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    Viva Dallas Burlesque! Shoshanna Portnoy!

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    Viva Dallas Burlesque! Grand Opening! Shoshanna Portnoy!

    Shoshana fell in love with studying people at an early age, and photography a little later when she received an SLR 
    as a birthday present. She merged the two passions and found a love of portraiture. Shoshana went on to graduate 
    with a BA in Photography from Texas A&M University- Commerce and taught photography while launching her 
    successful freelance editorial photography business for an impressive client list of magazines, businesses, and nonprofits.
    A professional photographer and lover of big band and swing, burlesque, and vintage culture for over a 
    decade, she launched Through the Looking Glass Studio in 2008 (in her home garage). She opened Dallas Pinup 
    and moved the studio there in Fall 2011. Shoshana has been producing Viva Dallas Burlesque since 2009, at 
    Lakewood Theatre 2010- Jan2015, then monthly with Viva Dallas Burlesque, and then monthly also with Cirque du 
    Burlesque- making two shows monthly. Her productions have sold the most tickets in a calendar year- the largest 
    burlesque show in the country. Aside from being Viva Dallas Burlesque's producer, Shoshanna  also shoots pinup 
    photography, edits Pin Curl Magazine, and also produced Hot Rods n' Heels through 2013 -- an annual burlesque 
    and car show held at the Lakewood. 


    in Politics Conservative

    Trump can hold his own.  Be it against NBC 2 aka FOX. Oh Fox who signed your death certificate? Did someone say the tea party will not all leave us. We will make it up on the communist count. Kill Trump now and the Rinos will buy more ads. Trump is starting to pull Latinos and surprise Americans of color. Black women are opening web sites supporting Trump. The more he is attacked the stronger he gets. FOX do yourself a favor so that you don't look so obvious. Move the 8 o'clock Fox team? to five with the low rating crowd. Put the five o'clock team with the big number guys. Trump may pull 30 million this time. Don't turn them off like you did last mistake. It is about the candidates not your panel. You should know better. Stop looking so desperate. What happened to we report you decide? Is it now we distort let's run and hide? Stop being unfair and partial. If you are working for the Rinos say so. We are Americans we can handle the truth. If i was a candidate I would tell the truth. My campaign slogan would be. I promise only to steal half of what the other guys are stealing.

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    The Air Raid Podcast: Spring Scrimmage

    in College & High School

    Viva the Matador's site manager, Hunter Cooke joins the pod to break down the spring scrimmage and how the team looks at this point in spring practice. 

    We are still planning our Spring Game Pod on April 17th, but enjoy this small taste. #wreckem

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    It is too late. Secretariat has left the gate. No one can stop him now . He is in the lead from start to finish. When communists have to block a highway to stop people from joining his rallys. You know there is no stopping El Trumpo. The job Zorro. Americans are tired of fat cat politicians lining their pockets and not showing for work. We know the democrats  are communists. We know the democrats sent our finest to Nam and left them to die while they demonstrated back home and won the war for Hanoi in the streets of New York, Chicago and San Francisco. We know it was communst colleges that undermined American pride and sprit just like they do today. We know that drug addiction is communist chemical warfare. See what you can dig up on American POW's in Nam being sent to Russia for drug experiments.We know that Cuban communists tortured GI's in Nam. The guys at the Hanoi hilton got the Jane fonda workout. We know that owood sold out America.We know we have the president of the communist party bailing out Communist Cuba and Death to America Iran. We know that the party of death left witnesses to their war crimes to die in Benghazi and did not lose a nights sleep. They weren't even dead when Obama went to bed. HItlery hung up on the 3:00 am phone call. We know the rinos are no better  That is why we must give the American President the tools needs to make America great again. Better than great.Rinos do nothing but play dead. Conservatives against Trump are more dangerous then Bernie Stalin. President Trump must be given a full dance card. Everyone who gets swept into office on his coat tails must be pro Trump. Do not wait for these king pins to tell you when you can vote. Vote now and show these Useless of A people it is Trump all the way.Don't let the communists trot out one Vet who says he is anti Trump. It is time to stop playing their game and start playing ours.

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    C.D. - Viva Cuba, Nixon's "War on Black People", Wilkinsburgh, Pa.

    in Islam


    Join us Critical Discourse tomorrow, March 26th, as we discuss the following items:

    1) The visit of Barack Obama to the island-nation of Cuba, the first by a U.S. President in nearly 100 years

    2) The "War on Blacks" that allegedly was orchestrated by Richard Nixon, and more importantly, how this has possible shaped the structure of subsequent actions to stop drugs from destroying our communities and people.

    3) We've yet to solve the tragedy of the Wilkinsburgh, Pa. massacare, but what is more pointed, but NOT shocking, is the nonchalance (and I'm being GRACIOUS, by using that term) demonstrated by the black community at whole, especially by our "leaders". Let me remind, 6 people were viciously murdered, 4 women, and one unborn baby.

    4) Of course, we'll discuss the 2016 presidential race.

    Join us. Invite a friend or neighbor


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    The Air Raid Podcast: Baseball Edition (TCU)

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    We discuss the bad weekend that was against Texas and look ahead to the avenues to Tech's first baseball Big 12 championship, all starting this weekend at TCU. 

    We also discuss PED's in baseball, break down pitching mechanics and the possiblities of Tadlock's future plans if Tech has continued to success. It's so big, that the Ring of Fire and Off the Script ended up being combined. Hope you enjoy! 

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    in Self Help

    Viva Fidel clears the air about the lyrics and message contained on his revoutionary new album release "The Listening Project" presented by G Sound Musik Group.  Released October 18th , 2013 the album has been raising eyebrows and provoking thoughts of hip hop's earlier more socially responsible days. Listen & Learn as Core DJ Craig Mcneal gets some insight about the man and mission and the music. support THE LISTENING PROJECT

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    UGP #451 Viva La Fra Did We Do This To Ourselves?

    in Politics Conservative

    UGP #451 Viva La Fra Did We Do This To Ourselves?

    our prayers for France in the current crisis 

    did we do this to ourselves through the use of political correctness


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    Viva Mezcal

    in Film

    Invitado: Pedro Jiménez
    Viva Mezcal, documental independiente dirigido por Pedro Jiménez habla de la importancia de los mezcales tradicionales en México visto desde los ojos de biólogos, agrónomos, maestros mezcaleros, investigadores, distribuidores, bartenders y expertos en la materia acerca de la situación actual y un posible panorama a futuro para esta bebida.
    Hoy charlamos con su director y conoceremos más a fondo éste proyecto.

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    Viva Charlie

    in Politics Conservative

    Viva Charlie

    Enough of the No-Go's

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    The Air Raid Podcast: Spring Game 2016

    in College & High School

    Special guest host Mickey Peters joins The Air Raid to talk Tech football, satellite camps, spring game cancellation and much more. We also had a fan favorite, Houston Miller, talk everything about the upcoming season, his role, who he hates and more. It's the sequel podcast you never knew you wanted, but is everything you could hope for. You're welcome!