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    What is Strategic Volunteering - Susan Finch

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    How do you continue to grow your business in a meaningful way that makes a difference? Implementing a Cause Marketing Strategy is an important first step.

    But before you select a nonprofit partner – you need to create a Strategic Volunteer strategy and do your research. Effective cause marketing campaigns are built on solid foundations and taking the time to choose the best partner for your business is key to creating a successful outcome. More importantly, you need to think beyond the money. Strategic Volunteering is not just the monetary contribution. It’s also about donating time, products and services.

    This week’s Guest, Susan Finch, is a web developer, strategic content and graphics creator, social marketing advisor, co-host/control room Google+ Hangout On Air maestro, and your personal web trainer. Susan also knows a lot about Strategic Volunteering and is sharing her best tips and advice for business owners.

    Susan is the President of The Binky Patrol, a not-for-profit organization she founded 14 years ago to provide hand sewn, knitted, crocheted or quilted blankets to unwed mothers for their newborn babies as well as children and teens in need of comfort: those who are ill, abused, in shelters, foster care or experiencing any type of trauma. 

    The stories at The Binky Patrol will make your heart sing with joy… you can easily get involved… and it’s easy to make a Binky… watch this video to learn more!

    Please connect with Susan via her website, Google+, Twitter and The Binky Patrol. She would LOVE to hear from you! 

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    The Power of Volunteering

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    Have you thought about volunteering but struggle to find the time?  Have you been resistant to volunteering or wonder if it really makes a difference?  Join us on Friday, August 1st at 1:30pm PT, as we talk with Marian Yim and The Power of Volunteering.

    Marian YIm is an attorney and community volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona.  She is a Shareholder in the law firm of Wong Fujii Carter, PC. and is a Director on the Phoenix Industrial Development Commission.  She is former Assistant Attorney General, law professor, and Counsel to the Mayor of Phoenix. She served on numerous local and national boards and commissions. She is a recipient of the Positively Powerful Woman Award 2013 and ACEL (Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders) Pacesetter Award 2013.

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    Discovering your Worth and Passion, Volunteering & More

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    Howdy y'all!  This week's show is all about the heart!  I have a few things to spew about before my guest, International Motivational Speaker and #1 International Best Selling Author, Sabrina Martinez joins me.

    I call baby girl, Sabrina, the Queen of Service while others refer to her as The Original Super Volunteer!  She is all about serving others through volunteering, speaking, writing and coaching others in identifying their passions in life and DOING IT!  Sabrina uses her professional expertise and Masters in Business to coach leaders to uncover their potential by peeling back the layers and discovering one's true heart's desires...what floats your boat!  She is going to share with us, the why and how of The Passion Test. This truly is a mind blowing process y'all!  You will want to learn this!  Her story in her book "Pebbles in the Pond Wave Three" addresses an issue we all face at one time or another, the isolation of not feeling good enough and steps to address and squash those self-imposed lies!  Check her out and pick up her book at SabrinaMartinez.com. 

    Our music this week is from a young girl breaking into the country scene (yep, believe it...I'm playing country music)!  Julia Sheer's song "Should've Run" caught my ear and I like her drive. At 16 she began to upload music to youtube building her career. Check her out at juliasheer.com!  

    Can't wait to get this party started y'all!  So set your clocks for Tuesday 8pm CDT (9E/6P).  And as always, I am here to serve you, so drop me a line or two at mamachar.com, or @mamacharblessed on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and G+!  Call in to talk to us at (646) 915-8605!!!

    Blessings...Mama Char

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    Volunteering in your Community Part 1 of 2

    in Current Events

    Saturday we will be talking about volunteering in your community and some of the places that are in need of volunteers.

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    BYO Brilliance: The Brilliance of Volunteering

    in Lifestyle

    We've talked about kindness here and we've talked about Belonging, volunteering is one way for you to do both while lifting your spirits and making a change in the world for the better!  Essentially, YOU can CHANGE THE WORLD, simply by volunteering in any capacity.

    Did you know that people who volunteer to help others actually live longer than people who do not volunteer? They also live longer than those who volunteer merely for self-satisfaction.

    If you are unsure what to do or where to volunteer check this link out and it may help you get started: VolunteerMatch.org They will match you for positions in your area.

    There are many agencies to join such as the following:

    Points of Light
    Habitat for Humanity
    A Broader View Volunteers
    Peace Corps
    The Salvation Army
    UN Volunteers
    Volunteers For Peace
    Do Something.org

    If you don't see something you're interested in, keep looking until you find something.  If you're interested in an organization or function go to them and see if they have any volunteer positions or suggest one as you offer your skills and when you can help!  Connect with your Brilliance and Volunteer...you just might live longer!

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    Volunteering for Boating Safety and Rescue Work

    in Motivation

    I get asked this question constantly, ‘how do I do what you are doing’?  The answer is that I do not have the answer, that is for you to decide and it begins with a discovery phase and personal volition.  

    I manage a company (K38) that is an educational provider for occupational users with the knowledge being applied to their agency requirements and area of operations. K38 is not an organization that provides volunteer opportunities for RWC use, but I do have supportive answers that I followed myself through the years to get to the level of volunteerism that I enjoy today. 

    My lessons learned were prior to RWC’s being accepted by safety agencies beginning in the late 1970’s, many years have passed and I’m still learning and adapting my knowledge base. There are great organizations you can investigate and interview to discover if you fit into their mission status and if you have a willingness to ‘pay your dues’ and join up.

    Perhaps you don’t have a Rescue Water Craft background but you have passion for volunteering your energies. In the back of your mind there is a gnawing thought you visit often, you want to help.  You don’t have any direct connections. You don’t know anyone and you don’t know where to start. 

