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    Walking Dead MidSeason Finale

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    Last night was the last Walking Dead for 2015 #twdmidseasonfinale. And tonight we'll recap the entire season. If you missed any shows you can tune in tonight and get caught up on the group, Alexandria and what's going on with those pesky Walkers... and let's not forget the 'Wolves'. It's a nail biter of a finale. And if you wanted to catch a sneak peek at the new season you had to sit through the first part of The Badlands.. or do what I did. Waited and looked online. For now #GlennisAlive but how long will that last? What about Maggie? We all saw what happened to Deanna :( plenty to dicuss. We may even fit in a bit of a discussion about the comics.

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    Walking Dead with 3 Stupid Guys: Ep. 3.4: “Now”

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    “Now… the Walking Hate” (S.6/Ep.5) Join Jack, Matt, Mike, and Russ as they work through their issues with this filler filled sewer plot to nowhere. If you feel like something’s missing from this podcast, it’s either Olivia Munn or the cheese factor. Check out our other podcast “Sports Talk w/ 3 Stupid Guys”, where the […]

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    Intuitive Guidance Readings From Spirit & The Angelic Realm

    in Spirituality

    Join Tina as she guides you through a healing meditation to create a connection with the Angelic Realm in the first part of the show.  Second half, phone lines will be open for callers to receive guidance, support and encouragement.  

     Energy work for Tina comes naturally and springs from a deep well of passion and love she found in her own healing journey. From childhood she had an intuitive calling and an expansive gift. As an adult, she began cultivating her natural abilities and uses her sensitivity and attunement in her readings, health coach and healing sessions . Tina's methods take many exceptional forms, all designed for personal healing and transformation - unique for each of her clients. Tina is delighted to bring her passion and gifted healing work to Community. The services she offers include Intuitive Guidance and Energy Readings, Individual Reiki Sessions, Reiki Certifications Training, Integrative Energy Therapy, Healing Meditation Circles, and Health Coaching. Tinaconroy111@gmail.com        www.blogtalkradio.com/getintuitwithtinaconroy




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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi with Ghost Stories w/ Renee Prince

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    On this week's Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi we have a special local guest, Renee Prince that shares with us her paranormal stories of her life growing up.  Real life ghost stories!  Something we absolutely love to hear about!  Make sure you listen in at 8pm EST this Monday!

    Steve and Naomi are from the paranormal team STURS, which stands for Seeking The Unknown Realm Society and also the New Hampshire representative for RISEUP.  STURS has been featured on My Ghost Stories on A & E and also Steve and Naomi perform together such as the Paranormal Awards.  Naomi is featured as Miss January in the 2014 Woman of The Paranormal Calendar.  For more information about STURS or Into The Unknown Realm, go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com.  

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    RTR: The Walking Dead

    in Christianity

    There are a lot of believers out there blindly following their pastor as if they are zombies.  Many of these people are good, well meaning folks, but their eyes have not yet been opened to the bondage of the Institutional Church System, and they are it's unwitting victims.  It not affects the members but the clergy as well.  Join RTR this Sunday at 10am est as we discussand compare The walking dead in the church, to the fictional walking dead. 


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    Spiritual Warfare & Introduction to the Supernatural Realm

    in Christianity

    Spiritual Warfare

    The only kind of “spiritual” warfare going on now is actually between the spiritual and another realm, either the natural, the supernatural or both. Even these battles are completely under God’s control.

    What Does “Spiritual” Mean?

    When we refer to something as “spiritual” we are saying it is from the same place and made of the same stuff as God; it is therefore eternal, righteous, perfect, holy, loving, kind, pure, unchanging, unchangeable, gentle, true, etc.

    The Soul & the Supernatural Realm

    Each of us is born with a soul. The soul is made up of mind, will and emotions. The soul is distinct from both the body and the spirit. The soul God gave each of us is the one He wanted us to have; it ain’t broke, and He is well pleased with it.

    Soulical Senses

    The soul relates to our selves and to others. Its senses include understanding, choosing, feeling, awareness of self and others (intuition) and sense of time. It is also in the soul that the so-called “spiritual” gifts are located: we can use the gifts without the spirit of God having anything to do with it.

    Supernatural Environment

    The supernatural or soulical environment consists of those areas between the natural and the spiritual. Our soulical senses work just as well (or as poorly) in heaven as in hell.

    Supernatural Warfare

    Supernatural warfare, often erroneously called spiritual warfare, is waged between the inhabitants of the supernatural realm. This would be angels, demons and humans.

    Soulical Warfare

    Soulical warfare refers specifically to us humans. The soulical battles involve overcoming the world, the flesh and the devil in our individual lives.

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    Walking Dead with 3 Stupid Guys: Ep. 3.7: “Head’s Up”

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    “Heads Up” (S6/Ep7) The stupid guys discuss the shocking return of… Enid? Most of the guys think Alexandria is done for, but perhaps you disagree. Perhaps the CGI balloons didn’t bother you, but other story issues did-check out the stupid guy discussion. Rate and review us on iTunes or visit patreon.com search “Jay and Jack” […]

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    The Fan's Voice- 'The Walking Dead' Fall Finale Chat

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    What did you think about The Walking Dead's Fall Finale? Were you as underwhelmed as I was?  My former co-host Dania Padron joins me for a candid discussion about this season's The Walking Dead!

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    ACTS 3:6

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    Free 3 card Fairy Card or Totem Stone Psychic Readings/ Fairy Realm discussion

    in Spirituality

    Sacred Journeys Radio Presents Barry White Crow and Lady Beth talking about the Fairy Ream, Barry and Beths beliefs and the different cultures that embrace the fairies and wee people.  They will also share their experiences at different Fairys sites where they have traveled.  This includes finding fairy crosses in Virginia and the legend of where the crosses came from. The Fairy Cave in Colorado will be discussed as well. Barry and Beth will be taking questions and comments as well as Beth using a 3 fairy card reading or Barry using Totem Stone on the Sacred Medicine Wheel to answer listeners questions.  Barry White Crow is a lecturer on the subject of fairies due to his interest in this subject. Barry will also share the Native American beliefs on the Fairy Realm.  Please tune in on this magical evening with the Fairies!!!

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    The Spirit & The Spiritual Realm

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    3 Realms Chart

    Human Spirit?

    The scriptures shed surprisingly little light on this issue, except that one of the purposes of the Word is to divide between an individual’s spirit and soul and clearly differentiates between the two.

    Spirit of God

    When we speak of something in terms of its being “spiritual,” what we are really saying is that it has a spiritual source and spiritual attributes. If like begets like, and Spirit begets Spirit, what is true of the seed is true of what that seed grows into, even if it appears different.

    Spiritual Senses

    The spiritual realm has its own set of senses that function there. When God originally created Adam in the garden, He breathed into them His own life; He made them a living soul. All their needs were met just by being with the Living God. We have transferred our ideas of our senses as we experience them today onto the senses Adam and Eve must have experienced with God in the garden. They walked with Him, spoke with Him, saw, felt, heard and probably even smelled His presence, and were heard, etc., by Him in return. Who knows what it was truly like? But we do know that after they sinned, and God’s Spirit was withdrawn from them, they no longer had the senses necessary to commune with Him on the level that truly satisfied their deepest needs.

    Spiritual Environment

    This is where God dwells, and because we have not had our spiritual senses tuned, we often don’t realize the reality of where we already are, and so often misunderstand what our Father is doing and saying.

    Spiritual Warfare

    The only kind of “spiritual” warfare going on now is actually between the spiritual and another realm, either the natural, the supernatural or both. Even these battles are completely under God’s control.