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    Gender Equity Pay Law: Fair Ways to Challenge Wage Gaps!

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    Join us today for Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Denise Visconti, Office Managing Shareholder at Littler Mendelson, P.C.
    As of January 1st, 2016, California employers are required to adhere to the Fair Pay Act, SB 358, which prohibits employers from paying employees differently based on gender.  Employers must have a non-sex-based reason, or a reason that is supported by an identifiable business necessity, for any differentials that might exist between the compensation they are paying employees performing “substantially similar work.”  
    This new law also allows employees to discuss their salary and wages and ask questions of their employer relating to compensation without fear of retribution.  Under the Fair Pay Act, not only is this type of discussion allowed, and therefore enables everyone to determine if they are being paid an equal wage for “substantially similar work,” but such discussions are protected.  Any employee who asks questions about their pay or takes action to rectify an existing wage gap also is protected.
    Denise specializes in employment and wage and hour litigation. She also regularly counsels employers regarding compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern the workplace.
    As the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, Michelle Bergquist is a passionate advocate for women in business. At Connected Women of Influence, we believe that more women need to lead in business and everything we do is center-focused on designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities for b2b women to prosper, succeed and lead the way in business today!

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    Inside Out Look at Increased Minimum-wage Impact on Franchise Restaurant Brands

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    "Minimum-Wage Issue Exerts Maximum Impact On Restaurant Industry" was a recent headline on Forbes.com and is the concern of many restaurant industry professionals including those of franchise brands with tens, hundreds and thousands of locations nationwide. Rising wages will force price increases across the menu. Brands have already begun to push their prices up as their labor costs have risen, either from mandated or expected hikes to the minimum wage or from costs associated with health care coverage. In addition, several national brands have already begun to roll out self-order kiosks to reduce labor.

    This week on Franchise Today, co-hosts Stan Friedman and Paul Segreto welcome long-time franchise and restaurant industry professional, Lynette McKee. With over two decades experience at Dunkin Brands, Burger King, Dennys, Checkers and Metromedia Restaurant Group, Lynette shares her perspective from the inside out of a labor-intensive industry that has already seen rising costs and declining profits. With a wealth of experience and time committed to education and leadership programs, Lynette also shares her insight on creating opportunities for minorities and women in food service and franchising.

    Franchise Today airs LIVE Wednesdays at 11AM CT / 12PM ET with on-demand access on iTunes.


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    Jim Shaw of Blu Trinity Comics: Comic Artist & Comic Theorist

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    Reading comic books was a big part of my life as I was growing up. Batman and Superman were frequent companions, but my all time favorite comic was MAD Magazine. Comics and comic artists have evolved over the years from The Yellow Kid which was featured in 1895 in the New York World to web based artists like Jim Shaw and his Will Draw for Food creation. There was a time when Jim was living on his own, working three minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. In Jim’s own words: “I recall early one morning, in the backroom of one of my tedious retail jobs, half-awake, I had a revelation. I did not want to simply exist, to merely pass through this one chance at life, forgotten, known by no one. An unobserved life is not worth living. With that notion playing in my head all day, I quit my jobs, moved back home with my parents, and applied to Brookdale Community College.” Jim had always been interested in comics, manga, video games and all other degrees of nerd paraphernalia, and so he began pursuing a career as a comic artist. He has gone on to work on multiple projects, comics and children’s books, such as Aerin, Will Draw for Food, I am a Superhero, and many more. Jim works online with many other artists, and in June of 2015, he co-founded a comic books publishing house called Blu Trinity Comics with two colleagues. Their goal is to help others get their comic books published, online, in-print, and into the hands of readers across the globe. After the interview, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Back Talk With Sharona - Only The Lonely

    in Entertainment

    Want to know what Sharona thinks about Super Bowl 50, Chris Rock, the Oscars, Beyonce and Formation, plus some gaming thoughts? Tune in Monday 3 pm CDT and you will find out! Get you some.

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    1 Peter 2:9-12Amplified Bible (AMP)

    9 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a [special] people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies [the wonderful deeds and virtues and perfections] of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. 10 Once you were not a people [at all], but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

    11 Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers [in this world] to abstain from the sensual urges [those dishonorable desires] that wage war against the soul.12 Keep your behavior excellent among the [unsaved] Gentiles [conduct yourself honorably, with graciousness and integrity], so that [a]for whatever reason they may slander you as evildoers, yet by observing your good deeds they may [instead come to] glorify God [b]in the day of visitation [when He looks upon them with mercy].

