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    Part 2 of the Money Masters

    in Politics

    1) Program introduction

    2) We will be playing Part 2 of the Sound clip of the Vidieo Called
    the Money Masters . The Money Masters is about is about the history
    of the Control of who Creates , Issues new money into cirulation.
    It talks about how this athority to create new money has been passed
    back and forth from the Goverment to the money lenders and Banks in

    3) The playing of Part 2

    4) Music Break

    5) My Finnal Comments

    6) The closing Music , Them song of O Canada 

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    JFK and the Issuing of DEBT Free Money from the US Treasury

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    1) Program Introduction

    2) This program Is to expose the Facts that JFK  Issued Silver Cerificates backed by Silvier  threw the US Treasury  Debt Free , Intrest Free and by passed the need to borrow money from the Federal Resurve Banking System  .

    3) This will be the order of the Program .

    Part 1 - About JFK life 

               - defining eccomonic terms

               - JFK Exceitive Order 11110

               - Issuing of Debt free Silver Certificates

               - Defining the differance bettween Siviler   Certificates and Federal Resurve Notes .

     Part 2 - The Sound track of You -Tube Vidieo connecting the JFK assaination to the Issusing of Debt Free Silver Certificates .

    Part 3 Reviewing the Sound track file .                      

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    News Report on the Bradily Manning Trial

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    1) Program Introduction with the singing of O Canada. 2)Bradley Manning Awaits Verdict After Trial Ends with Prosecution "Smears" & Harsh Gov’t Secrecy. Todays program will be a news report on the Badley manning Trail. This report how the the court attacked him using falsh claims against him .   3) This is the Vidieo link to the Goverment Debate on changing the NSA Laws on spying on Americans http://therealnews.com/t2/component/hwdvideoshare/viewvideo/76672             

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    Edward Snowden and NSA Spying News Update

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        1) Intro to the Program and the singing of O Canada  
    2) We have two files to play on the NSA and about Edward Snowden   The 1st is about Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Share Close Financial Ties to Defense Industry
     Vote to protect citizens privacy is struck down not based on party lines but campaign contributions from the defense industry  .
    4) Music Break
    5) The 2nd news story is about Reps. Conyers & Massie on Bipartisan Campaign Against NSA Spying; Call for James Clapper to Resign
    6)Finnish with the O, Canada them Song 
    Here are the Vidieo Referances for the program

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    Part 5 Were does money come from

    in Politics

    1) Intro to the program then the singing of O Canada 2) Part 5 of " Were dose money come from"   -We strat off with Paul Martians reaction to the Students question about the Buildberger Group. -The student exposed Paul Martian was conspiring with David Rockafeller who is a international Banker -Then CTV News report on the meeting miss repasented the facts to the public.This proves that the news media covers up the Truth about Goverment leaders connection with the biuldberger Group and International Bankers. -Next is Exposing the Media on the ( Who to trust list ) and using them to give out misinformation to the public.The Media shows one Image of the leaders but secrectly all belong to the same club and secrect organizations . -The exposer of the US Goverment Elections and riged elections. -A speech by Paul Martian about ( Nation States) working together proving they what to have World Goverment so they can deal with Ecconmic Problem around the world.  3) Music break 4) A 12 year old Girl explains how the private Banks are defrauding the people . 5) My finnal comments 6) the them song of O ,Canada   
    To see the Vidieo of " Were does money come from" click on the link below .  "Oh Canada Movie" - Our Bought and Sold Out Land
    A 12-Year-Old Spells Out the Fraud That Banks Are Committing Against

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    Money as Debt, part 1 were does money come from ?

    in Politics

    1) Introduction with O Canada 2) Introducing the O Canada Vidieo This is part 1 of the Sound Track of the Vidieo called O Canada. They interview Students , MPs from Liberal and Consevative Partys of Canada. Former Prime Minister Paul Martian , Finnance minister Jim Flaherity. and talk about how private banks create 95 % of the money Supply. 3) people interviewed are - Students - people on the street - Paul Martin  - Mark Holland MP - Dan Mcteague MP - Jim Flaherity Finnance Minister -Collin Carie MP         - A Quotation for Proverbs 22:7 4) Finnal Comments 5) Finnishing Them song O Canada lyics.    

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    Money as Debt , Part 2 were dose money come from

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    1) Intro to Program followed by O, Canada.   2) Wellcome to Part 2 of our Program on were does Money come from. This is the continuation of Part 1 were does money come from with refferance to the Canadian Eccomony . - In part 2 the Student will interview th former and present MPs. -In Part 2 they investagte who prints the money for Canada . - That the Bank of Canada does not do the printing but a privately owned company called Giesecke @ Devrient BA International .This company is owned by Germany. -At the end of the sound track of this vodieo they talk about how the Bank loans are backed by nothing but your hard work and Issues money as Debt plus Intrest. Then they ask the Question why can we not Issue Debt Free money. -Then they talk the Bank of Canada Act that the Bank of Canada is owned by the people of Canada and has the power to Issuse money at 0 % intrest. But the Consevatives and the Liberals sold out to the private banking system to Issues money as Debt plus Intrest. - That is the reason Canada and most people in Canada are in Debt and are a slave to the Banks all there Life. This is the list of People being interview in the Sound track of the Vidieo.   -Jim Flaherty ,Consevative Finnance Minister
    -Quotes from people in history.
    -Jerry Ouelltte Conservative MP
    -Collin Carrie Conservative MP
    -John O,Toole Consevative MP
    - PM Harper on TV before the 2008 Election
    -PM Harper  on TV afther the 2008 Election
    - Former Prime Minister Paul Martian
    - MP Mark Holland
    -John Turner , liberal
    - MP Dan Mcteague , liberal
    - Elizabeth May of the Green Party.
    - Jack Layton former NDP   

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    Money as Debt Part 2

    in Politics

    This program will be Part 2 of our independent News Report on " Money as Debt " We will be playing the sound track of the Y-Tube Vidieo " Money as Duet "   To understand the Subject you need to review part 1 my May 11 (13) Progam on how the Banking System started with the Gold Smite. The program will be a 30 minite program with my personal comments on this subject with time to take calls . If you have some comments about this program send me a E-mail. This is Edward from the Independent News Report.     The Corrupt Banking System Part 2

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    Money as Debt Part 1

    in Politics

    The program will be about explaining how the Banking and Money system start threw People deposting there Gold with the Gold Smite in exchange for a Recite. And how the Gold smith became Rich . We will play part 1 of a 4 part sound track of the Vidieos called " Money as Debt"   Then we will talk about it . I wellcome input from listeners .    The Corrupt banking System Part 1 vidieo can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VJ0ztMRyuU   

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    The TwoSpiirits Connection to the Sacred Tree of Life

    in Current Events

    Shawn Gallaway, Singer song writer, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator, energy worker, certified Lifeline Practioner Shawn Gallawy has shared the stage with Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton. Robert Holden, along with rock and pop master Orleans and Friends.  Shawn Gallaways  highest honor was being present when the vidieo presentaion of his  song I Choose Love was played to the Dalai Lama

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    Roger Wise Pickin Porkers call in discussed his Vidieo

    in Cooking

    Roger Wise, Mark Busbee, Brad Kay, Texas BBQ Cooker called in and talked about Roger Wise Video and BBQ knowledge in general!!!