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    Spirituality for Everyday living with Ursula and Anna B. ~ Let's talk Virtues

    in Spirituality

    Virtues are universal and recognized by all cultures as basic qualities necessary for our well-being and happiness>

    We know if we forgive someone then we may not be as angry and uptight, and we know it takes courage to accomplish great things. So why then, if we know what to do, do we still stay stuck? Because we have not yet consciously and boldly applied a virtue to a given situation so as to alter its outcome, from what has always been to what can be.

    Join Ursula Lentine, Licensed Minister, New Thought Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor, and Healer and Anna Banguilan, Law of attraction Life and Business Coach as they discuss "Virtues" in this segment of Spirituality for every Day Living.


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    Turkey wrap up! - Seven Deadly Virtues!

    in Politics

    THE SEVEN DEADLY VIRTUES: Eighteen Conservative Writers on Why the Virtuous Life is Funny as Heck—which is edited by The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan Last.!    Listen in and get involved!

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    Sister Devanee Wall Wisdom's Virtues

    in Spirituality

    Tune in Monday 13 April 2015 to a Great Message on Wisdom's Virtues!  Some of the Sub-Topics are:  A Simple, Humble Life With Peace And Quiet Is Far Better Than An Opulent Lifestyle With Nothing But Quarrels And Strife At Home,  In The Same Way That Gold And Silver Are Refined By Fire, The Lord Purifies Your Heart By The Tests And Trails Of Life,

    Can You Bridle Your Tongue When Your Heart Is Under Pressure?  That How You Show That You Are Wise.

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    Q&A: Seven Virtues, Repression, Care of the Body, and More

    in Self Help

    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh answered questions on the special seven virtues, signs of repression, the ethics of care for the body, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: What's so special about the seven virtues? 

    Question 2: What are the signs of emotional repression? 

    Question 3: What is the moral status of actions aimed at tending to one's body? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    The Virtues Language - In One Vision

    in Spirituality

    The Virtues Language promotes self-esteem through the strengths of openness, connectivity, trust, respect and belonging. Join Barry Auchettl and Angela Alexandra, with their special guest, Tony Neale, a Virtue's facilitator and mentor, raise people's awareness and their bar of excellence through awareness and living of virtues. Tony was also introduced to the Conversations Game and sees it is very congruent with the Virtues language which he has been involved with now for several years. Even receive a reading using the virtues cards.

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    The Seven Deadly Virtues: An Interview with Jonathan Last

    in Politics

    Join me on Wednesday, November 12 at 10:00 am when I interview Jonathan Last, author of the recently published The Seven Deadly Virtues (Templeton Press, 2014)

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    The 5 Feminine Power Virtues

    in Women

    Vanessa’s the author of the multi award-winning book “The 5 Feminine Power Virtues” and the founder of Feminine Soul (www.FeminineSoul.com), an online community for women. She’s also the host of the Featured Blog Talk Radio show Feminine Soul, with more than 400,000 global listeners.
    She has spent the last 20 years researching and compiling different ways we can empower our lives and reshape our reality. After a successful 15 year marketing career in the corporate world she left it all behind to follow her dreams.
    She now coaches women in their personal life as well as their business life. She combines the principles of spirituality and consciousness with powerful online marketing strategies to help women entrepreneurs not only succeed in their business but feel a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.
    As women, we fight to keep the pace in this busy world. We feel something is missing but do not know what exactly. Our feminine aspects are undernourished and overlooked. And with them go our essential power, peace of mind and poise.
    Take a highly personal journey, where you will rediscover hidden elements of your feminine being, ripe with power and vibrancy.
    These include the 5 Feminine Power Virtues: Presence, Authenticity, Sensuality, Spirituality and Gratitude.
    Each short chapter will explain the relevance of these virtues in your life and how they can shape a new way of existing in todays world. This book is designed so you can easily integrate simple spiritual changes and see an immediate effect in your overall well-being. Learn how to harness the most essential and powerful resource you have at your disposal: Being A Woman.
    Connect with Vanessa at: www.vanessahalloum.com