    Perhaps you own your own Personal Watercraft and have assisted others in the past while out riding and you realize the value of helping others and want to apply yourself through a focused group effort.  First off realize that you are addressing a ‘specific use’ of application.

    Water Rescue Teams often employ several different methods, and disciplines or they may not use Rescue Water Craft (PWC).  Typically a Rescue Water Craft is not the sole tool of water safety needs, it’s one of many employed on ‘some’ teams.  

    Let's look at constructive ideas for you!

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    Holiday Volunteering

    in Marketing

    People who understand the true meaning of the holidays know it's not about getting, it's about giving. And it shouldn't be over just 'cause the holiday has passed.

    Margaret Ferry understands that. And she also understands how important it is to make volunteering a steady part of your schedule... even when you're short on time. 

    Margaret, who consults with international clients in 4 languages, discusses why volunteering is so important and how to find the time, on the 12/26 episode of PBP. Come listen!--Wendy Meyeroff

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    Volunteering: Why it's Right for YOU!

    in Military

    The Oklahoma National Guard and Air Guard have some of the best volunteers in the country! Volunteering is fast becoming a gateway to careers, experiences and opportunities throughout the state…and there is a place for you! This broadcast shines a light on the benefits and opportunities to get involved as a volunteer in the command, the community and state. You will hear from volunteers about their experiences and the real impact volunteers make – every day - in the lives of others.

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    In the Moment - The Natural Way through a Child's Eyes Part 3

    in Education

    Welcome to "In The Moment" with Adele Arnesen. This broadcast comes to you from the Experiosity Tree House Studio in Gardiner, MT. located near the North entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  Join me at 9 pm Mt time on Thursday evenings as we not only share ideas but good information and fun stuff for you to do, think about and share with your family as well as friends and colleagues.  This show is for everyone.  We want you to have an Experiosity Day each and every day.  We hope that we will provide some new tools for your Resilience Living Tool Box.  

    As an example of an Experiosity Moment.I will recall a weekend of excitement visiting with new friendships as we tackle the hills and valleys looking for birds of all kinds.  What an experience.  Will also go into my backyard bird sanctuary journey.  Quite a journey and also into developing a fairy and troll garden.  What an adventure.  Great for the kids as well.

    That is what In the Moment is all about.  This Broadcast Series we are presenting is all about being Curious The Natural Way and viewing the world through the eyes of the children around us as well as within each of us young and old alike. So do join us or archive it at a time that is best for you to listen.  You can also archive this broadcast at http://www.experiosity.com or http://www.brookndellvirtualvillage.com.  

    So, mark this down...This is your invitation to join us at "In the Moment" on March 26th at 9 pm mt time  Share this link with everyone.http://tobtr.com/7470703


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    power of perception with spritual teacher Rob Ragozzine

    in Spirituality

    As an author, teacher, blogger, and online-radio host, Rob Ragozzine passionately enjoys exploring and sharing his areas of interest----especially dreams, numerology, tarot and intuition----with other avid fans. Rob talks about his areas of interest each week on his radio program, Your Unfolding Senses, which is hosted by www.AwakenedRadio.net. You can lead a balanced a healthy life, especially with the inclusion of the tools and techniques Rob mentions. Each week he discusses a new topic as it relates to intuition, such as stress management, mindfulness, happiness or forgiveness. We're all intuitive, but let our current mood or situation block us from connecting inward. Rob asks that you unlock your curiosity and compassion, so you can connect with your heart and be better able to utilize your own intuition. Rob also blogs about and teaches classes focusing on numerology, intuition and dreams. Rob has written articles and blogs for his own sites, and others, for about 15 years. He's also written two books on numerology and dreams. Rob is the author of a numerology book called 'Your Life Counts,' and a book on exploring your dreams called 'Dream Gifts,' which was just released in 2015. Rob lives in Connecticut and spends his much of free time curiously seeking out the best coffee, volunteering or attending a night out with friends. Your Unfolding Senses, a weekly live radio program, is available on iTunes and Rob's YouTube channel. Visit Rob at his website which is RobRagozzine.com.


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    Climate Action with Russell Greene

    in Politics Progressive

    Our guest today is Kate DeAngelis, Friends of the Earth, Climate and energy campaigner

    Kate DeAngelis works on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and encouraging the use of clean energy. Prior to joining Friends of the Earth, she was a research analyst at the World Resources Institute, where she focused on international climate change issues, including the creation of a new climate agreement. In addition, she lived in China teaching English and volunteering for an environmental non-profit. Kate received a B.A. in psychology and political science from the George Washington University and a J.D. from the University of Maryland.

    Previous Interview with Robert Kenner
    Robert Kenner's Food, Inc., is one of the top grossing theatrical documentaries of all time, selling nearly 500,000 DVDs. Food, Inc. received widespread critical acclaim, dozens of awards and accolades, including an Academy Award nomination, and has influenced current food policy decisions. Kenner received a Peabody and an Emmy for Two Days in October, depicting simultaneous events in 1967: a deadly Vietcong ambush and a violent campus protest. He was co-filmmaker with Richard Pearce on The Road to Memphis for the Martin Scorsese series, The Blues. Newsweek called The Road to Memphis "as fine a film ever made about American music" and "the unadulterated gem of the Scorsese Series." Kenner has directed numerous specials for National Geographic and PBS's American Experience series, as well as award winning commercials and corporate films for a wide range of clients. Kenner recently completed When Strangers Click that premiered for HBO. He is currently creating a series of web and TV spots about the unsustainability of our industrial food system.

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