is as comfortable playing Classical Charts or the hottest jazz charts with Peter Graves Atlantean Dritfwood.

    Also joining us is the Wonderful - FLASH once of the famous WALLFLOWER GALLERY in downtown Miami. A long time producer in Miami known for his producing the Medical Marijuana Benefit (12th Anniversary recently) and the Everglades Benefit Concerts will talk about the art of the Producer.

    And our final Artists guest of the eveing  Ms. Stephanie McMillan activist and cartoonist who will talk about her work as a cartoonist.

    tune in 7pm Live or anytime

    solidarity & peace

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    Social Anxiety and Family

    in Writing

    Social anxiety and Family

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    Wallflower to Wonder Woman

    in Automotive

    Ladies Choice AutoCare welcomes Chris Pocsai of the Wallflower to Wonder Woman. A non-profit organization helping women to rise above life's challenges who seek improvement in their lives. Wallflower to Wonder Woman was the selected organization sponsored by Ladies Choice in October. Chris will be discussing how their program benefits women of all ages and backgrounds.

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