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    World Wide Africa The Voice of the Pan African Movement

    in Politics

    This weeks music will be Alpha Blondie of South Africa In trying my best to keep the dialog open between Africans World Wide I have moved the time slot and the days for World Wide Africa the Voice of the Pan African Movement.  My show will air Monday's 6pm-6:30pm, Tuesday's 6pm-6:30pm Thursday's 6pm-6:30pm, Friday's 6pm-6:30pm, Saturday's 11am-11:30am and Sunday's 1pm-1:30pm.  If you are able to call in on these days please do and let us continue to break the wall of Silence set up in our African Communities that make us venerable to all kinds of madness (646)564-9987.  If we continue to study our condition and talk about solutions and implicate those same solutions as best we can in our own parts of the Globe then and only then can we expect changes.  But for us to sit around just talking and filming our problems and doing nothing to help change the situations that create the problems in the first place is Hypocritical. So call in and voice your Solutions I will be waiting to hear from all of you, even if it is just on the music.

    hy•poc•ri•sy(h?'p?k r? si) n., pl. -sies.1. the false profession of desirable or publicly approved qualities, beliefs, or feelings, esp. a pretense of having virtues, moral principles, or religious beliefs that one does not really possess.  You can not pay for the virtues that it takes to be a leader for the people I do not care if you ascend to the position like Goodwill Zwelithini or self appointed and not elected.  It is just, immoral to be in the public eye and make your living off the backs of the peoples suffering, never extending a helping hand unless it is profitable to you and causing them more suffering. I am an educator, I receive a salary that is modest and when I can I spend my money in the way of Allah, and towards the education of the people.

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    Interview with Coca Sevilla on her upcoming AICI Global conference Presentation

    in Business

    Listen as Clare Maxfield interviews Coca Sevilla on her upcoming AICI Global conference Presentation on Thursday August 27th at 2:30pm. Her session is entitled 

    Claves para Asesorar a un Politico


    There are a number of myths surrounding political image consulting due to what it entails. However, it is a reality that this is a poorly exploited niche of the market for image consultants and is therefore worth evaluating. Advising politicians represents an enormous commitment, which means that having an efficient methodology is fundamental to fulfilling our job successfully. Highlighting the virtues and minimizing the defects of these public figures is a challenge in an environment in which the people are constantly becoming more difficult to convince. In politics, there are no second places: you either win or lose. In this conference, we will identify how, through different image techniques; we can help a candidate to obtain the votes necessary to reach their goal.

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    The Law of Consistency

    in Education

    Motivation gets you going, discipline keeps you growing!   

    Join Dr. Sharon Johnson, host of the Comtivate Show and Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Trainer in the Empowerment Environment.  Call 646-652-2034 to join and add value to the show.  

     “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”  ~ Maya Angelou

    When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation. ~ Arsene Wenger

    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/arseneweng598799.html#1CR7WrEH8IRQFjCa.99

    Connect with Dr.  Sharon Johnson .http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/sharonjohnson or call 954-802-8515  


    Dr. J




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    in Current Events

    TONIGHT'S SHOW-“ U should expect nothing less from DEVILS.” Online account set up for the Pig who murdered Walter Scott the DAY after his arrest.” “It aint about race.” WHAT IS IT about the KNEE-GROW that he or she feel compelled to say shit they think is pleasing to the Caucasoid's ears??? “FILM THA POLICE!” Congressman Clyburn calls for young people to keep filming the PIGS. “God DID create a DEVIL.” New Texas bill would prevent bystanders from filming the PIGS. “The Terminator made real.” U.N. debates the use of “Killer Robots.” “BROTHERS GONNA WORK IT OUT.” Damon Dash schools young brothers on the virtues of owning YOUR OWN SHIT and BEING YOUR OWN BOSS.”