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    Midwifery: Life's Work or Living Wage?

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    Midwives have been around for thousands of years coming alongside women during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time.  The women in the community would be there for the mom to help her and take care of her.  They would even have help for the dad.  Everyone was focused on one thing:  caring for the family.  Today, the focus (in general) has shifted.  Maybe the shift happened when all the certifying agencies told us that you're not really ready to be a midwife until you're certified through this organization or that degree program.  Or maybe it shifted when midwifery became a profession.  

    What if God is calling YOU back to the original purpose of being a midwife instead of being so focused on earning a "living wage"?  Listen this week as Dr Pauline and Catherine discuss the Biblical foundations of midwifery during National Midwives Week.  

    As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).


    Watch for Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?  Healing from Birth Traumatomology Syndrome"...Coming soon! 
    Our BRAND NEW website is almost ready at www.dunamascenter.com and we are so excited for you to see it!  We'll let you know when it goes live!  


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    Fair Labor Standards Act: Looming Overtime Regulations

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    Lewis M. Jones BSW, PHR, SHRM-CP

    Owner of Top Shelf - Human Resources

    In this kick-off Podcast for Top Shelf - HR, Lewis Jones gets down to the "nitty gritty" on what is the FLSA and its background. Additionally he focuses on the looming issue of major changes, the biggest this country has seen in 70 years.  Finally, he discusses the projected outlook for employers, as experts at SHRM expect up to 5 millions salaried workers will be impacted by the changes, forcing employers to re-classify employees as hourly employees. 

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    DollaRadio Show - sponsored by MobileAdWeb

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    Are you a Minimum Wage Person? So why do you give minimum to yourself?

    DollaRadio Show is dedicated to empowering the masses to break their financial chains.

    (MobileAdWeb 313-434-1489 mobileadweb@gmail.com)

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    Minimum Wage Rage & Debate This Needs Everyones Attention!

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    There was a recent meeting in severa major cities concerning the pathetic minimum wage.  As we all know prices across the board on daily living has climb to records high while the minimum wage still remains the same in over 10 plus years.  Many economist claim that it will harm the economy to increase wages while others say it will boost the entire economy and create a middle clasee which, is diminishing as we speak. What we know is that many major corporations pay lobbyist hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the minimum wage debate off the floor in order to keep the white wealthy richer and richer!



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    The hyksos are the biblical hebrews.

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    This week, the brothers open up dialog on the Hyksos and the egyptian. Also we bring information on IWO, mortgages, and the titles that fall under.

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    #107 EYE- GREAT LIES Of History, PIRACY Of WORDS Wyth Ancient & Modern Symbolism

    in Higher Education

    In Essence I discuss THE HISTORY Of  THE WORLD and how The Un-Seen Hand has been running it from the very Beginning Of Time; who they are, and how they have founded all of The First Great Civilizations, that are found all around The World. About who the Giants really were, and The ancient Aryan CAST and Slave Systems, The Priest-Hoods, The Anti-Gravity Vymannas, The 'Earth Based' misnomer-ed UFO's which are Man Made; The CONTROL of All Forms Of Communications, Commerce, Religion, mass-Media, pseudo-Politics, etc.  It is The Grand Deception that is used to CON-Troll ALL Of Mankind, and all instituted through The Three Main Religions of The World in particular, used as their Grand COVER. I discuss the Ultimate Mind Control an ancient art, and the financial control, the secret societies and their blood oc'cult rituals and how they wage all wars, through-out all time, through the Nations that they have created which are all Imaginations, plantations and mere CORPORATIONS.

    The New World Order is the old world order from the beginning of time. They have enslaved us all by the clever means of deception, because we, most all, are their cattle/ chattel-property, and because they merely wanted to harness our labor, what they always needed, which is what backs most of the worlds currency through the Birth Certificate, but they are all through with us now.  It is written in stone, as it can be seen written in the Georgia Guide-Stones. To know the Truth is to be empowered and to be prepared.  We may not be able to stop what has been done and what is about to happen, but the innocent and the decent people on planet Earth deserve to know!